Elainebest.net Reviews (Nov) Is Elainebest.net Fake?

Elainebest.net Reviews (Nov) Is Elainebest.net Fake?

Elainebest.net Reviews (Nov) Is Elainebest.net Fake? >> This post will help you in learning about the actual intentions of the store that sells various products.

Are you searching for elainebest.net Reviews? If yes, then please join us in this post.  

Today we will read about the online store that is recently founded in the United States and help you find out what the store contains, its discount offers, specifications, benefits and drawbacks of buying from it, etc.  

During the festive season, every store is engaged in thinking of new strategies to attract the customers and stand on top of this competitive world’s cutting edge. Elaine Best is no different as it is also having a sale on its best seller’s items like clothing, fashion, decoration, accessories, etc., where you can get up to 50% off.

Besides this, you will find several other offers in the store as it has substantial money-saving offers for its customers. The site is newly discovered and has big expansion plans. 

Let’s learn more about the store and its authenticity in these Elaine Best Reviews. 

What is Elaine Best?

Elaine Best is the recently introduced online website that is founded on 23rd July 2020. The site includes a wide range of items like fashion, clothing, beauty, household, decoration, sports, electronics, and toys. You can get all the products at reasonable prices as the Elaine Best store has up to  50% off on its entire collection. In addition to this, the shoppers can get an additional 10% off on first order by signing up for its newsletter.

Besides this, the site is claiming to deliver good deals to its customers. Still, we have noticed some suspicious points like there is only a single item is available under its beauty & fashion, kitchen & home and electronics product category. Therefore the site is having only limited products available on it.

Similarly, the site is having a Christmas advance sale where Elaine Best store provides free products to its 20 lucky customers. The offer is still on as it started on 26th October and will end on 6th November.  

If you also want to take part in the lucky draw, then read these elainebest.net Reviews to ensure the website’s real objectives. 

What are the specifications of Elaine Best?

  • Website link – https://www.elainebest.net/
  • Items – Multiple products
  • Registered Place– The United States 
  • Website’s office address – Houston, Texas, USA
  • Official email address – support@24servicehelp.com
  • Contact number – not provided
  • Sale or offers – the site has an advanced Christmas sale.
  • Shipping duration – 5-10 working day
  • Shipping cost – 50%off on worldwide express shipping
  • Return and exchange – within 30 business days after delivery 
  • Refund – within a few days 
  • Order cancellation – Not available 
  • Newsletter – Available 
  • Order tracker – yes, available 
  • Payment – PayPal 
  • Guaranty – not available 

Benefits of shopping from Elaine Best

  • The site has an advanced Christmas offer where 20 lucky customers can get their orders for free.
  • The site has free worldwide express shipping. 
  • The site has 30 days return policy. 

Drawbacks of shopping from Elaine Best

  • The store’s domain name is created on 23rd July 2020, which is only three months old.  
  • There is no elainebest.net Reviews available on the site. 
  • It is not having an active social media existence. 
  • The site is having limited products mentioned on it. 
  • It holds incomplete contact details. 
  • The site has a poor looking user interface.

Is Elaine Best Legit?

As per the elainebest.net Reviews, Elaine Best is the several products selling store and has huge money-saving offers to attract customers. Besides this, the site is too new as it is registered in July 2020, and it does not hold complete details of the company. 

Moreover, we have not found any useful customer reviews yet. Thus we don’t think that the Elaine Best store is not a reliable site. 

Customer’s response regarding Elaine Best

Our research team could not be able to discover any Elaine Best Reviews from the website. Neither there are any reviews available on any of the online sources. 


In conclusion, Elaine Best store does not come out legit as there is no much information available regarding the store on any of the platforms. Neither the site holds any reliable information on it that proves it legit. Therefore, we suggest everyone to stay away from such sites and do in-depth research before sharing your card details on it.  

Please drop your concerns and thoughts in the comments and do share these elainebest.net Reviews with others.  

0 thoughts on “Elainebest.net Reviews (Nov) Is Elainebest.net Fake?

