Drayke Hartman {Feb} A Recent Death Incident Details!

Drayke Hartman {Feb} A Recent Death Incident Details!

Read about a bullying incident in Utah that resulted in the suicide of a 12-year old handsome boy. Know exclusive details of Drayke Hartman death.

Did you know Drayke was a victim of bullying and ended his life? Drayke was only twelve-years-old raised in Utah, U.S. Drayke committed suicide by hanging himself in his room after being bullied at his school. 

Drayke was bullied physically and verbally by his aggressor, after which disheartened Drayke took the extreme step. Drayke’s sister, sixteen years old, was the first to find Drayke Hartman death in his room. It became a piece of trending news on the internet Worldwide.

Timeline of the incident:

His aggressor constantly bullied Drayke. The names and the identities of Drayke’s aggressors are not revealed yet. Before Wednesday, 9th February 2022, Drayke returned home with an injured eye. Drayke told his sister that the injury resulted from a fight with his peer.

On Wednesday, 9th February 2022, Drayke had missed his basketball practice. It is anticipated that Drayke attempted suicide on Wednesday. 

Drayke was rushed to a local hospital after his elder sister spotted him hanging. Drayke’s father, Andy Hardman, tried to revive Drayke Hartman by performing CPR. But, his efforts failed. After all the revival attempts by the local hospital, they announced Drayke’s demise on Thursday, 10th February 2022.

Andy’s Instagram Post:

On Andy’s Instagram account, he mentioned that he was unable to sleep for more than 51 hours as the instance Andy closed his eyes, he had nightmares. Andy was terrified as Drayke’s sister had witnessed Drayke hanging dead.

In his post, Andy tagged Drayke’s favourite basketball players, Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell and Jordan Clarkson. Donovan Mitchell responded to Andy’s post stating that the incident was heartbreaking as Donovan played for his fans and their families.

Drayke Hartman incident on Social media:

Drake’s mother, Samie Hartman, who was immensely dispersed, published the incident on social media to bring awareness among students and educational institutions about the aftermaths of bullying. 

On her Instagram media accounts, Samie said that everyone loved Drayke, and she could not imagine that he was fighting a silent battle and felt that life was so difficult that Drayke needed to get away from it.

Samie post was hashtag #doitfordrayke that was used more than 500 times on Instagram and more than 300 times on Twitter to narrate the Drayke Hartman incident. Samie account’s followers additionally increased to 90K, and her post received more than 1.8 million likes.

Samie had also posted a picture of Drayke from the hospital. Due to such a heartbreaking incident, Drayke’s story was published in multiple languages on hundreds of sites.


According to International Organization Bullying Without Borders, every 6/10 children are the victim of bullying in U.S. The UNICEF reported that 1/3 of children are victims of bullying in the Caribbean and Latin America. GoFundMe Account is setup to support Drayke’s memorial and funeral service costs with Rudy, Donovan and Jordan already contributing to it. 

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