Darkdott Reviews (Sep 2020) Are You Losing Money Here?

Darkdott Reviews (Sep 2020) Are You Losing Money Here?

Darkdott Reviews (Sep 2020) Are You Losing Money Here? >> This article gives in-depth reviews about an eCommerce shop that sells an overwhelming range of products.

Aren’t we all fans of online portals that sell an array of products? Such web stores save our time and money as we can buy a range of items just through one click. 

Sounds overwhelming. Well, Darkdott.com promises to do the same. 

This eShop deals with elaborate merchandise that they claim to drop at your doorstep. 

In India, shoppers are in love with this one-in-all webshop that claims to ship worldwide, and that too free!

Pretty exciting if all this is true!

Quickly read our Darkdott Reviews to find out if it is!

What is Darkdott.com?

Darkdott.com is a web portal that sells apparel, kitchen products, health, and beauty products. One can also find pet supplies, home appliances, sports, fitness, and gardening tools on their website. In addition to this, there are exciting gift items, apparel, and automotive accessories, stationery, travel, crafts, and decoration products. 

There is almost every item that one can think of in day to day life.

On top of all this, the products are available at unbelievably reasonable prices. They are also giving extra discounts under the ongoing offers.

Before you head to their website to make purchases, we advise you to read the following stepwise Darkdott Reviews.They will help you judge the store better.

Specifications of Darkdott.com:

  • Product- Hordes of products related to beauty, gifts, accessories, health, apparel, kitchen & home, and much more
  • Website- https://fdarkdott.com/
  • Address- 99 Wall Street, New York. New York, 10005 USA
  • Email- support@darkdott.com
  • Contact- (646) 965 6438
  • Returns- Applicable on most products within 30 days from purchase date
  • Refunds- within 7 to 10 days.
  • Mode of payment- Net Banking and through significant Credit or Debit cards

Pros of Darkdott.com:

  • An exceptional variety of new and exciting items
  • The products are available at incredible discounts
  • Additional 20% discounts are available through a discount code available on their site 
  • Free shipping all over the world
  • The website has a secure domain name

Cons of Darkdott.com:

  • Does not enjoy a perfect trust score
  • Very haphazard display of merchandise
  • The store believes in strikethrough price policy 
  • Sale items are not liable for returns
  • Very long shipping time

What are customers saying for Darkdott.com?

With a store as extensive as Darkdott.com, it should likely boast of an elaborate customer base. Strangely, that is not the case. 

There are no Darkdott Reviews by their customers either on their website or anywhere on the internet.

Despite their tall claims, the company does not feature on any social media platform.

Is Darkdott.com legit?

The website does have an About Us page, but the page is quite quirky. It displays no information about the company or its background. 

Darkdott.com showcases infinite products on its webshop but without any categorization. It is not easy to search for products if they are not arranged well.

The store address is from New York, United States, but the prices are displayed in Indian Rupees (India). Finally, when you place an order, you have to check out by paying in USD.

One is left surprised at this confusion.

Also, the prices are unrealistically low for the items that they claim to sell. In which eStore do you get a Down-filling jacket for 40.99 INR?

All these loopholes don’t paint a very rosy picture of Darkdott.com.

Let us conclude our Darkdott Reviews through the following Final Verdict.

Final verdict:

At the beginning of our Darkdott Reviews, we sincerely hoped that our article would end with a promising conclusion. Sadly, it is just the opposite. 

The website darkdott.com was created just four months back. Much of the information on their website is copied from other fraudulent websites.

The address that they display on their website is a fake one. If you look up this address on the internet, it takes you to a Starbucks store.

Also, much of the information on their website is copied from other fraudulent websites.

In this light, we conclude that you should refrain from making purchases at darkdott.com. The website is created with the sole purpose of duping customers.

If some of you are still tempted by their attractive pricing and offered discounts, please do it at your risk. 

Or, we strictly recommend that you do thorough research before venturing at darkdott.com.

We invite you to share your experience of shopping at this store. It will help potential customers to know more about darkdott.com.

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