Curvy Lady Clothing Reviews [April] Trust Worthy Store?

Curvy Lady Clothing Reviews [April] Trust Worthy Store?

Curvy Lady Clothing Reviews [April] Trust Worthy Store? >> This article is for those who wish to learn more about

Being a model or achieving an accurate ratio in terms of figure is not an easy job for everybody. Looking beautiful and charming isn’t restricted to the slim & trim ones with a great physique.

The overweight lot can also gather positive stares if they dress up consciously wearing great clothing. The advancement in technology in terms of food, comfort, accessibility and so on has reduced our physical work to a great deal.

The kind of food we eat these days is only to suit our tongue and mood – that’s junk! So, the result is, we compromise on our waistline and other areas of our body, which lose shape eventually.

But, a heavy built or being chubby shouldn’t demoralize your inner being, who wants to shine out like any superstar in a party. So, here we come with, a company originated in the United State, for uplifting the spirits of plus size women.

What is Curvy lady Clothing?

Curvy Lady is a company that is created by Colette O’ Connor, who wishes to cater to oversized women garments that would bring cheer and glamour to them.

Whether you are in your office space or at a casual party, as a woman everybody craves to look her best. Young unmarried, positive women will surely adore the stylish and fashionable collection presented in in terms of outfits and accessories.

Wooing the opposite sex is not the only criterion, but gaining confidence and not feeling inhibited or ridiculed in front of a crowd is equally important. So, check out ‘curvy lady’, the next time you go shopping for clothes.

How does it work?

The company has been prudent enough to reveal it’s address, phone number and e-mail id. Additionally, they have pin pointed their location on the google map, which you can check once you visit the site.

Curvy Lady 35 Washington Street Cork Ireland
Call Us : 086 812 3284
Email :

Curvy lady will provide free delivery on orders valuing more than $100. Not only is that, their terms and conditions explicitly mentioned regarding returns and cancellations of products from the customer’s end. 

The return address has been furnished as, Curvy Lady, 35 Washington Street, Cork, Ireland.

Who should buy from here?

Buying from a plus size store is a luxury that only over weights can avail. Here, in curvy lady, it’s about women. This women centric online store offers an exclusive array of designer outfits for suiting various needs of the oversized women.

Now, you can try out anything to everything when it comes to fashion, because curvy lady would put pieces together to give you that ultimate look, you have always desired. Fashion or looking trendy will no longer be a dreamer’s delight.

Curvy lady will shape all those dreams and release your inner caged bird for a free fly.

Why is it famous?

The company has already earned accolades among the voluminous women around the world because of it’s niche product line.

There are numerous choices among the garments and accessories, so a looker will never run out of choices here.

The clothes are not shabby and covering, instead all kinds of stuff which you have seen the models wearing are present here. The only difference is in the size.

What are the negative remarks about it?

Here, I could find only three negative remarks. Firstly, there is a small description under each clothing which is not sufficient for a customer. The quality, the fabric and many other details are missing, which help in building trust among the buyers.

Secondly, the prices and discounts are marked in red. This either signifies that the company is a scam which wants to forfeit money from customers by luring them into ordering stuff and paying in advance,

Or maybe the goods aren’t of best quality, so the prices are lessened. We haven’t checked on the images, so can’t be sure whether they are copied from elsewhere or not?

However, the lack of too many external links and social media connections do raise an eyebrow.


There are other stores too, which have exclusive collections for plus size women, but unfortunately, in such shops the choices will be limited to few only. seems to be totally dedicated to plump and fat ladies, so the designs and make is made keeping them in view. The prices are pocket friendly so no need to sulk, before you pick something.

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  1. I ordered 5 items from but when I received my order I only got one item. I paid for all five. I emailed them 3 times about this but have never gotten a response. Since I can’t find a phone number for them I guess I am just out of luck.

  2. I ordered 3 items April 25th, and I keep getting the run around. Supposedly they refunded me for 1 item. Will check my card statement. I requested that they cancel my order and I haven’t heard anything from them. Disappointed but want to make anyone else BEWARE!

  3. Do NOT buy from here! Horrible junk. Nothing like photos. Takes months to get response. They want you to pay to send everything back to China, but won’t give you and address to process it. It’s a SCAM

  4. We are so sorry to hear that.
    Would you please send us some photos of the items you received?
    And we would be appreciated if you can also send us some pictures of the bar code on the transparent plastic bags.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Sorry again if any inconvenience caused.

    Best wishes,
    This is the crappy note they sent me. They left out one of the shirts paid for. Seems I cannot get an even exchange for the shirt I ordered and doesn’t fit. Don’t Do It

  5. I sent a message that I want to return my clothes because they do not fit and I do not like the quality of the product and they are giving me the runaround, by telling me
    to lay my clothes flat on a table and measure them according to their size chart. I do not like the clothes at all, I want to return them and they will not answer me on where to return them or give me a refund. I am going to have my brother who is a lawyer sue them in a civil law suit.

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