  1. I purchased what I thought was a large metal fire pit measuring 19 inches for 8-12 people. It took weeks for my item to arrive. When it did come it was a dinky cylinder that fits in my hand. When I attempted to email them I got an immediate email delivery failure message. This is totally 100% fake. Do not engage with them. There is no way to reach them!

  2. Tried purchasing from site Oct 31, as of Nov 6 still haven’t received any shipping details, and no response from email. Requesting money back from PayPal now.

    1. The outfit is out of China and only sells junk. If and when you receive product it is cheap and of low low quality!! Elainebest and Meteor Co,LTd are Scam Scam

  3. Ordered an item. Never received it. Contacted and they said it is lost in ‘China shipping.’
    Scam and fake website. Do not engage in any transaction with Elainebest.

  4. Made a purchase on the 30th of October. It is now the 20th of November and have been communicating with ElaineBest (Meteor Co.) via Paypal and have no shipping date or tracking information…. only response is, “be patient”. I would absolutely avoid this company. I am now trying to escalate the purchase with Paypal as Elainebest will NOT refund me my money.

    1. I received my item today finally and wasnt what I ordered. I see now the item I saw advertised was falsely advertised as far ad I’m concerned. Sadly disappointed and money wasted.

      1. Same here. I asked for a refund or to replace the item and they told me, ” Obviously we did not send the wrong item but you chose the wrong one.” I wanted the leggings that had velvet interior. I clicked their instagram ad, which advertised this type and hit order. My order is called: Thickened slim cashmere warm pants. What came was super thin fabric leggings.

  5. Ordered on November 5, 2020. Printed receipt. No contact information on receipt, only very small Elaine’sbest logo in upper right hand corner. Logged onto Elaine’sbest online and found this email address, planetarmin738807@gmail.com. I sent a letter requesting information on my purchase, including my order number. I was answered by Megan, same email address as where I went my letter. She claimed there was no record of my purchase and could I send her my order number and a copy of my receipt. I sent her that information. I was then answered by Fern at Megan’s email address. She wanted to know what I had purchased from their website. I am very suspicious because that information was plainly visible on my receipt. I also noticed that the words they used and the sentence structure in their replies was unusual. I am canceling the charges on my credit card, putting a watch on any suspicious activity and reporting their ads to FB and the Illinois Attorney General. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!

  6. I ordered winter leggings from them and did receive them but it took 4 weeks to receive the product. The pants were not at all what was shown in the ad and did not fit well. They were too baggy in the waist and hips to be leggings and too short as well. The lining was skimpy and not what was shown. I emailed asking how to return them and although I received a response right away, they asked me to send an image proving they do not fit. Seriously? I would not recommend ordering from this company.

  7. Ordered October 30, it is November 30 and still have not received my order or heard a response from customer service. This place is a total scam and should be sued.

  8. They are a SCAM! Do not order from them. They do not have a phone number, do not send an order confirmation, or respond to the email address. I never received anything from them & it’s been 3 months!

  9. Purchased “Thickened slim cashmere warm pants” , and after a ridiculously long time, received thin nylon leggings you could spit through!
    After much back and forth, including providing them with a clear picture of what Was received, they tersely replied, “ As we checked we sent you the correct item.“
    Avoid, avoid, avoid.

      1. The same thing happened to me, they are an absolute scam DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM save your money and the aggravation of dealing with them because you will not get the product nor the money back.

    1. It is amazing how your message sounds exactly like my experience. After several emails to them, and pointing out their 100% money-back guarantee, and getting a cut n paste reply. I contacted my credit card company and disputed the charges and was immediately approved for a full refund. I wish I had done more research on the company before I made my purchase.

  10. I ordered a pair of pants that were shown on the website as cashmere with fleece lining. The pants are actually spandex. I ordered a large and a small and received a large and a medium. It took over a month to get them here. I’ve asked for a refund from the company and they will not refund the money at all. This company is completely illegitimate and I would never recommend ordering anything from them.

