Did Bholi Ever Have New Clothes (July) Complete Story!

Did Bholi Ever Have New Clothes (July) Complete Story!

Did Bholi Ever Have New Clothes (July) Complete Story! >> Read the beautiful piece of the story about the girl and its courage to deal with his life’s complications. Check below and enjoy.

Are you fond of reading stories? During your school time,you must have read many stories in your language books? If we talk abouteducation in India, kids from their childhood learn many stories. 

In the hunt of the same, we have encountered today’s beautiful story called “Bholi.”

This story is about a girl child. The curiosity goes for the question Did Bholi Ever Have New Clothes. Check it out.

Who was bholi?

She was the daughter of Numberdar Ramlal, and she was the fourth one. Her real name was Sulekha, but everyone used to call her Bholi because of her simplicity.

Why was Bholi called bholi?

Bholi was born as a beautiful child, but she got smallpox disease at the age of 2. And the marks remain permanent.

She started speaking at a very later age of 5, and that toowas not clear as she used to stammer. Friends used to make fun out of her, andthat’s why she remains silent and Did

Bholi Ever Have New Clothes will get answered ahead of.

What was the exact life story of Bholi?

Unlike many stories, this story is more learned and carries a wave of significant thought and encouragement. The story begins wherethe child “Bholi” was neglected as she had pockmarks on her face, and she stammers and has a low brain than the normal ones.

The family members and even brothers and sisters use tomake fun of and neglect her. She used to get so much humiliation, but a sudden change made her life different.

What was the turn that made her courageous?

The Tehsildar of the village guided Bholi’s father totake charge of the primary school as an official person. The father had takenher to school, but she got washed clothes and Did Bholi Ever Have New Clothes says no. To set an example, she was sent to school.

However, she never got new clothes as her mother always used to give her the old clothes of her other elder daughters.

When she sat in the class, she got happy to see many girls of her age. But when the teacher asked her name, she got frightened and stammered and started crying. Then the teacher politely patted her back and repeatedly asked with a soft voice. That quiet voice gave her confidence, and she tried again, and she succeeded. Then the teacher gave her the confidence to study and begin reading with a small book and then grow further.

Did Bholi Ever Have New Clothes – was her challenge?

When she was getting married to an older man, the groom sawher face and demanded a dowry of five thousand. The Boli’s father gave someamount, and the wedding was about to start, then Bholi denied the marriage.

She spoke everything fluently without stammering, thateveryone was surprised. She said I would stay with you my parents until yourold age and teach in the same school, where I learned and got confirmation fromthe teacher.


The story is a piece of writer K.A. Abbas and has beautifully presented that no one shall make fun of anyone. The report alsoreveals that Bholi never had new clothes.

Did Bholi Ever Have New Clothes talk about the humiliation she had faced? Read here the whole story.

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