Dr Raphael Perez Reviews ( Aug 2021) Read To Know More!

Dr Raphael Perez Reviews ( Aug 2021) Read To Know More!

Dr Raphael Perez Reviews (Aug 2021) Read To Know More! >> Find out a perfect solution to your digestion problem and improve your wellbeing in a few intakes.

Is it true that you are a regular victim of gas and swelling? Are you in search of an effective solution to get rid of the problem of heaviness in the stomach? You must check out help Dr Raphael Perez Reviews in case you are looking for an ultimate solution to improve your wellbeing. 

Easy Digest is a great product introduced by Dr. Raphael Perez, and in this review post, we will help you know whether you can give this product at trial or not. It is an orally devoured supplement made out of fennel, caraway, and Artichoke, and it helps in upgrading absorption and gut wellbeing to decrease stomach heaviness. It is gaining popularity across the regions of the United Kingdom

Most of the folks who are facing the problem of digestion looking for an ultimate solution and this product can be a great help to them. The maximum queries can be seen from the United States and so we decided to come up with unbiased Reviews.

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What is Easy Digest?  

Dr Raphael Perez Reviews: Easy Digest is an orally burned-through tablet made by Dr. R. Perez. It is usually defined as pills that help absorption and advance gut wellbeing. The fast active ingredients used in making the product permits you to improve your stomach related wellbeing and decrease stomach substantialness typically. 

The product is made from all the natural ingredients so that you did not face any stomach related problem. You can take the supplement without consulting a doctor but make sure that the supplement cannot be replaced by any medication you take due to your ill health. To check if this product can be purchased in the United Kingdom, we have studied all the ingredient lists, pros, and cons of the product. 

Specifications of the product: 

  • Product name: Easy Digest 
  • Dosage: 2-3 tablets daily after meal
  • Primary Ingredients: Fennel seeds, lemon, Artichoke
  • Package includes: 1 bottle containing 18 tablets

Pros of the product

  • The guidelines for taking the supplement is simple
  • All the ingredients used in the making of the product are natural
  • Dr. Raphael Perez Reviews guarantees sound assimilation and no stomach weight 
  • Includes just clinically affirmed substances 
  • It is a vegan product 

Cons of the product

  • No proven results of the product are found 
  • Not much customer reviews are available
  • Overdosing may hurt wellbeing 
  • Better alternatives for the product are available in the market

Is Easy Digest a legit product?  

The legitimacy of any item is assessed by the feedback it has received from purchasers, the merchant’s site’s domain age, and different elements. After investigation and exploration, we have discovered no Dr. Raphael Perez Reviews are available regarding the item online from any confirmed buyers. In this manner, a profound examination is required. Online purchasers are mentioned to do their research before purchasing the item. 

The item is by all accounts new, so it battles to get reactions and criticism from online purchasers. Thus, purchasers must search for fair reviews about the product online before putting their cash on this item. 

Customer feedback on the product

We have assessed the item entirely and discovered no criticism or feedback to help our readers know about the product’s authenticity. The item is by all accounts another one, and a profound examination is required before putting your cash on it. You should do your examination on the web and search for Dr. Raphael Perez Reviews to discover its authenticity and settle on astute buying choices. 

It is a dietary enhancement, and purchasers can’t accepting the item without a survey and assessment to chance their wellbeing. Along these lines, kindly look at for feedback of buyers before making the buy and snatch the dependable and genuine item for fortifying your gut wellbeing and processing. 

Final words

Individuals battling with stomach related problem and feel helpless because we are not able to find an appropriate solution can look for Dr. Raphael Perez ReviewsAccording to the manufacturer of the products, it will not cause any harm to the user. But as we are not able to find any proof of the claim, we will never suggest our online buyers buy this product. 

We have assessed and dissected the enhancement and found no outcomes or criticism from online buyers. Thus, clients are mentioned to do their exploration and search for fair reviews to settle on the correct decision and streamline gut wellbeing. 

Compassionately share your remarks in the comment box beneath.

86 thoughts on “Dr Raphael Perez Reviews ( Aug 2021) Read To Know More!

      1. I agree his video is repetitive and boring. I managed to jump to the end and avoid his self congratulation. I am interested but not convinced.

      2. I agree I lose the will to live by end of video and then feel harassed by the insistence to buy now or it will go up in price. Admit am curious but overall red flags!

