Equine Salt Therapy Review (July 2020) Get Information!

Equine Salt Therapy Review (July 2020) Get Information!

Equine Salt Therapy Review (July 2020) Get Information! >> In this article, you will learn about a natural therapy to improve the health of the horses.

Are you a person who loves horse riding or do horse races? Do you own a horse? Do you have your stable at your farmhouse? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you might be willing to keep your horses healthy and fit. In this article, Equity Salt Therapy Reviews will tell you about one such website.

This website owner started the company in the United Kingdom. I am sure you want to know what is the therapy all about. You will come across many hippophiles in the United States. Yes, you will find many horse lovers there.

In Canada, you will find many wealthy people who love horse riding and horse race are just a tradition over there. The salt therapy is one such way used in all these countries to keep horses fit and healthy. Also, in Germany, you will find many horse lovers, and thus this therapy is of immense use there.  

What is Equine Salt Therapy?

Equine salt therapy is available to an only professional athlete and registered trainers. This therapy is useful for those whose horse are suffering from any of the skin conditions or respiratory problems. This therapy will help your horse to recover faster.

The technology used in the therapy:

The Salt rooms are for the horse, and the technology used is called Ultisalt (T.M.). In this, the use of aerosol of dry salt to create favourable conditions for the horse. To distribute small particles of salt in the room via a generator and climate in place is very similar to waterfalls or surf beaches. 

No. Of days for the treatment:

The treatment is done consecutively for three days for 15 minutes each. This treatment is entirely natural and is non-invasive that is a dual solution to all typical day to day horse problems.


  • Company Address:- Kensington, High St, NSW,  2052
  • Contact details:- +61-475-372-589
  • E-mail address:- info@equinesalttherapy.com

Benefits of the therapy:-

  • It is a medication-free natural therapy which is entirely natural and improves health by rapid hydration with essential mineral salts.
  • The therapy provides a rapid recovery to a horse suffering from respiratory and skin diseases.
  • The lower airway diseases are challenging to diagnose in the horses, so this therapy helps the horses and targets L.A.D. directly.
  • This therapy is a performance booster and clears the skin rash rapidly.
  • Equity salt therapy is the first company that has developed salt therapy rooms which are portable.

What do customers want to say?

Equity Salt Therapy Reviews researched and found that customer reviews are from various countries and are satisfactory. This site is valid and has helped users from all over the world, especially in the United States.

Richard Butterworth, who is from the United Kingdom, says that the customers are satisfied with the therapy and has noticed changes in the health of their horse. The salt rooms are set up permanently in cities like Canada and many others.

There are many reviews on the website that said that people see significant changes in the horse health and its performance has improved in the racing. One study from Germany means that this therapy has helped the old horse recover faster and improve his health. 

The bottom line:-

The Equity Salt Therapy Reviews says that equine salt therapy is a natural therapy which can help both old and young horses. The horse is in the salt rooms for 15 minutes for three consecutive days, which helps them recover from respiratory and skin diseases.

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