Ea Play Xbox Game Pass (Sep 2020) What Is It About?

Ea Play Xbox Game Pass (Sep 2020) What Is It About?

Ea Play Xbox Game Pass (Sep 2020) What Is It About? >> In this article, you explored the announcement made by Microsoft!

Are you looking to discover great games to play with your friends? Recently, Microsoft announced EA Play Xbox Game Pass impending addition of great games. Users are thrilled with joy with this announcement Worldwide. The multiple versions of the game pass of Xbox is coming soon EA (Electronic Arts) Play. The excitement is that no additional cost to be paid as EA play is going to be a part of Xbox Game Pass. 

In this article, we are providing you with the details of an announcement of a Game Pass!

What are the features for EA Play Xbox Game Pass announcement?

In 2019 at E3, the company unveiled Xbox game Pass Ultimate and Game Pass for PC. Following this, the company featured that the members of Ultimate can pay over 100 games from their Android phone or tablet’s cloud which will begin from September 15, 2020.

The next in their journey was EA Play Xbox Game Pass for the Ultimate member Worldwide. The company teamed up with EA to offer the members of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC with a membership of EA Play where they don’t have to pay the additional cost.

What will the members of EA Play Xbox Game Pass enjoy with the offer?

EA Play Xbox Game Pass will make its members enjoy EA Play on gaming consoles such as Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC with Windows 10. EA Play was formerly known as EA Access And Origin Access. The best of EA to Game pass includes the following:

  • Over 60 best games like Titanfall 2, Need for Speed Heat, FIFA 20, etc.
  • Rewards and challenges in-games
  • Discounts offered on digital purchases of EA
  • Up to ten hours trial of the games provided on FIFA 21, Madden NFL, etc.

EA Play Xbox Game Pass Reviews:

Member and users of EA Worldwide are thrilled with the announcement of EA Play Xbox Game Pass. They are joyful to get better games without paying an additional cost. 

Many users are sharing with their friends and are excited about the announcement of Microsoft to add EA Play to Xbox Game Pass.

Final Verdict:

Recently, the announcement by Microsoft for of EA Play Xbox Game Pass took its users for a joy ride. It confirmed that subscribers of PC and game Pass ultimate will have access and can enjoy over 60 of the fantastic games. 

The member can stream best of EA Play Games. A trial of ten hours will be offered to users so that they can decide to buy a game or not. What more can a youngster want that are crazy about great games? It is a step to reshape its business to sell more gaming consoles. Besides, it will help them grow their business broadly.

We are pleased that we could provide you with a joyous announcement. Kindly leave your views in the comment box if you are thrilled with our article!

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