    1. Don’t waste your money that’s the longest sales pitch l have heard for years and a load of bullish.t
      If you want purchase the same pills look online and you can buy them for £10.99 instead of Dr. Raphael Perez super low offer of £49.99 you have been warned.!!!

      1. Hi Billy,
        I’d be very grateful if you could let me know the alternative you mentioned for £10.99?
        Does it have the same ingredients.

      2. Can you kindly let me know the product you purchased for £10.99 and the website please. Can you also let me know if this is as effective as Perez’s tablets. Kind regards,

      3. All talk Billy; people are askink about your 10.99 pills ….you are obviously full of Sh.. just like the scammer Doc

    1. There are in my opinion, no tablet the same. I have bought these tablets and they have worked wonders! I have suffered for years with bowel and stomach problems. Within 2 weeks it has already made a huge difference. I purchased a years worth and it worked out £16.50 a bottle from e-health labs.com I take 2 tablets a day and feel so much better. Of course you will always get negative reviews but as a sufferer for years I can highly recommend them!

  1. Yes, this is a wonderful sales technique. First a video that says the same thing over and over and over and over again. Then you are asked to order not at this price, not at this price, not even at this price – order now and get it for an incredible price! The more you order, the cheaper it gets. So, clearly, there is a huge mark up if you buy a small amount as the price goes down a lot if you buy 6 months supply. I feel like someone is trying to take me for a fool.

    You’ve made a supplement of some sort. If it’s any good people will order more. Sell it for £15 a month. Say what it does and how it works in a video no longer than 2 minutes long. Cut the waffle, cut the flannel, cut the special offers. You never know, you might get people other than half-wits buying it,

  2. I have ordered 2 x 6 months however I have not had an email to confirm the purchase but the money has been taken from my bank I am now extremely worried that I am not going to get anything. I have sent several messages but have not so far had a response.

  3. I have never heard of this man and live in the UK. I tend to use homeopathic solutions so I would quickly hear of something new. I have asked friends who know nothing about him. Not sure where in the country this is sweeping across … do your research people

  4. Does anyone tried this and any feedback please?
    I like the away DR says he doesn’t want to make money. Really.
    Why do you have to talk 30 mins?

  5. If it’s legit, why cant I find out if this guy has a medical degree; medical claims being made, where are the peer-reviewed publications to back it up?

  6. The ingredients listed by Dr Perez in his online video differ from those cited on site reviewing this product.
    Unable to contact the company on the phone number provided to inquire about the correct ingredients and the email I sent to the address provided with my query bounced back.
    There is no possibility of verifying the ingredients on bottle on the site selling this product and it does not state number of capsules provided. Nor does it indicate if the product is vegan friendly.

    In view of these negatives I do not think this is a safe product to buy and may well not be what it claims to be. All the site offers is the invitation to buy the product at very expensive prices. I am going to keep well away.

    1. there is none!! complete scam how these liars are not taken to task is beyond me the internet has really turned to sh** scam after scam no one accountable now politicians using it, Jewish space lasers anyone ?

  7. Who wouldn’t be hooked on this product having listened Dr. Raphael go on and on and on . He has covered every ailment that anyone could ever possibly suffer from which is very clever and very suspicious . The words ‘too good to be true ‘ come to mind. Incidentally the gut is the new target of many questionable claims . Older people of whom I am one are bound to have any number of different gripes . We are easy targets . The main thing for us is fibre . Try to ditch the junk food , the sugar and the processed food . I have lived with type 2 diabetes for about 25 years so am always in a battle with food . Best wishes and better health to all people on here .

    1. agree, very sad picking on the vulnerable lots of people don’t want internet monitored and I agree but how about just those who advertise products looking for money the rest are just opinions right or wrong and should not be censored but anything involving a monetary transaction without back up should be banned

  8. There is too much spiel. Carefully orchestrated build up until you are just about to give up listening when he tells you the cost. And how can one tablet cure so many ailments? Weight loss, headaches, constipation, aching limbs, anxiety…..it doesn’t stand up to examination. A Miracle?
    THEN a nice little reduction if you spend just £199!
    He’s presented as a smart good looking smooth talking doctor. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

  9. Please will you respond to my order why have not received an email accepting my order having spent time to watch your video talk about helping my gut having recently lost my husband to Motor Neurone having paid by Credit card this stress caused through response and left wondering is enough to cause “gut problems” l wish had read reviews sent before l ordered now l say if you are not going to ship my order please refund the amount on my credit card please l have lost trust or asa professional person l will take this. Further.


