el marino loko Video Original

el marino loko Video Original

el marino loko Video Origin, At the point when the video showed up on YouTube in 2016, it immediately stood out as truly newsworthy in Mexico and created a global disturbance. In it, a man in a tactical uniform with his face canvassed lectured before the Chamber:

“We are a couple of meters from where a portion of these vatos accumulate, I advise you that I won’t take prisoners…”. It was Erick Spirits Guevara, a marine nicknamed “the insane mariner Unique Video,” who was recorded minutes prior to striking a medication dealing with safe-house Tamaulipas.

With his provocative style, in that unique video the mariner condemned his destiny by releasing the rage of the Cartels. In under a year, the medication dealers got payback and destroyed the one who considered testing and freely embarrass them. The story behind “el marino loko Video Origin” and its disputable video is an unmistakable impression of the monstrosity of the medication battle in Mexico.

“El Marino Loko” and its unique video

Erick Spirits Guevara, better known by his monikers “el marino loko Video Origin“, “El Martillo” or “Mr. Thor”, was an infantryman of the Mexican Naval force Secretariat positioned in Tamaulipas, a state lining the US. Spirits Guevara will keep on discussing clashes from now on.

The mariner reported his tasks through informal communities and aggrieved with outrageous brutality individuals from Cartels and managers whom he then showed beaten and wearing ladies’ unmentionables. As well as embarrassing the prisoners by dressing them like this, Spirits Guevara used to taunt them in photos and recordings, procuring the scorn of medication dealers who offered enormous amounts of cash for his head.

One of his nemeses was Julián Manuel Loisa Salinas, nicknamed “El Comandante Toro”, a tuyder of the Bay Cartel. This manager always remembered the embarrassments that Spirits Guevara incurred for individuals from the criminal association, so he set off on a mission to track down his whereabouts and get payback.

Strange techniques for “El Marino Loko”

One of the most questionable acts of Erick Spirits Guevara was to report his activities against drug dealing through informal organizations like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The mariner used to distribute selfies, photographs and recordings before attacks or conflicts with crooks. “We are a couple of meters from where a portion of these folks hang out, I advise you that I won’t take detainees, you know how I work,” he expressed. resistant in one of his many movies transferred to the web.

With this foolish media openness, Spirits Guevara tried to impart dread among the individuals from the Carteles, yet in addition release his wrath. The medication dealers didn’t take long to answer the incitements with death dangers and compensations on the mariner’s head.

Another justification for why Erick Spirits Guevara exacerbated the contempt of the Cartels was his savage approach to seeking after and executing activities against drug dealers. The mariner had the propensity for breaking into the homes of medication rulers without earlier notification to capture them or destroy them.

Responses to the first video of “El Marino Loko”

The recordings that Erick Spirits Guevara transferred to the web embarrassing individuals from Cartels released a rush of fierceness and disavowal inside the positions of coordinated wrongdoing in Mexico. A few gatherings gave explanations compromising the mariner and putting a cost on his head.

One of not entirely set in stone to get payback was Julián Manuel Loisa Salinas, “El Comandante Toro” of the Bay Cartel, who through his criminal association offered mogul awards to anybody who gave data on the whereabouts of Spirits Guevara.

The instinctive contempt of “El Toro” was brought into the world after the mariner assaulted the homes of individuals from his cartel, beat them and dressed them in ladies’ undergarments, at last transferring the maltreatment to YouTube and Facebook. The mafia manager swore that some nhia would make him pay the consequences for that attack.

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