DSMImcapps.com (Oct 2020) Know More About This Site.

DSMImcapps.com (Oct 2020) Know More About This Site.

DSMImcapps.com (Oct 2020) Know More About This Site. >> In this article, you will get to know about the new software of IMC.

Are you associated with IMC? Then you must have also heard of DSMImcapps.com.

IMC is a recently launched company that is India‘s first direct selling company that provides a platform for people to commence their own business and work as a boss. The marketing model they use is multi-level, which eliminates intermediaries and is geared up to promote native products and Indian culture. 

They have launched a new software DSMImcapps.com for billing, which is associated with outlets. There are a few videos about scm.imcapps.com Login and are being viewed as the people are bewildered while handling it. 

What is DSMImcapps.com?

DSMImcapps.com is a new software that is launched by IMC for the billing purpose of the outlets in India. The scm.imcapps.com Login is what has an Outlet Panel where various new options are recently added. As soon as you log in to the panel, you will find two options that are Applications and Admin. 

How does DSMImcapps.com work?

To log in to the DSMImcapps.com, one needs to have an access id, which is, if you are a part of IMC, you will be registered with Scm Imc Business as well. 

Application here is for billing purpose so, when you click on it, a drop-down will be shown. You need to click on Distribution admin. A new page will open up with the following options:

  • Inward- For any document, you are receiving like confirmed PO.
  • Outward- For any documents that are sent by you like Invoice.
  • Accounts- The accounts of your company in one place.
  • Reports- To check stock balance, etc.
  • Internal

Is DSMImcapps.com legit?

As the DSMImcapps.com is launched by a company that is associated with the government, it seems legit. There seems no risk in working on it. However, there are specific issues that the people are facing while using it and therefore, seek guidance.

What are the views about DSMImcapps.com?

There are no such reviews about the DSMImcapps.com on the portal or anywhere online. The videos suggest that people are confused as to what and how to use it while billing. The software was updated with new features and, creating an issue in the eyes of the business owners and users. However, there are a few videos on YouTube to help people get a better understanding of scm.imcapps.com Login

For anyone who fails to understand what it is, can anytime watch these videos in the name of Scm Imc Business and get through it quickly.


After observing the details about the company and the software, it could be concluded that the software is a bit confusing and needs to be worked on for better understanding. Nonetheless, DSMImcapps.com has been launched to make things easier for people working with and in IMC in India.

Have you been using it or planning to do so? Kindly share your views in the comments section below.

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