Cranehast Website Reviews (March) Authentic Or Scam?

Cranehast Website Reviews (March) Authentic Or Scam?

Cranehast Website Reviews (March) Authentic Or Scam? >> The post will give a detailed review of a new webstore that sells party stuff, and we will let you know about its authenticity.

Do you like to party and looking for some Party stuff online? There are several stores available today, and one of them is Cranehast. Thus, we are here to give you Cranehast Website Reviews so that you know all about it before proceeding with a purchase.

The website is new on the web and belongs to the United States. Due to its recent establishment, we had to research well in advance for readers to benefit from the study.

What is

The website that got launched only a few days back sells party stuff like tableware that includes drinking straws that we use in parties. They do not have a wide range of items, but the prices are reasonable.

The website got established in March 2021 itself and it claims to sell high-quality items. They also claim to provide good quality customer support to their users, and have a shipping and return policy available for their products. 

They have only one mode of payment available to make a purchase, and that is PayPal. However, you will find an office address of the United States on the website, along with a phone number, and email address for their customers. Let us know more about Cranehast Website Reviews further in this article. 

Specifications of

  • Website Url –
  • Website Type – Retailers of Party tableware online
  • Website Country – United States
  • Price starting – $14.38
  • Shipping cost- Free in the US
  • Returns – Available within 14 days
  • Office Location – 604 Yarmouth Lane Baltimore Maryland M 21228
  • Email –
  • Phone – 478 501 2476
  • Payment Mode – PayPal
  • Social media – Nil

Worthy Features of

  • The website has items in a pocket-friendly range.
  • Their delivery charges are nil, which is a positive point.
  • They have an HTTPS connection available for their website.

Worthless Features of

  • The website is relatively immature and you cannot trust it easily.
  • There are no positive Cranehast Website Reviews present anywhere on the internet. 
  • The office address given on the website looks suspicious as it is a residential location. 
  • There is nil presence on social media platforms. 
  • It has a low trust score and a very low Alexa ranking.

Is Cranehast Legit or a scam?

  • The website that got launched recently is too new for internet users. 
  • The Trust Index of the website is very low; 1%.
  • It has a very low traffic density and hence a low Alexa ranking. That shows its unpopularity among people, and hence, people ask us, Is Cranehast com Legit or not? We suggest them to continue reading further for an in-depth analysis. 
  • The website has links with a high-risk country that is known for internet fraud. Apart from that, the company location present on the website looks doubtful, as it is a residential address. 
  • You cannot find any association with leading social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. That again tells how unknown the website is among online shoppers. 
  • You may also not find any positive reviews about the extremely young website that sells drinking straws online. Thus, the absence of any positive reviews on the web makes the webstore more suspicious. There are only negative reviews present for the website.

What are the Cranehast Website Reviews given by People?

For a deep analysis of the website, we researched in detail and found some information. The website is very recent and is rarely-known among people. It has no feedback available on popular reviewing sites and has a nil presence on social media too. The website’s unpopularity puts it under suspicion of being a possible scam.

A popular website usually has the right presence available on leading social media sites, which is nil in this case. The presence of no positive Cranehast Website Reviews on the web shows the level of trust among people and shows it as an unreliable webstore.

The Final Verdict

If you see the various positive and negative aspects of the website it is clear that it’s not a trustworthy site. People hardly know about it, and that can be attributed to its newness. But still, many other flaws point towards the illegitimacy of the website. 

The links with a high-risk country, the presence of fake office addresses, and an absence of positive reviews are enough to know about its genuineness.

Though it is too early to conclude its legitimacy, but looking at the above aspects, if you ask, Is Cranehast com Legit or a scam, we can now say that it seems like a highly suspicious and a possible scam site. 

Do you have any experience using this website? We suggest our readers make the conclusion at their end and comment in the below section. 

17 thoughts on “Cranehast Website Reviews (March) Authentic Or Scam?

