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Eliworth Clothing Reviews {Nov 2020} Get Best Reviews Here!

Eliworth Clothing Reviews 2020

Eliworth Clothing Reviews {Nov 2020} Get Best Reviews Here! -> This article provides information about an apparel shopping website and helps to understand whether one must shop from such websites.

There are several options for shopping for clothing and accessories online. Are you hunting for a right web page to shop from? Are you worried about whether the money you pay for the product is worth it? If yes, then you are the very right page; this is where your search ends.

As per the Eliworth Clothing Reviews, the online web page provides high-quality apparel on its website. Apart from just providing apparel, the company is also a charity for raising funds for workers and other underrated professionals. The website does have its online presence but comes with very few levels of engagement.

This United States based company is like any other online web store that provides clothing-related items and a highly discounted price.

What is the Eliworth Clothing website

 The website is in providing related fashion products. It has a wide variety of clothing such as tops, dresses, summer paradise, two-piece clothing, lounge and robes, jumpsuits, etc. There is a different category for new collections and hot sales. The website also has an option for different season collation. 

The website claims to provide the right quality products to its customers and, at the same time, also claims to assist and to help hand to the workers. It claims to be involved in the charity sector and believes in giving back to society.

Below are some specifications of Eliworth Clothing brand: 

  • Email address:
  • The type of the product: clothing
  • Contact Number: +44 748 287 5871
  • Address: Xehia Trading Ltd, 159, The Green Lanes, London, N13 4SP, United Kingdom
  • Shipping cost: Free shipping over $79
  • . Refund policy: seven-days refund policy
  • Payment process: Online
  • Return Policy: It comes with 30 days of a return policy

Below are pros of shopping from the Eliworth Clothing website:

  • The website comes with an Secure Sockets Layer link, which makes the customers usage towards the website relatively safer
  • It comes with various social media platforms to the various channels such as Facebook and Instagram
  • The website comes with an easy-to-use web interface that can help any lame user to scroll through and shop without any barrier
  • The clickable search option for a comfortable shopping experience

Below are cons of shopping from the Eliworth Clothing website:

  • The website comes with the image of the address, which seems to be a screenshot of some web page
  • Although the online store has an online presence in the form of various social media platforms, this platform has very few followers or engagements on this link
  • It has no Eliworth Clothing Reviews on its website or any other external source

Is Eliworth Clothing a legit website for shopping products?

Several factors question the legit or reliability of this website. The website is a very young website with very least engagement on its social media pages. There are some Eliworth Clothing Reviews on the website, but again the reviews are incredibly monotonous with only five stars, which is again questionable.

As you scroll down this article, you would get more information about whether this website seems to be a legit website to shop or not.

What are people saying about the Eliworth Clothing website?

This website comes with specific Eliworth Clothing Reviews on the website, but the reviews do not seem real, as all the reviews are incredibly flattering with a rating of five stars. No matter how good the product is, having five stars for all the products seems questionable.

Final Verdict:

If we sum up the information which is mentioned above, it is clear that the website comes with some various social media platforms to platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Along with it, the reviews do not seem to be real, as every review has a full five star. The products come with hefty discounts, which seem to be quite questionable.

The website has the address of some unspecified location in the United Kingdom, whereas the about us page of the company talks about its foundation in the US, which seems quite strange. On further research, the website seems to be relatively young, which usually has a high chance of being a scam. The trust score is pretty high, but not having too much engagement on the social media platform might be concerning.

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  1. Eliworth’s clothing is the same as Finloe’s and Finloe’s is most likely a scam from what I’ve been reading. I wouldn’t trust Eliworth due to this.

    1. You are smart not to do business with this company. I have items to return, and have been getting the royal runaround, first telling me that they didn’t accept returns, and now giving me a return address of DUBAI!

  2. I need to contact customer service to get an authorization to return some items. Can you tell me how to contact
    customer service?

    1. I’m in the same situation, and should never have done business with this company. First I was told that they don’t accept returns, and the most recent info (after numerous emails), is that my returns–three shirts–can be mailed to DUBAI (United Arab Emirates).

  3. Do not by clothing from Slorne or Eliworth. Scam companies. Took a month to get my order. Their clothes are cut very small and they will not do returns. Clothing is printed on one side and does not even have labels.

    1. AGREE TOTALLY! I have three shirts to return, first was told they don’t accept returns, and now am told that I could return them to an address in DUBAI, United Arab Emirates.

  4. They have lied all the way along. I see them even now on FB replying to people saying everything is made and shipped in the US. TOTAL BS! I have customer service responses clearly stating otherwise. After having my money for a month and me threatening a chargeback, they supposedly shipped items on the 21st. Tracking number is USPS and shows they don’t even have the package yet. Customer service sent me s screenshot that included a line item showing the box had left Guangzhou China on 10/24 and arrived in Los Angeles 10/25. So much for made in the USA. Still no actual tracking. Total BS.

  5. I just received my order after six weeks from Eliworth. One of the clothing pieces had a tag. The other two did not. One had a Made in China tag on the outside of the package. The pieces were advertised as sweatshirt quality but are polyester thin with lining not fleece.

    Additionally, I had all sorts of delivery and cooperation problems with this company.

    1. Agree totally! I have had a very similar experience. Finally received the merchandise after six weeks. Items (shirts) are too small. First I was told that they don’t accept returns, now told that I could mail the returns to an address in DUBAI (United Arab Emirates). And I don’t know who to report this to.

  6. AGREE TOTALLY! I have three shirts to return, first was told they don’t accept returns, and now am told that I could return them to an address in DUBAI, United Arab Emirates.

  7. Avoid this company like the plague! Item recieved was a cheap imitation of what was in the photo. The fit is ridiculously bad and the fabric is dollar store quality! You do not get any response at attempt to contact them. Forget about returns and reimbursements! They take down unfavorable reviews posted on their website and on social media and block legitimate responses, leaving only the 5 star accolades so that other are duped into spending on worthless merchandise.

  8. Terrible experience … ordered a “sweatshirt” as described by them but it was actually a thin polyester shirt … they would not authorize a return as there were no “quality” problems; holes, stains, missing problems … well I can create them! … NEVER buy from this site !

  9. I tried to cancel order 6 times to no avail. Now that items finally arrived I want to return something and have requ re sted direction on how to do that twice. No response. My advice is DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY

  10. I ordered what looked and was described as more of a sweatshirt material top and it came in as a flimsy polyester shirt that is NOT like what i ordered. I am trying to return it but now they are saying only “quality issues like stains, holes, etc”are considered for return! Their website said they had a 100% satisfaction guarenteed 30 day policy. It didn’t come with ANY paperwork or a phone number to call. I am out $50 and they don’t want to address it. I would NOT recommend buying from this company due to their policies and i am very disappointed that it came from China and not the USA as stated. Sad that they have to operate under that misconception.

  11. Terrible! Purchased two tops as gifts for my wife. The photo does not show a band around the bottom (you can only see it if you have the actual item in hand). This is an online store and doesn’t completely convey the look of it’s products, yet the company will not allow us to return the items. They cite COVID restrictions, yet every other establishment where we have needed to return items have never denied us. That is shabby business policy on Eliworth’s part!

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