Edealstar Com Reviews [July] Legit or a Hoax?

Edealstar Com Reviews [July] Legit or a Hoax?

Edealstar Com Reviews [July] Legit or a Hoax? -> In the above article, you read about a site dealing with innovative products in multiple categories.

We often give more preference to shop that deals with multiple categories, be it a physical store or an online webstore. It then becomes easy for the buyers to shop as they won’t have to search for different products then. Are you searching for the similar webstore?

If yes, then you might find an answer to your search in this article. This article is about Edealstar Com Reviews. It is an online webstore dealing with products in multiple categories like jewellery items, accessories for both men and women, fancy lights, toys, hair care products, air conditioners, and many more things.  The site is launched in the United States, and people are frequently visiting the site to check their products.

We all have studied to check the authenticity of the site before placing any orders from the same, which will further protect us from scammers or frauds. In the article below about Edealstar Com Reviews, you’d get all the possible answers to your questions and would also be able to conclude: Is Edealstar Com legit?

What is Edealstar?

Edealstar is an online website dealing with products in different categories, offering options in all of them. The site leaves you with multiple options to choose from, and all that you want, you can get it from a single place.

The categories further include jewellery, fashion, lights, accessories, vet products, fertilizers, air conditioners, sea snorkel, hair care products, toys, plant boxes, and many other categories. 

The website has specified that their only aim is to provide their customers with the best products at the best reasonable prices in each category mentioned above. 

Specifications of Edealstar:

  • Website: Deals with products in multiple categories.
  • Email: supportnc@dreamxin.com
  • Address: Not specified.
  • Contact Number: Not specified.
  • Shipping Time: Within seven days of order placement.
  • Shipping Cost: $5.99 on orders below $39.
  • Delivery: Within 7-20 working days.
  • Returns/Exchange: Within 14 days from the date of receipt.
  • Refunds: Within certain days, exact days not mentioned.
  • Cancellation: Valid only before the order is shipped.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, Debit, and Credit card

Pros of Edealstar:

  • Deals with products in multiple categories.
  • The website is SSL Certified.
  • The site claims to have the best quality products.
  • Easy returns policy available.

Cons of Edealstar:

  • Contact Number and Address not mentioned on the site.
  • Various links on the webpage are inaccessible.
  • Refund policy not specified.
  • Prices of the products change wile checkout.

Is Edealstar Com Legit?

We have gone through various points which helped us know more about the site. 

Firstly, the website has not mentioned entirely about its contact details and address. It thus makes it difficult for its buyers to contact them in case of any misunderstanding or disputes. Also, the site cannot be traced physically due to unavailability of address. 

The site has mentioned that they aim is to provide the best products at the best reasonable prices. But they do not justify the same. Products on the website are over-priced. The same products can be grabbed from other sites at even lesser prices. 

Also, the site deals with many categories. A legit site, on the other hand, would never prefer so. They deal only with limited products, providing the best quality in the same.

The above points thus state that the site is a scam, and it could be risky to place an order from the site.

Customer Reviews on Edealstar:

After going through the site, we found out that reviews are neither available on the webpage, nor other platforms. 

Some of them available also were not in favour of the site. Buyers are not satisfied with it and further mentioned that they faced problems while placing the order, or while refunding the same.

They specified that the order was delivered to them late than the mentioned time. The products offered were not up to their expectations. They were not worth the money they paid for it. Also, in case of wrong products, it was challenging to request refunds. The site did not respond to the queries on time or sometimes are even ignored.

Final Verdict:

After studying the site, and also reviewing it from the other platforms, certain loopholes were found in the same, as mentioned earlier. 

Also, the site is launched recently and is a new entry in the online market. This is because not much information about the site is available online. 

Hence, we can conclude that the site is a scam, and also it is recommended not to place an order from the same.

0 thoughts on “Edealstar Com Reviews [July] Legit or a Hoax?

  1. It is a scam. Ordered items and never got an email. It’s been over a week and when I check my account it says unfulfilled but shows paid. Unable to contact them.

    1. Yes please listen to us. DO NOT ORDER from this site or any of its affiliates. If you see edeals anywhere do not proceed. They will take your money and never give you the product at least not in a professional manner. If you can wait 3 months to an eternity for something you paid for while only giving you an email to touch bases with by all means. And for the returns or cancellation you play by their rules. They play dirty by the way.

    1. I did the same thing. I got a tracking number. The tracking number is not legit. I sent an email expressing my anger. I doubt I’ll get a reply. So annoyed.

  2. I ordered a small air conditioner. Never recieved. Cannot get ahold of anyone to get my money back. Do not order from them!

  3. Yup! Total scam. Bought a T-Shirt for my husband, never delivered. When I complained they suggested I give them $15 more and they would re-ship it…
    Do NOT use these guys.


    The page when you order clearly states shipped in 24 hours from the US. and it still shows available. On top of that they charged me an international shipping fee directly through my checking account and not through your sight. I did not agree to order from, pay or wait for international shipping. I could have have the product in two days from Amazon and other retailers. All of the statement are fraudulent. And they should not have collected my money if the item was not available.

    July 11, 2020 at 9:06:34 AM PDT
    Again this was a transaction based on false representation from a foreign company disguised as a US retailer. They also placed an additional fraudulent charge directly to my checking account. I have already received a response from the retailer and want a refund immediately. Please see my submitted attachments.

    July 19, 2020

    Tracking info
    CUS200713BI6L1002748, EC-Firstclass THEY ARE A SCAM COMPANY FROM CHINA

    Read less

  5. I also ordered the air conditioner 3 weeks ago and received nothing. But today I received an email saying that they were out of stock and will be sending it out to me…but the email was strange that it was sent from. I guess I’m going to have to try to get my money back via the payment method I used. I’m so upset that people do this crap and steal $ from poor single moms like myself.