  1. I searched for a large power tool on Amazon , and then on Home Depot. Then I did a google search for the same tool, and Cranehast came up – with a price that was 20% of list price. It seemed very odd that a company that only sells drinking straws would carry the item I am looking for.

  2. BUYER BEWARE! I found a compact dryer through a google search. There were 3 companies that offered just what I was looking for and the price was very attractive. I had a question about the voltage, so I tried calling the number from the website 478-501-2476. I got a message that said at the subscriber’s request, this number does not accept inbound calls. Well I dialed it again, just to make sure it wasn’t an error on my behalf. I got the same message. Soooo, I used the form that comes up to reach customer support. Filled it out, sent it, and low and behold, I got a message from Yahoo…Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.
    Unable to deliver message after multiple retries, giving up.

    All I can say, if it seems too good to be true, it normally is. COMPLETE SCAMMER IN MY BOOK. Do your research if anything looks off or sketchy. That is a train wreck waiting to happen for someone who see’s what is a “great deal” and they will be out of luck, because there is no legit way to reach the company. Same goes for DRANAT-Same thing. There was another one but I didnt write it down. Best of luck!

  3. They are definitely Scammers. While they only show one product, some over priced party straws, they list expensive Blizzard Skis for sale on Google for 25% of other sellers prices. When you call the phone number on their website, it is disconnected.
    Stay Away!

  4. The jury is still out on this one…

    I was brought to this website via Google when I researched “non-toxic cookware”. The cookware that caught my eye was a deal, and one I couldn’t pass up. I paid for the cookware (All-Clad 10-Piece Set) via PayPal. I was curious about the website only AFTER I made the purchase, wondering what else they had to offer. I became suspicious when all I saw was a bunch of straws. I tried to find the cookware or anything else (other than straws)…and nothing… (really strange to me)

    SO… That’s what I mean when I say “the jury is still out”. I only ordered this cookware yesterday, and although I got a “thank you for ordering” page after it was all said and done, I’ve yet to received an email to indicate shipping out soon or has shipped. With all that said, I am greatly hopeful I’ve not been scammed out of $100.

  5. Complete scam before you even confirm it logs you in to paypal and if you have it automatically login in it charges account over and over email is fake and number is not taking calls be careful I’m still trying to get my 200 back since I never authorized

  6. Having reviewed BBQs I found Charbroil grill on at $99.12, no tax, no shipping, elsewhere same product is typically $230. Even shows same picture!
    Rarely do yo get something for almost nothing.

  7. They are a scam, it’s been 4 days no invoice, phone number for customer service doesn’t accept calls, the email server listed doesn’t accept incoming emails. I stopped payment at my bank and they changed the amount of the original transaction to make it go through. SCAM 100% DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!

  8. I purchased a bicycle and emailed the company. I didn’t get a purchase confirmation or a response from the company when I e-mailed them. I’m very concerned the company may not be legit and that I’ve lost my money.

  9. Email does not work / can not deliver inquires. Phone will not accept incoming calls – blocked by owner of phone…. I would take a pass on this company.

  10. scam, try calling the number. if you order something and create an account you can log in until your paypal transaction clears then you’re out of luck, you won’t be able to log in, you can’t call because the number doesn’t accept incoming calls. the amount of your transaction will change, too. receipt for $56.43, transaction paid at $64.80

  11. Definitely a fraud website, I ordered something from there website and never got it. Luckily PayPal is getting me a refund. There email address is a fake and there phone number doesn’t accept incoming calls.

  12. The phone number to call states that it “doesnt accept incoming calls per the subscribers request”. I ignorantly purchased a loft bed from there 2 weeks ago. Paid about 100. Site says it will email once shipped within 3 days or so…. #crickets #Ghost

  13. You cannot call this company as they have disabled all incomming calls to the phone number that is listed on their website site.

  14. So I tried purchasing a pop up canopy from Cranehast. I purchased at the beginning of March. I have not received any shipping confirmation email. I have tried calling and number says it doesn’t receive incoming calls, tried emailing and email bounced back. I suspect the site is a scam and not to purchase

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