Error 382 Bancolombia (Jan) Know The Primary Reason

Error 382 Bancolombia (Jan) Know The Primary Reason

Error 382 Bancolombia (Jan) Know The Primary Reason -> Please read this post and know when Bancolombia can resolve the transaction error and what its alternatives are.

Are you fed up with Error 382 Bancolombia? Of course, yes, this is why you reached this page and want to know the actual reason behind this error.

Bancolombia is a top financial institution in Colombia that provides financial products and services to diversified individuals and jurisdictions such as Cayman Islands, El Salvador, etc.

At the time of transactions, which usually occurs in the month’s end, starts giving error. Why? Let’s find out!

What is Error 382 Bancolombia?

Error 382 is a transaction error that often occurs at the time of withdrawal through online apps. This problem occurs when lots of users are trying to receive their payouts at the same time. The transaction facilities have been failed again, just like each month. The technical faults always occur at the end of the month when they are getting ready to receive their monthly payouts.

Bancolombia is making their hard efforts to resolve this error so their customers and employees won’t receive Error 382 Bancolombia again. However, the Bank said their ATM is working in some areas and requesting customers to use those ATMs for easy withdrawals.

What is Bancolombia?

Bancolombia is the leading Bank in Colombia known to provide various financial products and services to individuals and jurisdictions. The Bank has a total of 9 segments with more than 20 ATM branches in the country. The segments are Banking Colombia, Banking El Salvador, leasing, trust, investment, offshore, pension, brokerage, insurance, and more.

This bank user can receive various facilities such as a home mortgage, savings, stock investment, insurance, operational leasing, and more. Currently, 1041 offices are established and working in the country Still, Error 382 is occurring that making individuals unsatisfied with the Bank.

What efforts is Bancolombia making to resolve 382 Error?

Bancolombia is a leading bank, but currently, it is facing criticism from the customers. On Twitter, people are searching for Error 382 Bancolombia in huge numbers. The Bank itself apologies for this inconvenience on Twitter and said they are continually doing their best to resolve this error ASAP.

They also said they have no apps right now, but we have many Bank and ATM branches in the city. They humbly apologize for the errors.

What are customers saying about Bancolombia?

The countless customers are not satisfied with their new mobile app for transactions. One user said they hadn’t used the dynamic technology more excellently, resulting in a disaster. Moreover, they said the Bank had ruined the app interface. While some people said, with the use of new technology applications, more problems have been raised.


Error 382 Bancolombia– the Bank shared that they will quickly resolve it and gives their users an excellent service they are wishing for. These are technical errors that can remove after some time, but tell me would you switch the Bank due to these errors? Share your answer in the comments.

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