Did the Roblox Creator Died {Feb 2021} Know The Fact!

Did the Roblox Creator Died {Feb 2021} Know The Fact!

Did the Roblox Creator Died {Feb 2021} Know The Fact! >> The review reveals a gossip spreading like fire on internet about the popular game creator’s death.

Roblox has earned thousands of fans worldwide who have invested their time in this game. Recently, a piece of news emerged about the creator of Roblox, that Did the Roblox Creator Died or passed away? Have you heard of it?  

Roblox is a game creation platform famous for its Lego-based character and popular games like Natural Disaster Survival, Murder Mystery 2, Work at a Pizza Place, etc. 

What could have happened that this question popped up on the internet among the people of the PhilippinesUnited States, and United Kingdom, and other territories? Let’s find out the depth of the situation. 

Who are the creators? 

The online gaming platform, well known for its excellent games and game creation facility, was founded by two people, Erik Cassel and David Baszucki, in 2004. Later in 2006, they launched the game. 

Initially, it wasn’t much popular in the gaming community, but in 2020, its popularity sky-rocketed. 

Did the Roblox Creator Died? 

Well, believing in rumors has never been fruitful. It’s the truth that always prevails. Talking about the Roblox’s creator dying, it’s a half-truth. Erik Cassel, one of the founders, died on 11th February 2013. 

He passed away fighting cancer at the age of 45, which shook the Roblox Corporation from within. He was pretty active on Roblox with the username erik.cassel. Many of his fans had paid tribute to him in various ways. 

In Erik’s memory, Roblox created a T-shirt called the official Erik shirt and changed his character’s hat’s name to ‘Erik Cassel’s Hat.’ But the other founder, David Baszucki, is still alive. 

From where does the Did the Roblox Creator Died rumor arose? 

Like Erik Cassel’s character on Roblox, David Baszucki is also pretty active via a character name Builderman. It’s an active alternate account through which he sends a welcome message to every new player on Roblox. 

His account got deactivated in the past days, which led to a tittle-tattle about Builderman being passed away. Either it has been shot or is just disappeared for a while. 

Users response to this gossip 

There’s a part of the crowd which is saying that it’s a legendary builder but unaware of the source. In the answer to-Did the Roblox Creator Died,they guess that this has happened before so, he may come back soon. 

Others have knitted a story of how Builderman would have died. All in all, there’s no confirmation as of yet about the truth behind builderman’s sudden inactive character. 

Final Verdict 

On the basis of the above content, it’s clear that people shouldn’t believe what they see or read on the internet. Nowadays, there’s an ocean of content available, and as a responsible consumer, it’s our duty to fact-check before concluding. 

Eric Cassel is no more, that’s the truth, but his demise happened in 2013, which is seven years ago. Did the Roblox Creator Died is just a rumor and nothing else. David Bazuscki is still alive, and only his character Builderman has gone offline. 

What is your opinion on this current gossip circulating? Do let us know in the comment box.

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