Epic Games Flash Cup {Feb 2021} Hope You Enjoyed Event!

Epic Games Flash Cup {Feb 2021} Hope You Enjoyed Event!

Epic Games Flash Cup {Feb 2021} Hope You Enjoyed Event! >> Are you aware about the popular game event happenings? If not, then browse this blog for details.

Have you all gamers pitched in this Epic Games Flash Cup tournament? Do you know anything about this event? In any case, do hover through this blog to make yourself aware of this fantastic event.

Furthermore, many gamers of the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and the United States, etc., wanted to learn about this event.

Therefore here we are with this educational write-up to shed some light on this event, so let’s start hovering across this blog for details. 

What is Epic Games?

It is an American Software, video-game developer, and publisher based company in Cary, North Carolina. It was founded in 1991 by Tim Sweeney as a PC (Potomac Computer) system as per the reports on Epic Games Flash Cup event.

In other words, this is a digital curated storefront for Mac and PC designed with both creators and players in mind. The company focuses on creating great pastimes for players and the right deal for video-game developers.

Moreover, this company has organized a Fortnite tournament and will spring showcase live on Twitch TV on February 11 at 7 pm GMT/ 2 pm ET.

Besides, all the tournament protocols and rules that players must follow were; published on the company’s- official website.

Let’s learn more about this tournament and reap what the winners could earn by winning this event.

About the Epic Games Flash Cup tournament

As we all know, the Fortnite video-game is known to be one of the most famous Royal battling games. Recently, its developers have organized an event and announced that the winning team would be; awarded great prizes.

It is a Duos Fortnite-tournament (a one-day event) that would kick off on February 10, 2021, runs for approximately three full hours between 6 pm to 9 pm, depending on how the event runs.

Furthermore, players will be obliged to pair up in duos to play in the arena. The subsequent placements specified below were going to be; rewarded with the Back Bling and Flash skin as specified in Epic Games Flash Cup event protocols. 

1.) NA East: 1st- 1750th

2.) Middle East: 1st- 250th

3.) Europe: 1st- 3500th

4.) Brazil: 1st- 500th

5.) Oceania: 1st- 250th

6.) NA West: 1st- 500th

7.) Asia: 1st- 250th

Moreover, each pair may only play in a maximum of ten matches and was going to; earn scores based on their placement in every pastime. 

Players Reviews

However, for the tournament, we have not found any relevant critique that defines how much players like this tournament or they didn’t. 

It is; assumed after watching the game’s followings that might gamers had enjoyed this event a lot.

End of Epic Games Flash Cup Reports

Eventually, our team has scrutinized that this one-day tournament has been; finished as we stated earlier.

Furthermore, we concluded that Epic Games might organize more such events soon so those who did not participate in this event can pitch up in the upcoming ones.

Moreover, the outfits that have been; kept as a reward would soon be available in the stores for the general players.

Have you participated in this event? How was this tournament? Tip us more by commenting down in the provided comment box.

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