  6. Dear Sirs: I ordered two of the little air conditioners. Still have not received my order and it has been 15 working days. Please respond to why my order is late. Thank you. Deborah Chapman

  7. Same as above , me being the dummy I am, I ordered 4 air conditioners to recieve 1 as a free gift. Never received. Only smart thing I did was use paypal, and is now disputing that transaction.

  8. Totally got scammed. I ordered the room cooler on June 30. Several days ago I got an email stating they’re sorry to be late because they ran out but have now shipped it. When I try to check tracking the numbers aren’t recognized. I’m sticking with Amazon.

  9. I received the air-conditioned fan and staff ordered them in June and received them 2 nd week of August. In order to get ahold of them had to e-mail the support address

  10. This is a scam. I ordered two of the air conditioners and never received them. I did get a couple of emails blaming the virus for the delay. In the end the website is no longer up and I’m out the $. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE SCAMMERS!!!

  11. I spent $80 on 2 air conditioners and never received them. I got an email with a link to shipping information that gave me no information.

  12. Same as above, ordered an ac unit and never received it. It’s been a month and I contacted them and they said it’s in customs. DO NOT PURCHASE!!!

  13. Ordered a shirt for $27 over two months ago and still haven’t received it. I can’t find anyone to reach out to for a refund.

  14. Bought and paid for 1 AC water- cool in June, it is now mid Aug and still nothing!!!!
    Why people? Why do you scam people? So wrong!!! Can’t trust anybody anymore!! Don’t buy from edealstar aka

  15. I ordered 2 airconditioners on July 8, 2020. I have not recieved them yet. I did receive an email 9 days ago stating that my item had shipped and had a shipping number, but when you clicked on it, it stated that the number was not found. I emailed them on the email address that was included on the shipping email and the responded back the same day with the shipping site that shows this product is in China still, but coming. We will see if I ever recieve these. I paid with Paypal so hopefully it will be easy to het my money back if I don’t recieve them.

    1. Same. Ordered 2 on the same day, got the same no info email about the same time. Still don’t have any products. Disputed the charge on PayPal. Been emailing with “the company” for over a week. Now they say they’ll refund me $10 for the trouble and I can keep the items, THAT I STILL DON’T HAVE! nor that I even need or want anymore. I needed them in July, not Sept/Oct. They state the shipment is coming in a few days over and over. Asked about the 100% money back to be told I wouldn’t be refunded for the shipping fee to return which “is more now, is that ok?” they state. That’s not 100% money back! Was told to refuse to sign for items to have them sent back and I’ll be refunded IF the tracking shows they were received back at the company. Total scam. Can’t believe I fell for it.

  16. I ordered 2 air conditioners close to 2 months ago. I was charged around $60.
    They still havent arrived and I’m guessing they probably won’t

  17. I ordered two of the air conditioning units too on June 27and have not received. I emailed the company and they told me that they had a backlog but they would be shipped in two days. Emailed again and they told me that they had shipped and it was on the way to the US. I still have not received it. I think it is a scam too.

  18. I ordered 5 of the air-conditioning units and still haven’t received them, and can’t seem to find any way to contact them for a refund. Total scam!!! Do not buy anything from this website!!!

  19. I bought an air conditioner from them back on July 3rd. On July 23rd I received an email saying sorry for the inconvenience and said they didn’t have enough in stock but they received more and Shipped it.. I was also able to track it on the site all the way to La California. Now it has been a couple of weeks and didn’t receive anything and now the site closed.
    Definitely a scam.

  20. I ordered 2 air conditioners, received an email stating the order was being processed. Almost 1 month later I got another email stating it was being shipped with a tracking number. Its been 2 weeks since that email, I cant get any info on the tracking number and now I cant even access the site… Damn I really wanted those units!

  21. I ordered 4 items I n June 28, 2020. One of the items was supposed to be a present to be given on the 13th of August. I thought I had ordered it with enough time ahead to get it on time. I received the items on August 20th. Too late. But I received all of the 4 items very well packed in one box. Honestly, I was and still am very happy I received them because at that point and time i thought I had been scammed.
    As far as clothes is concerned, I followed their instructions. It fits perfectly!
    Cons: there is no very visible information on how to communicate with them, however, I found an email address and after a while, I decided to request a tracking number. Shortly after, I received and answer stating that they will send me one. Why didn’t they send it in the email. I don’t have a clue. By the end of July, I emailed them again because I had no received the tracking number or heard anything from them. I used the same emailed I had used before. Following day I received an email with the tracking number and oh, surprise! I traced it, it was “17 Track Demon Network Tech Co., Ltd.” and I got a message which it read NOT FOUND, then, after I entered the tracking number, the answer was “Information not available, we can’t identify your number yet“
    I went back to the email and read it and read it, to the last detail and found an email which it looked exactly as the first one but oh, surprise, again! It had an additional 3! Here is when I really thought I had lost my almost $100.00. I was certain I had been scammed and started to think what I was going to do next …

    Conclusión: I believe they need to: 1. be totally clear and open about How to communicate with them 2. Mention truthfully the time it will take for the merchandise to get to the customer. 3. Use a much trustworthy shipping and delivery company.

  22. I bought two. The first night it leaked water all over the place. I sent them a video of the leaking fan. They said I had to return them to China to get a refund. The shipping was $40. That was in September. It is now the middle of December. THEY ARE A TOTAL SCAM! I lost $140.
    Carol Quandt 12.15.20

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