Crewlink Among Us (Dec 2020) A New Update!

Crewlink Among Us (Dec 2020) A New Update!

Crewlink Among Us (Dec 2020) A New Update! >> Do you want to know more about the Crewlink? Then, explore the article!

Among us has become a popular game Worldwide in no time. With the exciting game theme and features, it has ranked amongst the top games on google. Recently it has added a new feature that lets players talk to each other and their nearest crewmate.

Eager to know more about the Crewlink Among Us added in the game? Please read the full article to learn it all.

What is among us?

Among us is an online game developed and launched by American game studio innersloth on 15th June 2018. It is a multiplayer social deduction game designed to occur in a space theme where players choose one or two roles: crewmates and an imposter.

It has been ranked #1 in the last seven days with 67,285,445 views on 658,872 streams by 354,235 streamers. The game is so addictive because of its simple yet innovative design.

What is Crewlink?

The new feature Crewlink Among Us allows the players to voice chat while playing the game.

Crewmates in the lobby with this feature can communicate with each other without including a third-party program. Spatial audio lets you hear the people who are close to you. Anything that needs the interaction between crewmates is made easier.

What is the benefit of crewmates?

Players or crewmates can benefit in the most straightforward ways while using Crewlink Among Us mod. It would be easy to share information and coordinate with the crewmates, which isn’t possible in normal mode. 

They can announce their whereabouts as where they are heading to or whom they are passing to. Sabotages splits up the crewmates a lot, but this voice chat feature will let them coordinate well. 

How to install proximity voice mode among us?

The crewmates must download and install the crew link app to enjoy the game’s voice chat feature.

 After installation, follow the below-given instructions-

  • Open GitHub and navigate to the crewlink app and scroll to assets. Click on the first link with the file ending in “.exe” to download.
  • Open the downloaded file and run it on your PC. If you get a warning pop-up, click on the run anyway.
  • Don’t forget to update among us in the latest non-beta version. 
  • Launch Crewlink Among Us app to enjoy the voice chat feature.

Afterward, players are needed to host the game to try the new feature. Once you join the lobby, you will see your character along with your code on the crewlink app. 

You can test the feature by clicking on the gear icon that occurs at the top left to ensure the voices are audible by checking the box for voice activity. You will see a green dot near your character, which denotes that the voice chat is enabled.

Wrapping Up: Good and Bad News

To use this feature, all the players must have the latest Crewlink Among Us app. Though this voice chat feature is available Worldwide, Unfortunately, it isn’t available for mobile users. Only PC players can enjoy the updated service. 

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