Dllackoutdoor Reviews [June] Is it Trustworthy or Scam?

Dllackoutdoor Reviews [June] Is it Trustworthy or Scam?

Dllackoutdoor Reviews [June] Is it Trustworthy or Scam? -> This article will help you to know about products related to trekking and campaigning at the best prices.

Are you an outdoor lover? Do you like campaigning and get fascinated by the various outdoor activities? Move ahead to dllackoutdoor.com.

People fond of nature, keep on making a plan of fishing, campaigning, picnics, trekking, and many more outdoor activities! Therefore to go out, there should be pre-planning of the trekking. Many trekking products need to be bought to enjoy the outside time comfortably. Trekking, campaign tents, fishing accessories, all are required.

Various online stores sell outdoor products. The products mentioned in this store are quite appealing. However, Dllackoutdoor Reviews will help us to know better about this website.

Each one has become highly dependent on online shopping as they do not have much time to go out and shop. But this has to lead to the increasing fraudulency of the various online sites, especially in the United States. One should act as a smart customer and not rely on the website at one look.

As the frauds have taken up the pace these days, it isn’t easy to trust on the sites at one glance. This article will highlight the characteristics, specifications, Dllackoutdoor Reviews, the pros, and cons of this website. It will give a clear picture to the readers that Is Dllackoutdoor Legit or not? Let us proceed further.

What is dllackoutdoor.com?

It is an online store that consists of various products related to various trips like LED charging, Lattice Compartments, Anti Mosquito Hammock, etc. at the cost-effective prices. It offers standard shipping which is just $6.99 and free shipping price over $39. It offers a three-day money-back guarantee. One can return the product within 30 days

The site gives the email detail but has no phone number or the address. Each of the products has an appealing display picture, and the costs are quite reasonable. However, this site lacks any customer ratings. Let’s proceed with the specifications, pros, cons, and customer reviews of the website. 

Specification of dllackoutdoor.com

  • Product: LED Charging Bait, Lattice Compartments, Hammock
  • Email id: service@ypxleh.xyz
  • Shipping Fee: Free when you buy over $39
  • Return Policy: Products can be sent back within 40 days
  • Online Payment: Online method of payment

Is Dallockoutdoor legit?

Due to the increasing fraudulent, the threat of scams is increasing day by day. Therefore it is essential to know whether the site has accurate information or not. Dallockoutdoor.co has a terrible trust index when searched on different search engines. Its Trust index score is 1%. Also, the domain name linked to one or more countries is being used by fraudulent sites. It has nil customer ratings and no social media pages.

 There have been no suggestions or reviews from any of the previous buyers. So does this site have any prior buyer or not? Its a dicey question. It inevitably can be created to trap innocent people. Therefore this site is a scam. It is not legit at all.

Pros of Dllackoutdoor.com

  • It has products with attractive display pictures.
  • The prices of each product are reasonable.
  • The shipping fee is free when ordered above $39.

Cons of Dllackoutdoor.com

  • It has the trust score, which is 1%.
  • It has a nil customer rating.
  • The traffic volume is low.
  • It offers an online method, which is not feasible for many.

Customer Reviews of dllackoutdoor.com

As the site has an attractive display picture of each product, it has no customer rating. There are nil customer feedbacks, which is a bad sign. The site is not much simplified, and the social media pages are also absent.

Due to nil customer reviews and no rating, the website is not trustworthy as one cannot figure out the customers’ previous experiences.

Final Verdict

All in all, the website is a scam. It has a low trust score, no phone number, no address, absence of social media pages, nil customer ratings. Thus all these reasons are good enough to categorize the site under fraud. We would not recommend anyone to invest money on such a website.

Nowadays, customers need to be very smart and cautious. One can easily fall prey to attractive sites and thereby lose money. Therefore it is essential to know about the popularity, traffic volume, and the customer rating of the particular website before falling prey to the frauds. Thus do not risk your money here, as this site is a scam.

0 thoughts on “Dllackoutdoor Reviews [June] Is it Trustworthy or Scam?

  1. I was scammed by the Dllack .com page, it’s down now, no contact info, no recourse to get my money back.. Dllackoutdoors im guessing is the new site. Please be aware.

  2. I bought a grill from them on 6/24/20 and never received it. The email address is a joke. I’m sure I won’t get my money back. That sucks.

    1. They just scammed me also. I ordered the grill and got a plastic wire mesh in an envelope. I am so angry. I am a senior citizen on social security.

  3. Order anything from this company nothing nothing I ordered to outdoor grills and all I got was a mosquito netting sheet of paper and there is no returns or nothing do not get this I’m contacting my credit card company

  4. This company is bulls crap! Total scumbags! Should be sued!!! But how??! Won’t be able to cause they are somewhere in scumbag world.. ugh. Beware ppl! Karma is coming for them!

  5. Do not order from this company! Scam. I ordered a grill from them on 6/22 and have not received it. I have tried contacting them many times.

  6. I also ordered the smokeless grill june 2020. Got an email it was shipped back. When I asked for my money back, was told I can’t because the item was re-shipped. I told them that they sent me an email that once they receive it back they will ship it. So that means, someone else has to get it before I do. I am adamant about a refund. Sad, Sad, sad. June.. it is now September

  7. I ordered the smokeless indoor grill as well after watching the video for it several times before deciding on my purchase- I too (two months later) received a fish net plastic sheet BBQ net- and now mysteriously the video no longer exists- the website no longer shows that they ever even had such item, and trying to reach someone for a refund or return is impossible- all trails lead to a dead end. I contacted my bank for fraud and they took care of it. SCAM-DOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE

  8. I ordered a smokeless grill too from their website on a FB ad @ 69 days ago. I sent them an email. They were kind enough to get back to me and said my order was on the way. I received a plastic grill net like all ya’ll. Livid I sent them another email and they sent me one back and told me to take a pic of the shipping label and what I had received. So I did. I am waiting to here back from them. So upset that they have possibly scammed us all.

  9. Dllack-Outdoor is a scam. Like so many others, I ordered two Electric Grills but received two grill nets from Wuhan (of all places) China. It appears they are untouchable civilly. I’ll never buy online again with some due diligence first. STAY AWAY FROM DLLACK -OUTDOOR. FOREIGN SCAM.

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