Did Rastaman Run For President {Oct} Know The Reality!

Did Rastaman Run For President {Oct} Know The Reality!

In this post, we have discussed Did Rastaman Run for President and more details on his identity and culture.

Do you want to know about the latest viral person, Rastaman? Are you looking for information on whether Rastaman is running for the presidency? If yes, this article is your help.

An unexpected candidate from the Philippines named Rastaman is going viral, and people Worldwide want to know more about him. So, in this article, we will discuss Did Rastaman Run for President.

Who is Rastaman?

Rastaman is a word used to identify and describe a person who is a Rastafarian or someone from the road. It depicts an insurgent or a rebel and liberty fighter battling over class division, ethnic and social exclusion, colonization, and racial prejudice in their many forms and cultures.

Many Rastafarians possess odd features and looks, like dreadlocks, unique hairstyles. At the same time, their bodies and skin are tattooed with varied and distinctive designs, signs and symbols, giving them a strange look. Let us understand more about Rastaman, who is currently going viral, before discovering more about Did Rastaman Run for President.

Who is Rastaman from the Philippines? 

A Rastaman is a guy running for Senator in the Philippines to counter China’s growing dominance in his province. But, for a while now, he is making headlines across the globe owing to his desire to run for office in the Philippines and get elected to parliament. 

The real name of the Rastaman from the Philippines is Ronaldo Plaza, also nicknamed Rastaman Yow. He always seems to hold flags in his hands as he protests. He went viral after being photographed protesting in favour of safeguarding the Philippines land and territory. Before we discuss Did Rastaman Run for President, tell us more about how Mr Plaza went viral.

Why is Rastaman going Viral?

Ronaldo Plaza’s unusual explanation, when asked about his identity, earned him an online celebrity. In addition, he became a well-known character in the community after openly announcing himself as Half Human and Half Zombie.

He also gave a brief overview of his tattoos, including an infinity logo over his face, a motorcycle emblem on his temple, as well as the third eye symbolism pattern on his cheeks. When asked what he wanted to do with his life and what he wanted to do afterwards, he appeared a bit humorous and carefree.

Did Rastaman Run for President?

Rastaman is standing for a government office in the Philippines, but he is not running for President. Instead, Rastaman, a.k.a Ronaldo Plaza, is running for Senate in the Philippines to save his region from the control of China.

Rastaman is a different kind of candidate. His cultural and religious traditions are founded on liveliness and are devoid of hierarchy.


Rastaman is a unique type of individual that believes in living in balance with nature. Even though Rastaman is competing for a Senate seat rather than the President, many are eager to watch the election results. Visit this Campaign Website  to support Rastaman.

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