Dacron Black Mask Review (Jan 2021) Worth the Hype?

Dacron Black Mask Review (Jan 2021) Worth the Hype?

Dacron Black Mask Review (Jan 2021) Worth the Hype? >> The article mentioned above is for a kind of mask named Dacron Black Mask and its review.

If there is one thing that everyone has learnt during this pandemic, it must be wearing masks. Though, wearing a mask for a prolonged period might cause sore ears and a sore nose for some. Today, we bring you a review of a much-hyped mask. These masks are being sold in places such as the United States, Canada, etc. So, brace yourself for Dacron Black Mask Review. Reading this article will not only inform you about the specifications of this product, but also this article will help you decide whether you should buy this mask or not. It will also empower you with knowledge about the legitimacy of the product.

What is Dacron Black Mask?

After we reached the website that sells these masks in places like the United States, Canadaetc., we find that the website has many great things written about the masks. The website claims that now you get comfortable and fashionable masks at an affordable price. CDC has recommended everyone wear masks, and these masks will help a person get rid of sweat, stain, and even the smell that usually the old-fashioned masks have.

We found that the website also claims that the masks can be machine washed. The website that sells this mask is also MacAfee secured. The masks are also waterproof. The website also claims that the mask is an award-winning product of 2020 as it won in the category of the most comfortable face mask of 2020.

For Dacron Black Mask Review, let’s talk about the safety that this mask provides. The mask provides a three-layer of safety, which seems fair. The website is running a discount of seventy percent for today. The masks come in one size fits all approach, so no matter how thin or broad your face is, this mask will fit you. The website also claims that the masks’ ear loops are ergonomically designed so that the user doesn’t feel sore ears after prolonged wearing of the masks. 

Well, the company indeed makes a lot of claims. But are these claims legit? Let’s find out. Let’s know whether these masks are legit or not. Also, let’s talk about the company that sells these masks.


  • Type of product: Dacron black masks
  • Is the product unisex: Yes, this product is a Unisex product.
  • Colour of the masks: Black
  • What is the fabric of the masks: cotton Jersey.
  • Size of the mask: Free Size
  • Price of the mask: $8.99

Pros of Dacron Black Mask:

  • The masks are affordable.
  • The masks are waterproof.

 Cons of Dacron Black Mask:

  • The masks don’t come in a variety of sizes.
  • There are no adjustable straps.

Is Dacron Black Mask Legit?

 For the Dacron Black Mask Review, the first thing that we noticed about the product’s legitimacy was that the company offers a full refund within 60 days if a user is not satisfied with the product. However, we find that the website offers specifications that seem too good to be true. Also, it is available on social networking sites.

The masks are available at a low price. A website on the internet declares that this site uses a fake logo for the anti-malware that it proudly boasts of. However, we couldn’t find many negative points for the website until we are not sure of its legitimacy.  

Customer Reviews:

For the Dacron Black Mask Review, we couldn’t find any relevant information about the masks online despite many searches. There are no user reviews that can establish the legitimacy of the product.

There are no users who have said that the product or the website is a scam as well. So, we couldn’t find either a positive or a negative review of the product or the website. So, it makes us even more suspicious of the website.

Final Verdict

Thus, the product’s legitimacy for Dacron Black Mask Review cannot be established; we will advise our readers to order these masks only after being entirely sure of the website and the product. Failing to do so might result in the loss of money for you and the loss of personal information for the users, so it is advised to be cautious.

If you have ever come across this product/ this website before, write down your thoughts in the comments section below. 

26 thoughts on “Dacron Black Mask Review (Jan 2021) Worth the Hype?

  1. I ordered 3 masks, I did not realize it was US funds
    When I saw there was an additional delivery charge I didn’t continue but they still put the order through.
    When I tried to get a full refund I did not hear back from the company. They are made in China and you can buy them from chin for less than 1 dollar each. They are so CHEAPLY made and very very thin. Such a rip off!

    1. I just received them today and they probably cost 20 cents if that to be made. Super thin, not worth the money! Such a rip off. I just sent them an email telling them I want my money back. We will see….

  2. I was placing g a order with them but when I got To check out and they added shipping charges I told them to cancel the order that the shipping charges were too high. That was a couple weeks ago,now I got a notice that they were shipping the masks with no shipping charges. I contacted them and said no I told you not to ship well they said they are in their way. I am very upset about this as in the meantime I bought other masks. I have not received the shipment yet and not sure I will but if my credit card is charged I will be filing a complaint with my credit card company . I would not recommend this company as I do not trust them.

    1. These masks are single layer of a stretchy material that has a strong chemical order. Package does not state what the material is. Edges of masks are not finished and mask did not fit me. I too had asked to cancel my order right after I ordered when I looked more closely at their ad and claims. They claim a Consumer Report award for most comfortable mask in 2020 and I found not even a review of masks or materials for masks. The masks pictures in their review are NOT the same masks they send out. They offered me am additional 20% off to make it right. The masks arrived and I sent them an email noting all there false claims. They replied the next day offering 20% off to make it right. Why would I think they would provide that and why would I want for useless masks? I continue to ask for a refund. They claim the masks are usually 29.00 each so the 8.99 each is a bargain. Everything about their ads is a joke. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! Waste of money. They answered a customer question about where masks were made and their response was manufactures and sent from US. Package clearly states made in China and inside package is a “Product Certification” paper written all in Chinese.

