Daily Ootd com Reviews (Oct 2020) Is this a Reliable Site?

Daily Ootd com Reviews (Oct 2020) Is this a Reliable Site?

Daily Ootd com Reviews (Oct 2020) Is this a Reliable Site? >> This article comprehensively describes an online store’s authenticity that provides a variety of attractive apparel for men and women.

Are you on a mission to overhaul your whole wardrobe? Check out dailyootd.com

One thing that tops our lists of priorities is trendy and fashionable clothing. Everyone loves to own an envious wardrobe that consists of the latest apparel and accessories. We fervently search malls and other shopping stores to get our favourites brands’ apparel. 

Particularly during summers, shops seem to flood with a variety of stylish clothes that we can’t resist buying. It isn’t a surprise that the online market has boomed with numerous fashion stores that aim to serve the growing customer demands of finding attractive apparel and accessories.

However, as you can see, the internet is full of countless fashion stores that promise to provide you the best deal for your money. All these online stores feature a diverse range of clothing intended for people of all ages. But sometimes, we get carried away by these attractive stores and realize afterward that they were only a scam. Therefore, we help you to avoid such errors by making you aware of such fraudulent stores. 

Today we bring you Daily Ootd com Reviews. After reading it, you’ll be able to quickly decide if you should invest in this online store or not. You’ll find out Is Daily Ootd com Legit or just another duplicate site. It’s an online store that operates in the United State.

What is dailyootd.com?

It is an online webstore selling a wide variety of fashionable clothing for both men and women, features the latest in clothing with a range of styles and designs

You can find a plethora of shirts, bottoms, tank tops, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. 

The site has a newsletter subscription, which you have the option of availing in case you want to know more about their products.


  • Website type: Online store featuring a variety of unisex clothing. www.dailyootd.com 
  • Email: support@dailyootd.com
  • Processing time: 3-5 days
  • Delivery time: 7-15 days
  • Exchange: Not mentioned
  • Return: Applicable within 30 days 
  • Refund: Same as above
  • Cancellation of order: Applicable on contacting
  • Payment options: Amex, JCB, MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, DK
  • Contact number: Not mentioned
  • Address: Hennessey Road, Flat 1902, Easey Comm Building 253-261

Is Daily Ootd com Legit?

Daily Ootd com Reviews on the internet lead us to believe that the site is not legitimate. They have many reviews on the site, but they don’t seem to be valid at all. It can be entirely possible that they have edited and moderated by the site owner. We can find many websites online which have deemed this site to be purely a scam.

The information on the About page, as well as all the graphics and content, is copied. The About page talks about gadgets. But the site features a wide range of clothing items. Also, all the products are offered at meagre prices, which instead of making us happy make us doubtful. There is no precise address of the owner or the contact number on the site. The trust index of the site is shallow. 

Thus, our final answer to Is Daily Ootd com Legit is a definite no.

Pros of purchasing products from dailyootd.com

  • A variety of apparel offered for both men and women on the site.
  • All the items on the website are offered in a variety of colours.
  • The clothing items are currently being offered at very attractive and discounted prices.
  • Several sales are going on at the site at the moment.

Cons of purchasing products from dailyootd.com

  • Negative customer reviews on the products present on the internet.
  • No clear information about the owner is present.
  • The information provided on the About page does not relate to the actual site.
  • No social media presence of the site.

What are people saying about dailyootd.com?

Most of the Daily Ootd com Reviews on the site seem satisfactory, but we are sure they have been manipulated. The customer feedback on the internet narrates a different story. No one is satisfied with the site’s services. Everyone who has bought any product from this site seems to regret their decision. 

Final verdict

The negative Daily Ootd com Reviews on the internet already point to its low credibility. Add to that, the false information provided on the About page, and the copied graphics make this online store just another scam. While viewing this store, it is clear that it is made only to trap customers into spending their money on fake products. 

The site ranks very low on our trust index, and hence we would not recommend you go ahead and purchase anything from it. 

Do share your opinions about the same in the comments section below.

0 thoughts on “Daily Ootd com Reviews (Oct 2020) Is this a Reliable Site?

    1. I am sure it will arrive but if you have a problem they will not take care of the problem. I have not received a refund or information on when to return the top I bought.

  1. I have been trying to find out about my order. I ordered the Vintage Horn Button Hooded Jacked and have not received it. Would you please let me know when I will get my coat. Thank you . My phone number is 501-681-6664

  2. Ordered Aug 10 and my charge on Amex says Starlink Technology Hong Kong. I’m giving them till next week and then I’m denying charge . Did email today and received form letter that they were checking. So in happy

  3. I ordered a dress and my mastercard has been charged – but no notice of shipment.. My order # is 33495 . Please call me at 250-549-2896.

  4. Same here, ordered stuff 3 weeks ago after seeing their advertisements on instagram has not shipped I emailed them never got a response figured I got scammed so I reported them to my credit card and (master card) refunded me. They opened a dispute for me and will handle it for me. Contact your credit card and report fraud!

  5. Do not buy from this online store. I ordered a sweatshirt and it came 34 days after the order. The quality is crappy and it didn’t look like the picture. It was actually a T-shirt. Didn’t realize their products come from Hong Kong so returning is costly. Very disappointed. .

  6. I placed an order two weeks ago. Have not received my merchandise. Tried to follow package with the tracking number, but it was invalid. I also started getting spam robo calls and text messages around the time I placed the order. I will not hesitate to report them. And blast them to Facebook where I saw the ad in the first place. Plus when I reported them to Facebook, they told me I will continue to see the ads. Tells me they get a kickback from the profits.

