Defending The (Jan 2021) All The Details Here!

Defending The (Jan 2021) All The Details Here!

Defending The (Jan 2021) All The Details Here! >> This article tells you about a website where you can donate to fight against election fraud.

The website, Defending the Republic Org, was created to donate and pool sufficient money to fight against the poor vote-counting after the elections, which has raised suspicions in users whether the declared results are authentic or just a ploy to get Joe Biden on the President’s seat. 

The website seeks donations from the citizens to fight the alleged voter fraud. Users who want to see real and honest results to be declared can visit this website and donate to this cause. This website gained popularity recently after some events and incidents took place, which we’ll mention in detail later. 

If you want to know more about this website and its cause, please read this article till the end because we’ll give you all the crucial information. It’s generating a reasonable amount of user traffic in the United States.

What is Defending the Republic?

This website is an online portal where users can donate via several methods to fight against election fraud. The primary purpose of the website Defending The Republic.Org is to collect sufficient funds required to fight the legal battle. A lot of money is needed to fight against this cause and possibly win as the legal proceedings tend to be quite expensive. 

The website is an effort by individuals like Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor, and many others who’ve come together to fight for the cause and defend the integrity of elections in the American Republic. 

The website shares the link to Sidney Powell’s website that visitors can check out to gain more information about the cause. As per the information mentioned on the Defending the Republic org site, the people involved with the case need to raise millions of dollars required for the legal proceedings. 

People in the United States who support this cause can visit this website to donate, however small. It also aims to nullify ballots’ results in Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, where unaccounted votes were found.

Highlights of the Event:

Take a look at the events and incidents which led to this website’s formation and popularity.

  • After the presidential elections’ results were announced, several boxes and ballots of uncounted votes were found.
  • There are reports of uncounted ballots, incorrect counting, and voter fraud in some regions.
  • Some sources comment that these mistakes can potentially turn the results of the elections.
  • Famous author and attorney Sidney Powell urged users to visit this website, Defending The Republic Org, and donate to help fight against this injustice.
  • Her appeal was further backed by many people, including famous TV commentator Lou Dobbs.
  • Lou Dobbs tweeted about this website and urged his followers to donate to this mission.
  • Since then, this website is trending, and users are searching for it heavily.

User Reviews & Reactions

As this website is primarily for receiving donations and informing other users about its cause, and making them aware of the cheating and injustice around the election results, there aren’t many user reviews available. The website is very new and gradually gaining popularity among the people who believe that voter fraud was committed to influence the final results of the elections. 

However, users have responded to the existence of Defend The Some have called this website propaganda by Trump supporters, while others have come in support of it. Some have insisted that they’re politically unbiased and only want the elections and the results to be declared correctly.

Final Verdict

The presidential elections are an important event in any country. When a superpower like the USA is concerned, the elections are under the spotlight in every country. Recently, the results of the 2020 presidential elections were announced, and Joe Biden of the Democratic Party was declared a winner. However, many citizens and renowned public figures like Sidney Powell questioned the validity of election results.  

The announcement of Joe Biden as the new president of the country has put the discussion of election fraud in the spotlight. Soon after the counting, it was found that many mistakes were made in making the announcements as many unopened ballots were found. 

We welcome the thoughts of our readers. If you have an opinion about today’s post of Defending the Republic Org , do leave a comment in the comments section given on the page. 

0 thoughts on “Defending The (Jan 2021) All The Details Here!

    1. You are amazing!

      I donated to your efforts and will continue to support your efforts to elect
      Donald J Trump for as long as it takes.

      All of us have to make a stand!

  1. My stepson lives in Newnan Georgia. I live in Sharpsburg Georgia about 10 minutes away. I voted with no problems. However my stepson had to enter his choices three times because when he went submit his vote his selection would change to Biden which was not his choice. He wanted to vote for Trump which was his choice. On the third time it went through.

  2. STOP THE STEAL!!!!! It’s about time and time to raise not only our voices but our flags and get behind OUR PRESIDENT the one we the people voted for in 2016 and 2020. Our Vote was disrespected and put aside as well as ignored, but IGNORED NO MORE.