  3. I just received the 3 masks and I must say this has been the worst purchase I have ever made…total garbage…not worth $3.00…very disappointed

  4. This mask is made in China and the packaging has no sign of Dacron Black Mask anywhere. In fact all it says on the packaging is Fashion Mask and nowhere does it state the features that the website says.

    In my opinion, the website is selling a fake product

  5. I looked at a Facebook ad for these masks and then closed it. The next thing I know, I received an e-mail thanking me for my purchase. My MasterCard was charged $33.48 CA. At no time did I authorize this purchase. Never provided my credit card number, never put any item(s) in a cart, never did anything. The biggest problem which allows these fraudulent companies to thrive is the credit card companies who allow them access. Are these card companies too lazy to check the internet and Facebook sites to see that these businesses have no evidence of of being legitimate. FRAUD ALERT !

  6. These masks aren’t worth a dollar. I was stupid and did. When ordering they slipped in shipping, tried to cancel, but couldn’t. Shipment came today to marking on envelope. They are made in China people shipped from CA. I called wanting to return that was a process in itself. I will pay to return, but will probably have to fight for refund. BUYER BEWARE THIS COMPANY IS FRAUDULENT

    1. File a claim with your credit card and keep pushing until you get the refund. I went through something similar and will no longer deal with companies who don’t have a physical location inside the US. In my case I was suspicious within the first hour and asked my CC company not to send the money but they said they were not allowed to hold it. I got my money back eventually but I don’t think the card company did. One trick they have is sending a small piece of junk so they can show proof of shipment. In my case I had ordered for my daughter in another state. When we asked if she received anything around that time she ad received a child’s finger toy, not a cabinet. When I talked with the real owner of the company I thought I was buying from, she said she was working with the FBI and it was like playing whack-a-mole trying to shut down fake vendors.
      Especially distrust ANYTHING listed on Facebook. They will take advertising dollars from anyone. After my experience I saw several new “companies” claiming to sell the same item. The web sites just changed background colors and names.

  7. I too tried to cancel my order when I found out there was a shipping charge but they already grabbed my credit card and other information so they were on there way. I couldn’t agree more cheap cheap cheap. Have to say comfortable but I wonder if the one layer of material will keep and thing out. My recommendation is don’t even click on their site or you might end up getting stuck with a poor product and out your money.

  8. I purchased these masks, and here is my story. The advertisement was on Facebook. I started with the package of 3, then I was asked to increase the order, bottom line 6 masks totaling $44. and change. I wanted to back out of my order, there was no way to remove it. Then I received an email to contact them about the order. I called the #862-233-8121 Customer Service. I advised the person to cancel the order, the advertisement also stated that the mask was MADE in the USA. These masks were made in China, I received these yesterday, made in China, no mention of the materials used. Sorry I’m skipping around, I continuously stated I wanted to cancel,
    they said the would reduce the price 10%, then 20%, then 30%, and Finally 1/2 off. I was credited for $22.00. However, I am now going to try and get a refund and perhaps they will tell me where to return these masks. THEY ARE DEFINITELY NOT AS ADVERTISED. AND I did not open any of the packages.
    Their contact is contact@dacronblackmasks.com. I hope this will help others

    1. I felt ripped off as well thanks for the contact info… I emailed them n said basicly everything u said b. That’s exactly what my experience was .. the photo showed and descriptions were not what I RECIEVED ! Thin pieces of cloth impossible to protect you bc ur breath is not contained and to big it falls off my face constantly .

  9. I ordered 3 of these as well. I am not happy with the purchase and have wrote to them several times to see where I return them to get a refund. You order from one company then they are sent out by another company. I am not happy. The material is not what they sat and they still fog up glasses. I have an email from john ryan labio who guaranteed they would not fog up glasses and if I am not happy there is 100% guaranteed refund. This is nothing but a scam. After 2 weeks I still have not heard from them. This is very annoying they would scam people during a pandemic.

    1. These masks are 100% a scam they come in a bag that has no mention of materials used and just say fashion mask. They are 100% made in China not the USA and they have a weird fit. I have contacted the company and given them 5 days to reapond to a refund request. If they do not respond I will dispute with PayPal and capital one

  10. I couldn’t believe how cheap these things were. I think the plastic bag they came in cost more than the mask. They aren’t adjustable, so on me, it is too tight. Pure waste of money

  11. I ordered 10 for $80 bucks and they sent me 6 in a mailing envelope without any type of paperwork inside. When contacted about the short shipment They requested a photo of merchandise. Now after 3 weeks they want a picture of the shipping label that went in the garbage long ago. This company and their “customer service” department is a big scam. I agree with the others the quality is cheap but how bought paying for 10 and getting 6.

  12. These masks are a rip off. They are a single layer of very thing materials that is stamped out in two pieces and just sown down the middle. The ear straps are NOT like what is in their advertisement. Its just plain garbage.

  13. These are a total rip-off. Made in China which was not stated on the website and would never have ordered them know that. Website say they are a soft 3ply cotton which obviously are not. They smell like chemicals. Just emailed the company today to see if I get any kind of response. What a waste of money.

  14. Took many weeks for delivery. When finally arrived I was very disappointed with the poor quality. They advertised that these masks were fog resistant and that’s another falsehood. Dont bother to purchase it is another Facebook, China rip off.

  15. Got the mask just yesterday and I was so disappointed it’s not the mask that I expected, it’s cheap their ad is false. I placed my order on the 28th of December it took 2 months and 13 days for the delivery. I asked for a refund on Feb. 25 and they offered a 20% refund and promised to expedite the shipping…. 16 days is that expedited shipping? BS, I’m sorry.

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