  11. I saw an advertisement on an app and thought the fleece-lined leggings looked like something my wife would like. elainebest.net is a worthless site to purchase from, it took over a month to get a product from them and what I ordered was NOT what was sent. TOTAL RIPOFF DO NOT buy from this site.

    1. Yeah just got the junk today! Unbelievable Received the cheapest looking elastic leggings with no linings. So much for having a gift for someone.

  12. My order arrived, size and color were wrong and are to short.Since the 26/11/2020 I’m tiring to get a refund and a way to send back the order. This morning they offered me a 3$ refund. Very disappointed and will never order from this site

  13. I ordered the lined leggings as well as a gift. After 3 weeks I emailed then when I received no shipping info. I was told the order could not be cancelled because they had shipped already. Another 2 weeks and still not here. I will begin a credit card order cancelation next week. Avoid this site. When there are no reviews on the site, stay away.

      1. No. My experience is that they will not refund your money nor will they honor their 100% money-back guarantee if not satisfied. Don’t waste your time asking them for a refund. Call your credit card/or bank and dispute the charges.

  14. This website is very unscrupulous. It took them a long time to give me my shipping information, when it did come, it was incorrect and for a different order. After emailing about it, it took the 1 week to reply after I threatened to contest the purchase and they provided the correct tracking number. After 1 1/2 months, the “fleece-lined warm leggings” I ordered for my wife were actually cheap lycra leggings that were the wrong size and looked nothing like what I ordered. I encourage everyone who was scammed to retract the payment through their credit card company, with enough complaints, mastercard and visa will revoke the company’s permission to use their credit line.

  15. I ordered what looked like very warm leggings for my wife, cashmere leggings for the cold winter days from elainebest.net. It took 46 days for the order to arrive and it was completely wrong. They were leggings that were delivered, but the leggings are the thinnest leggings I have ever seen. I have emailed support and they keep saying that they delivered my order as I ordered it. I have sent a screenshot of my order multiple times, showing that the order was not filled correctly, but they answer once per day, telling me that my order was correct. This is a terrible site that is no way legit. Run away from this site as fast as you can!!

  16. I order 2 pairs of fleece line legging from this company . It took over a month to receive the the package as it came from China and it was not what I ordered.What I received was 2 pair of very thin leggings that would not keep anyone warm in the middle of summer. I emailed the company and the requested that I send them pictures of what I received which I did and they then replied that I had received what I ordered. Do not order anything from this company.

  17. I ordered fleece lined leggings for my wife for Christmas in XL. They arrived in a tiny package after many weeks. They were anything but extra large and they were NOT fleece lined! Total garbage. Learned my lesson. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE SCUM BAGS.

  18. This place SUCKS and is a scam. I ordered adult leggings that were so small I thoughts they were kids size. Not only that they were suppose to have a cashmere lining, guess what they did not, I was told I had to check the “lining Box” upon ordering. When I went to their site to check the product was longer available so I could not confirm this. Customer support would not allow me to return them because it stated “I received what I ordered” Total SCAM. STAY AWAY, FAR AWAY!!!

  19. we ordered the fleece lined, high waisted, leggings, size small – 2 months later we received a pair of generic tights, no fleece, no high waist, size M. all efforts to resolve with “customer service” have been returned with a note saying “the warehouse sent the correct item”. THIS SITE IS A SCAM – do not shop from them.

  20. I ordered thickened slim cashmere warm pant on October 31 and finally received my order end of December. I received regular tights, no lining what so ever. DON’T Order from them, they are not legit.

  21. SCAM!!!!

    I ordered two pairs of fleece-lined pants in aadylt large. After three months, I received two cheap, flimsy pairs of black tights that wouldn’t fit a five-year-old.

    RIP OFF!!!! I was robbed. Lesson learned—-I rarely order on line, and now I’m wearing 30-year-old clothes because I refuse to support on line ventures whatsoever.

  22. Buyer beware this company is a scam. I bought a pair of what I believed was fleece lined leggings pictured on their website. What I received after about a month of waiting was basically a see-thru pair of leggings. I have been fighting customer service and they are not honoring their return policy stated on their website. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

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