Doug Billings The Right Side (Jan 2021) Some Facts!

Doug Billings The Right Side (Jan 2021) Some Facts!

Doug Billings The Right Side (Jan 2021) Some Facts! >> This article is about one of the famous names in the country who created a masterpiece through his podcast.

Doug Billings is one of the famous names among those in love with American music and podcast. Douglas Lynn Dunker or Doug Billings is one of the great Baptists in the nation. With his in-depth knowledge of history and politics, he has created a detailed documentary on America’s socio-political background through the podcast.

Doug is the famous name in the social history of the country. He is counted as a scholar and socialist who have intense knowledge of history, religion, politics, and sociology. Doug Billings the Right Side is one of the recent albums that has gathered many crowds in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and worldwide. 

Some interesting facts about Doug Billings:

Douglas “Doug” Lynn Dunker, aka Doug Billings, was born in 1968 and ended up his life journey on December 24, 2020. He had cancer and ultimately left his last breath at the age of 52. Recently, he gathered a lot of popularity for his newest podcast named The Right Side With Doug Billings. Here he read out some of the hidden history, some glorious detail of the United States of America that the new generation should know.

The dough was born in Billings on November 1, 1968. His father was Robert L. Dunker, and his mother Edna M. Dunker. With time and popularity, he became an icon of his place. Therefore, Doug becomes Doug Billings. He was baptized at Pilgrim Congregation Church and got the confirmation at Hope Lutheran Church.

A brief detail of the Doug Billings Right Side:

The Right Side of Dough Billing is a Social Commentary & Conservative Political that is very deep and elaborated. Dough believed that every non-political person should know the political history of his (or her) country to see the nation’s history.

This is the chief intention of why he read out American history’s facts and facades in detail in his podcast. This podcast has been divided into more than 75 episodes. The title episode Doug Billings the Right Side, the inaugural podcast, comes at the last of all attacks.

Where to get the whole podcast?

A podcast is something that has replaced music album, even TV shows. Almost all the OTT platforms for Podcasting in America feel glad to podcast The Right Side With Doug Billings. To be précised, in Stitcher, Spotify, and Apple Music store. Also, you can tell by the whole episode together from Amazon.

Another reliable source to get the whole episode of Doug Billings the Right Side is on YouTube. On the YouTube Channel named Doug Billings, you will get the entire episode. Catch it now.

The Final Verdict:

Getting the political and social history of one’s own country is essential to grow and know. Billings did this very well for the next generation. He was a nobleman with excellent knowledge of religion, politics, and history.

As a result, he made a masterpiece on American socio-political background through his podcast Doug Billings the Right Side. It is a gem for all the generations. One should not miss a single episode of it.

3 thoughts on “Doug Billings The Right Side (Jan 2021) Some Facts!

  1. So very disappointed in your comments about the election and saying Biden would not get in…how can you say that with all 3 of you Simon and Charles all said the same. No Marshall law , no military takeover…..WHY????

  2. Good afternoon Doug! Greetings from one Christian conservative who enjoys listening to your show. I just want to share a thought with you in regards to your most recent podcasts “Why hasn’t Biden been arrested” and your views on abortion and the death penalty…specifically the death penalty.
    I share the same sentiments with you, that life is precious and God given. Abortion is wrong as it does violate the sanctity of God given life. The actions of one human being taking away the innocent life of another human being is murder. However, I want to share a thought with you on the death penalty. Taking the lives of innocent people, born or unborn, is where the sin and the evil lies, which is what makes the action wrong. Sometimes in life, someone has so much hatred and evil in them that the crimes they commit against other human beings are so unfathomable that the only person that can give them true and fair justice is God himself. Therefore, sentencing someone to death is saying that what they’ve done is so wrong, that we are now going to deliver you into the hands of your maker for His justice…and maybe even mercy since no one knows us and our hearts better than God. I don’t know your faith and how you study God, but even the Bible speaks of times that God’s instructions are to leave none of the enemy alive (Deut. 20:16-18)(1 Sam 15:3).
    Anyway, the thought I’m trying to share with you is that sometimes death of the wicked is warranted and it may take some prayer and study to understand. I didn’t at first either, but once it was explained to me in this way, I was able to grasp it.
    All of that said, we can agree to disagree, I will still listen to your show 🙂

  3. I don’t why whoever wrote this article about Doug made a statement about Doug passing Dec. 24, 2020 when it is not true.
    He is very much alive! They can’t be very possessional as there are miss spelled words in the article as well.

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