  11. Ppl this is a scam. One dr has come up with a solution that worldwide science could come up with. Dont trust him. Bug big scam. My sort code is 772235 my account number is 25257368. If you have money to waste on this scam you may aswell put it into my account as im a single dad with 3 kids.

  12. I purchased a bottle and took it for 2 days and it made me feel worse then before i tried anything, have had better results from “Raw Probiotics for men” by “garden of life” (it was recommended to me by a family member) check the reviews on amazon

    i should have known when i saw there were no reviews, if it was a good product it would have had reviews, i would say to avoid it.

  13. Far more was taken from my credit card than I agreed to pay and can’t contact the company. To add to which I’ve had stomach cramps after taking them for a couple of days. Do not buy!

  14. Thank goodness for sites like this.
    I’ve just listened to his long boring repetitive sales spiel… which takes up lots of your time unnecessarily.
    I’ve got a medical qualification ( from a UK university!! ) so I’m not really happy that his entire video is a long carefully crafted sales pitch.
    During it he gives nothing to say that he is properly medically qualified or which university he qualified from. I’m medically qualified and would always give the university I qualified with so people can check me out if they want to.
    The actual information could be given in as little as 5 minutes. Instead you are forced to listen for ages. He then glosses over the list of ingredients incredibly quickly, and as you say he goes on and on about how it costs so much but you can get it for a much lower price… but only if you buy in immediately!!!
    No mention of how many tablets in a bottle. So you don’t really know what you’re buying.
    I’m desperate to restore my health so very easy to fall for it… people like me are especially vulnerable, but also when you’ve been too ill to work for the last 4 years money is very short.
    It’s alarming that people are paying up and apparently not getting any acknowledgement for their purchase.

  15. Hello I ordered Easy Digest last night . 1 bottle paid by pay pal haven’t received confirmation could you please let me know what has Happened with the order . Thank you Janet Roberts

  16. Interesting… Easy Digest by DVK Medicals is not currently availble on Amazon, but then neither are any of the other DVK UK products. However Amazon.com is still selling “Easy Digest” from Marine Essentials, with a 60 day money back guarantee so it sounds like the same product.

  17. I to ordered 1 months supply of easy digest on the 3rd of November and after several email from me and email returned from them I eventually received the tablets yesterday i there is 90 tablets so you take 3 a day with a large glass of water and with food after the wait to receive this tablet I was concerned about taking them then I thought give it a try so I have started taking them this morning I will report back in about a week let you know how I am getting on

  18. I can hardly believe that I fell for this Scam, but I did … I ordered 3 bottles 3 week’s ago and in spite of several Emails nothing has arrived to date…. I’m warning anyone thinking of purchasing DON’T!!!!!! I’m hoping that my bank ” Fraud department” will be able to do something for me .. ..

  19. I totally agree – plus my opinion is that they lure you in by the promise that they are going to reveal something that you can easily do for FREE and I guess technically they do not break any laws, but it is only an advert to push their product to stupid people and that includes myself who see themselves in this targeted product. Online reviews are usually not real but sound so good and real, probably written by the same person who has done this advert. I have been caught a few times so I applaud you for putting this online THANK YOU

  20. Omg was jst about to order but read the
    Few months back ther was a similar add and I order
    The resurge supplement I did receive it after about 2 months of ordering and to be honest took it for 3 months had no results no weight loss at all

  21. Did anyone spot the 58 year old lady who lost her husband 3 years ago, with an 8 year old son? 🤯.

    Also disclaimer at the bottom – it is an advert – testimonials may not be real !

    I would give my right arm for a magical solution and was interested enough to listen for half an hour. Thank god for review sites !

    Stay well everyone

  22. Interesting:
    Two different people involved here looking at the pictures.
    Dr Raphael Perez – unknown person, no real information about him.
    Dr Rafael Pérez-Escamilla – Ph. D., is Professor of Epidemiology & Public Health, Director of the Office of Public Health Practice, and Director of the Global Health Concentration at the Yale School of Public Health.
    This is all you need to know, this is a scam.

