Ebooktypingupwork com (Sep 2020) Read And Know The Facts

Ebooktypingupwork com (Sep 2020) Read And Know The Facts

Ebooktypingupwork com (Sep 2020) Read And Know The Facts >> This article sheds light on the website that is providing home-based online typing jobs.

Ebooktypingupwork com: With the advancement of the web, now people are doing all their tasks with an online website, whether it is shopping or earning. There are many shopping options available over the internet as similar to making money online in India

However, it varies what people want to do as it ranges from typing work to writing Ebooks. 

Here, we have come up with such a website that provides a platform for all people residing at home to get a few bucks. 

Let us take a peek at this post to know more about it.

What is Ebooktypingupwork.com?

In simple words, it is an online website that is proffering Ebook writing and typing work to all capable people across the world. It has operated from Germany as the server hosted from there. All jobs available are home-based, online as well as done in part-time. To do the work, you need to have a computer and stable internet connectivity. 

Simply put, it is an online website that was registered around one month back only and is presently active. The majority of the visitors that belong to this website is from India and generates traffic of around 20k+. The advertising revenue for this site is skyrocketing, which is about 115+ USD each day.  

Let us get into the website through Ebooktypingupwork com

How to register on Ebooktypingupwork.com?

To start earning from this site, the interested candidate needs to create an account by filling details such as name, email address, phone number, and password. If already signed up, then enter the login credentials directly and get started with the same. To get eligible for earning, the minimum age should be 18 years.

How do they analyze accuracy in typing work? 

They have some parameters to look over the work’s accuracy, such as punctuation marks, missing words, line error, spell error, etc. All such errors are the base of the accuracy score, and if the count is equivalent to twenty, then there will be a deduction

Unluckily, it crosses the limit; then, it will impact your payment as the deductions begin here. Know more about Ebooktypingupwork com.

Customer’s Reviews about Ebooktypingupwork.com

We found that the users paid their registration fees to the website, but they didn’t get enough assistance whenever required. Their refund policies suck, and users regret after paying the membership fee. 

The users are a bit disappointed about the website’s services.

Bottom Line

After reviewing this earning platform, we know that the site has some refund issues with the users and didn’t get their registration fee back. The strange part is that the fee amount changes from INR 99 to INR 299 drastically when it comes to paying the same. 

Thus, be aware and have patience while dealing with any such site on the web. 

Kindly mention your thoughts about the Ebooktypingupwork com in the comment box below to clear out doubts that you may have. 

0 thoughts on “Ebooktypingupwork com (Sep 2020) Read And Know The Facts

  1. Yes, it’s a fraudulent website. Neither do they approve the work nor pay back the registration amount as promised by their TNC

  2. Same experience to me no response to money what we send and return not activated my account if we call that number switched off so poor 100 percentage fraud web site

  3. thanks you all, for your kind feedback. i thought to register but after reviewing your feedback……; i dint .
    thank you once again.

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