Evaemily Reviews (Feb) This Website Is A Legit Or Scam

Evaemily Reviews (Feb) This Website Is A Legit Or Scam

Evaemily Reviews (Feb) This Website Is A Legit Or Scam -> This honest and unbiased guide to the online fashion store will help you to know if you should shop from it or not. 

Are you fond of shopping for clothes and accessories? We all love shopping for new clothes for ourselves, but it becomes extremely tough and hectic to find a clothes market to market at the best prices and best collections. What if you get one best store providing you with all the latest and trending fashion clothes at reasonable prices that to sitting at your home. Evaemily.com is one such United Kingdom-based website providing you with all trending clothes and accessories.

To know more about the website, let’slet’s go through these honest Evaemily Reviews .

What is Evaemily?

Evaemily is an online fashion store in Uk. They deal in an exclusive range of women’s sweaters, jackets, coats, winter tops, designer shoes, bags, hoodies, warm bottoms, and socks. They are in collaboration with numerous brands to provide the best collection of quick and trendy clothes. They provide you with the best quality products analyzed by experts. They provide you with promising delivery and amazing discounts at all the ranges of their products. 

They have a great collection available on their website with 24 * 7 customer care support. They provide you with flash sales and seasonal clothes as well. They have one of the best collections available. You can visit the official website to know more about products and other services provided by them. You can also go through some Evaemily Reviews to know about them.


  • Website – https://www.evaemily.com/Products – They deal in a wide range of women’s clothing, footwear, and accessories.
  • Email support – service@evaemily.com
  • Payments – They are a keen lover of the PayPal mode of making payments. So, you can pay them through pay pal account and others of your debit and credit cards.
  • Shipping method – They provide you free shopping over the order of 99$ all over the United Kingdom.
  • Return policy – They provide you with an easy return within 14 days of delivery. You can return the product with a specific reason for returning the product.
  • Refund policy – Refund proceeds after the returned criteria will be fulfilled, the refund will automatically come into your bank account, but if any loss is there in the product, then there will no refund on the item.
  • Contact number- (0852) 3588873
  • Physical address – Zimmer 1501, Grand Millennium Plaza (unterer block), 182 queen’s road, Central Hongkong/
  • Social links – The website is not so popular till now; they do not have any specific social links available. There are not very many Eva Emily reviews available on google and social media handles.

Pros of Evaemily

  • The Evaemily Reviews say that they provide amazing discounts to their customer. 
  • The website is secured with an HTTPS padlock protector.
  • They have a unique range of women’s clothing and accessories available with them.
  • Provides you with 24*7 customer care support. 
  • The products are updated regularly. 
  • All the necessary information is available online. 
  • Offers free shipping over the order of 99$.

Cons of Evaemily

  • The domain age of the website is not even 1.5 years old. 
  • Most of the content on the website is copy-pasted. 
  • They do not provide cash delivery option to customers.
  • The website is not so popular among shoppers.
  • There is no such reviews available online. 

Is Evaemily.com is legit or a scam?

Declaring any website a legit or a scam is based on several factors; after analyzing all the factors, we can say it Is Evaemily Legit or scam. The several factors are security protocol, padlock protector, domain age, payment mode, physical details, and others. Evaemily is one such website that stands on some of these factors like they have mentioned all physical details on the website, the website is secured with padlock protector; the products are updated regularly. Phone number and physical address are genuine, but it lacks some other factors like the domain age pf website is not even 1.5year old. 

The website does not provide a cash delivery option to customers. The website is not so popular among shoppers. Also, there are not many 

Evaemily Reviews are available online.

It is suggested from our side that customers should research from their side. 

Customer reviews on Evaemily

After analyzing and researching a lot about the website, to answer your question, Is Evaemily Legit? We have gone through various social platforms on sites on google to know about the customer reviews of the website so that we can learn about the quality and genuineness of the website, but after researching a lot, we could hardly find any such review by any verified customers.

Final verdict 

After researching a lot, we can say that this website is not so popular among shoppers and newly registered, as it stands on some factors and lack in some, we can say that it could be a scam. We need to wait for some more time to declare it a legit or a scam fully. It is suggested from outside that you need to thoroughly research before purchasing from this website as Evaemily Reviews  are not much convincing to protect yourself from any further frauds and scams.

0 thoughts on “Evaemily Reviews (Feb) This Website Is A Legit Or Scam

  1. I am most disappointed as I received my purchases from evaemily today and the top is not like the colours as we’re shown in the pictures and the top says XL but it must be XL for a child . Most disappointed and certainly not worth the money and too much hassle to send back. I think it’s a bit of a con advertising as they do..


  3. I’ve just ordered some boots from EvaEmily.
    Despite me emailing to say the confirmation of my order was the wrong size, they sent the boots anyway.
    I have emailed for a refund and a pre-paid postage label as I’m not paying for their incompetence.
    Not impressed at all.
    Shame really, they were nice boots i ordered.

  4. Stay clear of anything sold by this company.
    Beware the pictures are photoshoped and the material of the clothes doesn’t look anything like what you will be sent.
    Nor does the description. The highest cotton content for a so-called cotton T-shirt was 35% according to the label, when there was one. But it felt like there wasn’t any cotton at all.
    All the clothes are mainly made of cheap and nasty polyester, very cheaply sawn together.
    The website says, “ships between 24h”. Well, the fastest one was shipped 10 days after the order was placed, the second shipment, part of the same order, was sent out 26 days later! And coming from China, you can imagine how much longer it took to arrive. I had left on a travel by then, so of course missed the 14 days return policy, and anyway guess what? The buyer is responsible for the return costs!
    I feel bad to give these clothes to a Charity Shop! They are unwearable, So they will have to clutter a landfill site.

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