  23. I have degree in Evidence based medicine from Oxford. I looked up research papers and it did seem as if the contents should have beneficial effect on gut health. I ordered 6 month supply to try and improve mine gut health or give it a fair chance to do so. I knew my gut microbes and gut health was not good. I have also studied the human microbiome. One months supply arrived in about 3 days. The bottles have 90 capsules. So three per day as he says is a month supply. It has been Christmas and I have not been dieting at all(but not being greedy) but I have lost about 8-9 lbs in a month. The bottles are clearly marked with the contents. He is a naturopathic doctor as I found out googling. That is a valid thing t be. and I will post again after another month or two . but I did do my research. Just write down the contents he says, then go to Google scholar. Put each ingredient in and then put gut (I think that was my other search term)
    firstly. I paid what asked and no more taken from paypal. second the supplement facts are on the bottle. third it appears to be working for me. If i can improve my gut health in six months I will be very pleased. Weight is very related to gut microbes and gut health and not just to calorie intake.
    Do not scream scam straight away. Do real homework. I am now about one stone to 18 lbs overweight. If i can lose that and improve my gut in the next 5 months i will be very pleased. I will post again later.

    1. Well ‘Julia’ for someone who has a degree in Evidence based Medicine from Oxford your English is not very good, must have been quite hard for you to keep up with the lectures. I think your review like the product itself is a load of Horseshit.

  24. Doctor my #Asshole
    Hi guys this is a scam!
    I bought 3 bottles, I only received one bottle and it didn’t do anything good for me,
    apart from giving me awful heartburn!
    Stay alert and don’t fall for it!
    He’s committing fraud and fraud is a “CRIME.”
    Let’s expose doctor #Asshole on every media platform as fast as we can!
    Thank you
    Stay safe guys!
    God Bless!

  25. Everyone get your money back from your bank..! You can ask them to dispute the claim and say that this is fraud. I actually nearly fell for this scam too. Had I not stumbled on this page and other places online to hunt for reviews. I urge you to speak to your banks and explain for them to investigate your purchase that can be refunded at the dispute claims dept over the telephone.

  26. I ordered 3 months supply just after Christmas. I got regular emails keeping me updated on my order and dispatch date. They are shipped from France , took about 2 weeks but was over Christmas break.
    90 capsules in each bottle from e health Labs. There is a full list of ingredients on the bottle as well as instructions.
    I have been talking them for a week, they have not upset my stomach at all. Early days but I’ve not had any stomach cramps or acid reflux all week. I will carry on for the 3 months and come back with the results.

  27. I too ordered some of these apparently Miracle pill because i have a wife who for 4 years plus has been in almost constant pain with bouts of extreme agony which up to now the medical profession has no answer at all except to say she is a mystery to them. Big Deal. When ordering the p[lls i was given two order numbers for product. have had no confirmation mail of any sort and have no way of knowing if i have paid or been scammed. If Dr perez is not english.? the product is made [in england?? the product is handled by an American company 3 nationalities involved Then it seems it may indeed be a scam. . Mayby not BUT if it is. the Hope and trust that they destroy be on their headsi

  28. Bless and thank all of you for taking the time to send in your informative reviews. I was going to buy 3 month’s supply but will certainly not waste money I can’t really afford now. It would have been a huge struggle to pay for them but I tossed up between my fairly severe health problems vs buying cheaper not so healthy food! Actually a red flag did pop up when he said during that very lengthy spiel that no drs agreed with his enlightening find, and Probiotics didn’t work, neither did any other similar meds equate to his wonder drug; however, my desperation kicked in my brain went into blind mode!! Soooo disappointed. I so sincerely wish all of you a healthy happy 2021 WITHOUT the Easy Digest capsules. I wonder if they are indeed even totally plant/fruit based as stipulated on the video?! Be blessed!

  29. Read into his so called claims he mentioned. Couldn’t find anything, ANYTHING, to substantiate said claims. Makes me think this guy is telling some fibs. That’s just MY opinion folks.

  30. Also cures Hair Loss, Ingrowing Toenails, and Dandruff.

    Amazing how the list of things this “snake oil” cures grew as the video droned on and on and on…

    I must buy some for my cat.

  31. Scam?!! Do not buy ! check out the Huffington Post, see the real Dr and he is older and nothing like the guy in the video even if he did lose weight.
    Then check out Google Scholar to see what research he has done.

