EA Server Error 721 (Jan) How Do I Fix This Error?

EA Server Error 721 (Jan) How Do I Fix This Error?

EA Server Error 721 (Jan) How Do I Fix This Error? >> The readers are acquainted with the error playing Star Wars Battleground II, and we would let you know how to fix it.

Did you download the Star Wars Battleground II online and was directed to a page flashing EA Server Error 721? Now, are you thinking about what exactly is this error and searching for ways to rectify it? It is a common issue faced by users across the United Kingdom and the United States for a few days, causing major connectivity issues. The internet and social media forums are thronged with questions surrounding the ways and solutions for fixing the error.

Are you looking for a way to fix this issue? You are certainly in the right place. Please continue to read.

What is EA Server Error 721?

It is a connectivity issue that probably means an error from the server’s end faced by users across the United Kingdom and the United States. However, it may sometimes even mean a problem from the player’s end that needs to be fixed.

Recently the game’s publisher Electronic Arts tripled the server’s capacity to accommodate more players for playing Star Wars Battlefront II. However, this sudden increase in gamers led to instability of the server, thereby causing them to crash. Since then, players have continuously shown with the message of server errors, which was almost rectified. 

Besides, now many players are also facing EA Server Error 721 displayed every time they try to connect to the EA server leaving players unable to play in multiplayer mode.

How to Fix Error 721?

As mentioned above, while the connectivity issue often happens from the server-side, it may also crop up from the user’s side. Hence, it is necessary to check a few things to ensure the problem is not related to the game, pc, or console. Check below what you should do?

  • Recheck if the EA Servers are working
  • Ensure the internet connection to your device is not disrupted
  • Restart the modem/ router and console/PC
  • Change to default DNS
  • Renew using your IP Configuration
  • Reinstall the game

Your EA Server Error 721 will get fixed. However, players are recommended to play using a wired connection as wireless internet can often be unstable, leading to cropping up multiple issues. 

However, even after trying the points mentioned above, your console continues to flash the error message, which probably means the problem is related to the game’s server. Herein, you will have to wait for the EA and DICE to fix it from their end.

Final Verdict

Disruption when playing a game can leave any gamer saddened. However, carrying out proper scrutiny of your server can help you affix the error. Suppose all your servers are working well, yet you face the EA Server Error 721 flashing on your screen. 

In that case, it is recommended to carry out advanced connection troubleshooting or connect to your internet provider to rectify the issue.

What is your take on the EA Error 721? Do you want to share your experience with us? Please do not forget to leave your comments below. We would be pleased to hear you out.

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