Reviews [Oct 2020] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit? Reviews [Oct 2020] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit? Reviews [Oct 2020] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit? -> This article intends to provide readers with honest reviews of newly built websites on the internet and protect readers from falling for suspicious websites.

Have you checked out this brand called Cozyany lately? There are so many websites that came into existence during these days. The majority of them are a scam. Let’s see if this brand is legit or a scam by analyzing it. 

The website is less than six months old. The website is relatively new to the market, so there are no consumer Reviews anywhere on the internet. The website has a secured link and is safe to browse. The brand is available on social media platforms, which is a good sign. The website traffic is meagre as the website is new. This website’s trust score is high, and very few of its plagiarized content. The contact information is available. There are multiple payment options available for the convenience of the customers.

There are significant discounts on every piece of apparel, as low as half the price. The brand is based in Canada and delivers its products across.

What is Cozyany?

Cozyany is an online fashion store that sells a wide range of products that includes tops, dresses and bottoms. The prices are very pocket friendly and have trendy collections available on their website.

Another fishy part of this website is written at the website’s foot as the brand has existed since 2010, but the website two months ago.

The Specification of the website:

  • Product Type: Online Fashion Store
  • The shipping cost is not specified, but it depends on the value of the location and cart.
  • Email id:
  • There are many payment options available. Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Western Union, Maestro.
  • Url of the website:
  • The contact number is not on their website.
  • The product can be returned within 15 days of the date of delivery.
  • A refund policy is available.

Pros of buying from Cozyany Reviews

  • The price range is quite affordable.
  • The brand is available on social media platforms.
  • The website is safe to browse as it has a secured link.
  • There are options of stylish and comfortable clothes available.
  • There are a wide range of products.
  • Hassle-free returns and refunds are available.

Cons of buying from Cozyany Reviews

  • The price range is as low as half the price.
  • The website says that the brand existed since 2010.
  • A few of the categories like swimwear and jumpsuits tabs are empty, and there are no products listed.

Is Cozyany a legit brand?

Much like technology, the invention of the internet has made our lives very easy. It has, however, made us vulnerable to the risks of the digital world as well. We are buying every other stuff online, right from our essentials, medicines to comfort goods. That has also increased our chances of getting trapped by online fraudsters. They are waiting for innocent customers to land up on their website. It is why each of us needs to learn how to say whether a website is legitimate.

The website is present on social media platforms and no Reviews. Many businesses have a social media presence. Often, fake websites have social media icons, but the graphics don’t connect to an existing account. 

What are people saying about this website?

The website is relatively new in the market; thus, it does not have customer Reviews anywhere across the internet.

Every online shopper looks for positive reviews to have a better perspective about a brand and decide whether or not to buy from a new brand in the market.

Final Verdict:

We may, at any moment, fall victim to a phishing attack. Thus, it is essential to be very careful while browsing and shopping online from an unknown website or is new in the market. The website has a secure connection, which means it has https with the domain. HTTPS ensures that the information source is encrypted and protected between you and the server. However, the safe link does not guarantee that the server will not steal your data. It can do very little to ensure protection if the server is itself malicious. 

Thus after analyzing the website and Reviews, it concludes that it might be a legit website, but due to a few fishy areas about this website, it would be better to keep away from this website to ensure safety.

0 thoughts on “ Reviews [Oct 2020] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit?

  1. Another sight has almost 200;reviews and they received 1* from all. Most never received what they ordered, and those that did said beyond garbage.
    All said SCAM!!!

  2. I actually ordered and received product from cosyany. I bought 3 tops and none were as advertised, they are very poor quality and the size small in all 3 tops are extremely inconsistent. One of the tops is too short in the arms and the other 2 are HUGE, consistent with an xl or xxl.
    Save your $ don’t buy from this site

  3. I saw their customer service page and the information on it was VERBATIM as 3 other new clothing sites. New sites that have recently popped up selling sweaters, boots and holiday sweatshirts, earrings, etc. I’m 99% sure these are scam sites. I went and googled their .com sites. NONE of these clothing sites has any kind of domain to contact, the clothing is identical AND after I tried to look them up on google, the clothing sites wouldn’t let me back in. Sooooo, bottom line, DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THESE SITES!!! Do your due diligence before you shop with any questionable vendors.

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