  32. If you read the literature your will find all the ingredients are in the food and vegetables that you buy from the supermarkets .Some of the unusual ones like Berberis is common in Persian cousin and is a sort of red current that they garnish the rice with. By having those vegetables and herbs in small moderation you can achiev the same. Interesting enough if you go for a meal in a proper Persian restaurant ask for na and cheese starter. They serve you with freshly baked thin bread and bowelof plenty herb Of Mint, parsley, spring onion, Origano, Basil and walnuts and ,Radish. If you just eat this starter and light meal. It would not cost you more than £8 . but you will purify your digestive system . Add to it: drink a jar of Doogh which is a diluted yogurt. all your b=vitamine a iodine and calcium have been provided in this simple meal. Alleluya.

  33. I watched the video and it went on, and on, and on and on. I eventually ran out of time to get to the end and then was annoyed at myself for being suckered into watching this type of thing. I suppose we watch them in the hope that someone really has found a solution to a problem. However, I believe that anyone who really has found a good solution to a health problem would want people to know about it, WITHOUT having to listen to what seems like hours of waffle and with clear pricing up front.

  34. Thank God for all your honest reviews 🙏 Thank you as I will also not be ordering now, but I’m also at the stage where I need to try something that’s going to work, and not something that is yet another scam.

  35. DONT TOUCH ANYTHING THIS MAN IS TRYING TO SELL!! Being a scientist and after viewing his tedious, repetitive, sales pitch video I followed up some of his pseudo-science by clicking his links to scientific publications. None of them had anything to do with the herbal ingredients he was using. Use your common sense people and DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY OF YOUR MONEY.

  36. Hi I ordered 1 month of Easy Digest after listening to the pitch about how it can help with all the conditions I have. I received an email confirming my order and also how to track my order. After 2 weeks I was beginning to think I had been scammed. I read the reviews and was really really worried. But I received my order 5 days ago. I was not in when it was delivered. It was left on my doorstep which could have been picked up by anyone. I started taking 3 per day. I have noticed I am passing wind a lot more and also going toilet more. I will wait 2 weeks and let you know the result.

  37. Thank you all so much to take time write and leave your review here. I do like to do my research before I buy this kind of ‘too good to be true’ product. His so very long sales speech didn’t reassure me but put doubt in my mind. If this product is truly that good it wouldn’t need such hard sale pitch! So I definitely won’t be buying this! Thanks for website like this save a lots people waste their money, also get hope up and be disappointed!

  38. Folks you got to wise up…..ALL these long long long long BORING infomercials are SCAMS . The Optician who invented the AMAZING eye glass Lenses, (cheap plastic rubbish made in China). The Dentist who invented the strongest glue in the world… doesn’t work…. and all those various so-called Doctors, Scientists, Engineers, Health experts etc: etc: who are so concerned about people that they take it upon themselves to invent or improve something or they discover it by accident, that will help/cure all those who buy them. Of course they are not doing this for the money they are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. There is a factory in China that manufactures medicine bottles, those bottles are then filled with pills. What’s in those pills God knows…. the only difference about these bottles will be the Labels. Most of these Ads are pushing Supplements of one sort or another even the ones that claim they are NOT selling supplements,,, are selling supplements. Any natural product they are claiming to sell you will find in your local Health store at a fraction of the price they are looking for. When you see the words ‘Limited time offer’ run away…’we can only keep them at this low price ‘…run away ‘Other Doctors, Scientists, Engineers, Health experts etc: etc: Don’t want you to know this’ run away… ‘See why (Pick your nationality) people are going mad for this (Product) All SCAMS. As always folks If its too good to be true….It is.

  39. i wish I had seen the page earlier I ordered one bottle to try hasn’t come yet not holding my breath he overcharged me
    The tablets were supposed to be 49.99 UK plus postage and VAT came to UK 59.91 they(lab) have charged me $AU239 my Bank said it should have just over $100
    the transaction went through some European Monetary Coop in France. My banks fraud section is handling is so should get at least some money back.
    So called Dr has already sent me an email about another tablet lecithin (sp?) I put it in the junk mail and put a stop on his emaiis
    Irene McFarlanei

  40. If this guy was a qualified nutritionist his history and qualifications should be easy enough to find on theinternet but I can find nothing about him anywhere. His claim as regards the Huffington Post are nothing but lies. The man is an out and out bullsitter, you have been warned.

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