Donaldjtrump2024 com (Nov 2020) Losing elections of 2020!

Donaldjtrump2024 com (Nov 2020) Losing elections of 2020!

Donaldjtrump2024 com (Nov 2020) Losing elections of 2020! >> The write-up shares details of the newly created domain to mock the losing team in the presidential election of 2020.

Trump’s challenge to retake the presidency by 2024 has been joked by two comedians in the United States, Davram Stiefler and Jason Selving. Both the pranksters claimed the newly launched website Donaldjtrump2024 com and promoted it with the message, including “Trump Lost the Election” and “Trump is a Loser.”        

The comedians are known for their masterpieces, including “The Good Liars.” Last Wednesday, they confirmed on their Twitter handle that they bought the domain The website resembles the legit website of President Donald Trump, but it is plastered with subheadings that mock the defeat of Trump in the presidential election 2020. 

After the defeat in the presidential election of 2020, Donald Trump confirmed his administration that he might retake the presidency in the next election in 2024. On Monday, Trump has passed a circular to the General Services Administration to start the transition process to the newly elected president Joe Biden. 

What is Donaldjtrump2024 com?

Donaldjtrump2024 com is the website set up and owned by two comedians to mock President Trump’s loss in the presidential election 2020. The website looks identical to the actual official website of Donald Trump as it uses the same font and imagesHowever, the comedian’s website mocks Donald Trump for losing the election with subheadings, including fictional quotes “Loser,” “I am Loser.” None of the buttons on the website link to the actual website of Donald Trump, making the website a standalone page with no internal pages. 

The website’s domain was registered on Nov 24 in the United States as the comedian confirmed it on their Twitter handle. The website has a banner on top urging visitors to click to donate to the PAC that is not linked to the legal defense team. 

Is Donaldjtrump2024 com Legit or Scam?

Well, the domain Donaldjtrump2024 com exists as it was registered on Nov 24 by the two comedians. However, the website has nothing to do with the official website of President Donald Trump. 

After evaluating and analyzing the website, we noticed that it was created just for mocking Trump for losing the presidential election 2020 and refusing to concede. The website looks almost the same as the official website of Donald Trump as it uses the same font size and main images. 

Since the website is developed to make jokes about Donald Trump for losing the election, it comprises subheadings, including “I Lost the 2020 Election”, “Loser,” “Trump Lost the Election,” and Trump Lost.”Readers must not confuse the website with Trump’s official website as it was developed to mock the United States president for losing the election of 2020. 

Other Political Stunts of the Comedians 

Donaldjtrump2024 com is not the first political stunt as both the comedians have conducted many other political stunts earlier. The comedians were also popular for creating switching covers for “Triggered,” the book by Donald Trump Junior. The book comes with a cover that states “Daddy Please Love Me” and interrupting the president’s speeches.

Final Thought was created only three days ago, and it has started creating a buzz on social media. People visit the website to see how the comedians have mocked the loser, Donald Trump, in the presidential election of 2020.If there is something to add about the website, please write it down in the comment section about Donaldjtrump2024 com.

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