  7. Garbage. Over priced knockoffs. Not at all as advertised! Took 4 weeks. Inferior materials. One of the cardigans was said to be knitted and pictured as so. Turned out to be cheap polyester material, colors didn’t even match. Don’t waste your money!

  8. I ordered three shirts on August 22nd, never received an email with a tracking order and it is now September 7th. I emailed them twice and the only response was that they would get back to me and that they were busy and that they would put my order on priority Rush.needless to say because I have a Chase bank account I was able to challenge the order and get my money back instantly through my bank

  9. Ordered the Yellowstone hat and it showed up in rough shape about a month after ordering. I suspect this is a Chinese site that is just trying to cash in on the Yellowstone craze.

    1. I want my personal info kept private and that includes credit card info. I wanted to purchase a shirt but your website has been deemed unreliable and not trustworthy

  10. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I ordered a shirt and vest, inquired about shipping and would get VERY vague answers, Finally a month and day later I received my package. I would NEVER purchase from this site again. Clothes are OK at best – Id try to return but am certain I would never get any information n how to do that.

  11. i ordered since august 2nd and have yet to receive my order. my credit card has already been charged. I’m going to get a hold of my bank card to try and get my money back

  12. I am seeing some neg, responses here. I just ordered 4 items for Christmas. I put it on pay pal and I don’t think it went though. I tried to call the phone number and it was another company, You would think they would”” Yellow stone” would not do this to people. My husband loved that show. I have not tried to e-mail their customer service I just tried calling the number, which is wrong. What kind of people are we dealing with???????

  13. This place is full of crap!!!been a month and still nothing! Sent several emails and was notified three weeks my shirts were shipped. Lies lies lies.

  14. Chinese sight making out it is something else.i ordered 5 different items also payed EXTRA for quick shipping .That was just the beginning arfter the first month of nothing sent over 30 emails trying to find out something about my orders all i got back was a pre program message trying to make out it was coming from western company i find this very deceptive indeed .No phone numbers to call factory address in china just do your own research for yourself it’s all on Google .Also look at where your payment has come out as well .I would never every by from this sight again and i mean ever.

  15. NOT a valid company, made a purchase thinking they were legit, they keep sending me daily STD shipping notices with a non Valid tracking number. They are using the CC REFUND policy TIME WINDOW to their benefit. I am just assuming I am out $40. My bad. Yes Yellowstone products, non existent Yellowstone products. Good luck. I have filed 21 claims with PAYPAL., they are really no help either.

  16. Terrible company. Bait and switch on the clothing. Necklace broken. Have 14 days to return items. Going to try that. Do not buy from this company!!!

  17. HORRIBLE!! Don’t order from this company or website or whatever it is…. So scary that this place advertises everywhere – including Facebook and eBay.
    I ordered Yellowstone attire as gifts on August 16, 2020. It is now 9/29/20 and I have received nothing and heard nothing. Whenever I “track” my order I get the same message that it is packaged and getting ready to ship. LOL!! Obvious scam site. I need to alert Paypal.

  18. Dont buy from them . I ordered a hat with a logo on it paid 10.99 plus shipping and they sent me a plain old hat. There response is to guve it to a friend. They wont rectify the issue

  19. I ordered the from the Yellowstone collection, 2 items for me and 1 item for my husband, all I got was a order number, no other response from them, I tried to e-mail them 2 times today and the same automatic response came back, So I contacted my bank and put in a dispute for the dharge 86.16. I did look online at the reviews from this company before I contacted bank, and was not happy with what I was reading. I hope all works out well.

  20. You should cancel, I just got my order and it is like a washed screen print on spots jersey material. The sweat shirt isn’t even sweat shirt material and the print is blurry. They got my order wrong and it is low quality. Do not bother. It is a scam 100%.

  21. Ordered a hoodie on August 26. I sent 3 messages on when I would receive it. Sept 2, Sept 22 and the 3rd message was Oct 5.
    Wow I received it Oct 6th. I won’t be ordering from them again.

  22. It’s a scam! They have changed their nRame to Charaty, if you try to find out something about them your computer’s auto spell changes it to the correct spelling. Same adds same exact website different name.

  23. I just recieved my order after FOUR (4) weeks and repeated emails. They IMMEDIATELY charged my account, but failed to even ship me order for 3 weeks. Upon receipt, the hats we ordered were FLAT (NO packaging to protect them) rendering them virtually useless!!! Additionally, a shirt (Got a Problem…..Send RIP) my wife wanted was missing letters, making it unreadable. Shoddy merchandise AND service. Will NEVER order from them again.

  24. This site is crap. I ordered a few things & they took 2 months to arrive. The material is extremely cheap & I’ll-fitting. Their customer service is terrible. I reached out 2 days after my items arrived for return information (they include the return policy, but no address in the package!!) & they asked for photos of what I want to return. I did that & now I’ve had absolutely no response in over a week & my return window is almost closed. DO NOT BUY STUFF FROM THEM unless you like to throw money away!!!

  25. Ordered from this site Sept 8, 2020, 1 1/2 months ago. They charged my credit card but I still have NOT received the items. Emailed them 3 times after one month with no delivery, but no response with any emails. Will contact my bank to see if they can get my money back! What a scam!

  26. I ordered two. Hoodies on 9/18/20 and received a Thank you for my order but no tracking number. I have tried to contact the they asked for order number I give it to o avail.There should be something we can do to get our money back .If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

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