Emojirags.com Reviews  [July] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit?

Emojirags.com Reviews [July] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit?

Emojirags.com Reviews [July] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit? -> : In this article, we review an online ecommerce portal selling alarm clocks at reasonable prices.

Every day thousands of ecommerce portals are introduced, as they are becoming the common platform nowadays for shopping and daily purchase. As these are becoming accessible, chances of swindle increases, so while doing online shopping, there should be extra vigilant. Let’s check Emojirags.com reviews.

Nowadays legitimacy of a site is the first concern; on cross-checking emojirags it was found that is a twenty-one-days old website dealing with alarm clocks. So let’s begin the review and test out it is a legit or hoax. 

Emojirags.com the United States base Ecommerce Company dealing with clocks. Website is dealing with all range of alarm clocks. PayPal is the only method for doing payment. COD or other payment facility is not available. Go through the article, check out Emojirags.com reviews.

What is Emojirags.com?

Emojirags.com a twenty-one-days old; an online gateway is offering alarm clocks through there ecommerce platform. As per shared information a company is from the United States, and this is their home business. 

Almost all type of alarm clocks from the different range is available for buyers. As it is too young, safety is the utmost concern purchasing anything from this website will be safe? Is Emojirags.com Legit? Or it is a deception like other websites.

Various aspects can be cross verified to know its reliability.

Specification of Emojirags.com:

  • Name: Emojirags
  • Company Detail: Online Ecommerce Portal selling Alarm clock.
  • Website: https://www.emojirags.com/
  • Country: United States.
  • Time for Shipping: 1-2 working days
  • Cancellation Option: cancellation before dispatched and customizations
  • Return Policy: 15-days return policy.
  • Refunds Policy: Refunds in 7 working days. 
  • Email Address: info@emojirags.com
  • Postal Address: 3506 Ne 95th St, 401, Seattle, WA 98115 United States.
  • Payment Mode: Only Paypal

Pro of Emojirags

  • Free Shipping.
  • Loyalty Points.
  • Items can be return
  • Paypal payment option.

Cons of Emojirags

  • Too new website.
  • No COD option.
  • No Feedback.
  • No presence in social media.
  • Seems Contemptible Item.

Is Emojirags.com Legit?

On checking, it was observed that domain is just twenty-one-days old, whereas the first and foremost known fact is that any website less than six months is distrustful and can be swindle as it’s too new to comment on it. 

Though there is the security of padlock in the website now days same is common and are there in almost all the website.

There is no information or reaction regarding the organization, and there are other details on the website that are missing, as no genuine organization does this to their customers. 

Item flaunted on the website are non-branded, and materials seem to be contemptible. The webpage is also missing the professional touch, which makes the website open to discussion and vulnerable for online shopping.

Customers Feedback on Emojirags

As the portal is too new, there is no comment found on any social site. As checked, no social media link was found for Emojirags, nor there any Emojirags.com reviews found in any media platform. 

 As the site is encrypted, transaction information and data is safe. While the offered product seems to be non-branded, there is no COD, which makes the deal & site bit fishy and too early to believe that it is legit. 

Final Comments

The first point that was found on the website is twenty-one-days old, making it too young to comment on. No media page found for the company, which is very fishy as the same is common nowadays. 

No feedback or reviews were found on any platform even there is no option of the same on their website too. All this makes the website questionable and doubtful and indicates the same could be a hoax. 

Offered product quality seems a bit stumpy as compared to the offered price. As there is no option to check order through this website, the legitimacy of the website is questionable. Free shipping is again a point to consider. It will be too early to comment on the website as the same is too young. 

The details and the offer that has been offered are hard to believe. Now a day’s only a single payment option makes things questionable and scary and hoax.  

With the provided information, the website’s age, and the offered product, it seems like the company is not authentic. You need to wait and watch before purchasing from this portal. 

Though any search engine does not blacklist the site, as all most all the findings are indicating it is not authentic and genuine.

0 thoughts on “Emojirags.com Reviews [July] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit?

  1. Emojirags.com are also selling lg smart tv’s online! I bought 2 Sun. morning not knowing any of this and paid using PayPal and my money is covered from scams, so I’ll let you know how this turns out!
    Concerned Online Shopper!

    1. Emojirags.com are also selling lg smart tv’s online! I bought 2 Sun. morning not knowing any of this and paid using PayPal and my money is covered from scams, so I’ll let you know how this turns out!
      Concerned Online Shopper!

      1. Any update about how your TVs went through? I have trouble believing they give good items at such a good price!
        I absolutely do want I get an item, if I know it’s definitely not a scam from another shopper’s experience.

    2. Don’t know if you got your t.v. I paid $98.90 for a 55″ screen Samsung. Thought sight was legit, it popped up on a Target® (no relation) tv clearance page, had PayPal ® option, and the padlock, all indications of legitimacy. Bottom line,. THIS SIGHT IS FAKE. SAVE YOUR MONEY FOLKS. Claimed I received via USPS tracking, 2 weeks BEFORE I actually ordered. Went to Postal distribution Annex, package was size of alarm clock, shipped to someone in city next to mine.

  2. I was pricing several TVs on Google and emojirags.com kept coming up with the price of $99.98 no matter which model I selected. This was anywhere from $200 to $650 cheaper than the average price for these models and all coming from a site that sells alarm clocks and head scarves. Either this is the most amazing deal on the internet or an obvious scam. I would say clearly the latter.

    1. I just ordered a fridge but haven’t got it yet also when I look up tracking number it said it has been delivered July 3 but I ordered it July 21 so idk and it doesn’t say in the email when it’s going to be delivered

    1. Paula
      I am a student, too. Please don’t buy anything from them. I purchased two printers from this website..it is a scam storefront.
      ps. I got my small fridge from Lowe’s online.

  3. I need an Epson printer. It normally costs $599. On this site it’s $98. Seriously? There’s been a big need for these in the crafters world. I think this guy caught on and added the printer to his illegitimate site.
    Part of me wants to order then file a claim with PayPal if I don’t receive anything within two weeks. I mean… Is it worth it?
    Maybe I’ll call the number listed. Googled the address and is an Apartment building. Hmmm…

  4. This Emojirags company is a scam I ordered a 65 inch tv through them I never got the tv and they can’t be contacted by email or phone you’ve been warned STAY AWAY FROM THEM I LOST MY MONEY

  5. I bought a Hero 7 Gopro bundle. What I don’t understand is PayPal sending me an email update saying they paid them. The tracking number said it was delivered the same day.
    Has anyone ever got the product ordered here. Products other than clocks?

  6. Scam .. bought a grill, has never been delivered yet usps tracking says it’s delivered in the mailbox …how can you fit a grill into a mailbox

  7. I bought a drone from them. Pay thru PayPal. When they sent confirmation it said item was delivered before I even purchased it. I wish I would’ve done my research. It’s a scam for sure. I’m trying to get my money back now. Can’t get a response from the website. And I’m having to wait for PayPal.

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