  3. Hello,
    To whom do I write to report an issue with my Pennsylvania voting record?
    I have lived in Florida for 4 years yet I received many calls in Sept/Oct from Bucks County PA asking me if I wanted an absentee ballot.
    I requested that my name be taken off their lists and that I live in Florida now. I received at least 4 calls about voting in PA. On on call I stated that I did not want an absentee ballot because I choose to vote in person. “Well, I hope you stay safe and don’t get sick from being around so many people,” was the reply.

    What I want to know is: how do I find out if my name was used to vote in Pennsylvania? I voted here in Florida and I don’t believe that my name was removed from the voter roles in PA.
    Thank you.

  4. Something stinks in the swamp. If its Government organized corruption as in the venezuela election , all hell is going to follow. Every legitimate, breathing, American of legal age, has the right to express one vote only. If we can’t depend on our one vote being properly counted once, confidence in a legal government is paramount. With out this confidence, there can not be a America.

  5. Patriot blood has been spilled to fight enemies foreign and domestic…the Amefican Spirit is alive and well .President Trump is all in for us and we are all in for him.God Bless America
    In God We Trust

  6. These libs spread a virus killing thousands of people just to win an election. There’s no way Biden is even close to president Trump if there are no mail in ballots.

  7. Heard about you on conservative radio. You need to post a phone number.. I just tried the website… to look through it.. nothing to report on my end, just wanted to see because I too am disgusted by this fraud.! I think Google is blocking it because I cannot get into the site..

  8. This site is very amateurish and not well done and it invokes skepticism in those of us who want to help to defend the Republic against the worldwide fraud in the American election ballot count that is happening right now.

  9. Just listened to S. Powell interview on Rush Limbaugh. Attempted to use my iPhone via ATT to text 2 friends some thoughts. Text would not go through. Tried again, again “Not delivered”. Used What’s App and it got thru
    Tried to text just S Powell it went thru, Tried then texting “Dominion Voting Machines” and NOT Delivered

    This is a problem

  10. Thank you for all you’re doing !
    Is it possible to find out what the DNC was planning over the last year ? Is there a email trail of them plotting and putting into action their voter fraud scheme ?

  11. I am a Gay Republican living in Idaho. On Election Night I was watching the results and went online and noticed that a woman named “Jo Jorgenson” was running as an Independent in both the State of Nevada and the State of Arizona.

    Is that legal?

  12. please let me know the mailing address where I can mail a check to support defendingtherepublic.ortg & the response to expose 2020 Presidential election voter fraud.
    thank you.

  13. I work as a driver for voting machine mechanics in Philadelphia. I witnessed many irregularities and am unsure how to report them.

  14. My Wife works in the Office at our local hospital. Official Government Mail in Ballots are sent to the elders in long term care. Printed in these Ballots are “The Reasons to Vote Bidden – Harris” Very Colorful. If these Ballots are paid for with Tax Payer Dollars why then are they allowed to Solicit Your Vote for Just ONE of the Candidates listed on the Ballot ? There was No Reasons given to Vote for President Trump. We have Photos of the Ballot.

  15. I support Atty. Sydney Powell’s investigation into Dominion Software . She did an excellent Defense for Gen. Flynn ; and I can believe that she would not claim anything that she could not PROVE ! HerCredentials are Impeccable !

  16. I am sorry, but with all the fraud that pervades web cites, this one just does not seem to be something Sidney Powell would promot. It’s just a bit too slick AND RESPETITIVE IN ASKING FOR MONEY! iT’S WHAT ED ADS DO!

  17. Can you please fix your link to Defending the Republic so it goes to their site instead of reopening this webpage? Some people may not be good at finding it on their own. I noticed this was the case a few days ago also. Thank you for the news article.

  18. Ms. Powell:

    Seventy-three million are with you all the way. This election, and previous ones, were stolen outright and the main Stream Media are all complicit in it. I’m trying to down load your interview on Rush Limbaugh today and will pass it on as soon as I can find it.

    God bless you. The fate of this nation is at stake!


    Captain Paul Loubris

  19. My friend wants to donate to this cause but he does not want to use a website. I didn’t find a mailing address but not a telephone number which he wants to call someone to make sure he sends it to the right address. Can you help me… Help him?

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