Covcare Reviews (Feb 2021) Is This The Legit Business?

Covcare Reviews (Feb 2021) Is This The Legit Business?

Covcare Reviews (Feb 2021) Is This The Legit Business? >> In this article, the customers got to know about a company that sells Masks, Gloves, Face shields, Infrared Thermometers, Disposable boot, etc. .

Are you looking for a company that can ensure your safety utilizing a mask? Covcare Reviews claims to provide its customers with top-quality masks. These masks ensure safety against the germs. 

Many companies in the United State have started the manufacturing of masks for the protection of people against germs. But what makes Covcare unique? The brand is new to the market and analyzed the market and the demands prevailing. The brand claims to render the most accurate services.

Is Covcare Legitor is it a scam company that intends to loot the people’s money? The following content will answer such essential questions. Kindly read the whole article without skipping lines.

What is Covcare?

Covcare is a medical supplies logistics and distribution company that provides all safety and medical equipment and items. All the products are displayed, and the customers can purchase the products from their website.

Due to hygiene reasons, they don’t provide any return and exchange policies. The website is safe for shopping and provides multiple payment methods for secured and straightforward transactions.

Specifications of Covcare:

  • URL of the website of the company:
  • Products Offered: N95 Masks, Gloves, Gowns, Facemasks, Face shields, Infrared Thermometers, Bouffant caps, Disposable boot and shoe covers, Hand sanitizers, and Safety goggles.
  • Shipping Time: The company’s website has no data on this ground.
  • Return policy: Not Applicable due to hygiene reasons.
  • Refund policy: Not Specified
  • Exchange policy: Not Mentioned
  • Payment Method: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo.
  • Email id:
  • Telephone: +1 929-262-3530
  • Address: Wooter LCC, Dave Kleyman, 727 Page Ave, Staten Island, NY 10307, United States.

Pros of Covcare:

  • Customers can find all the medical and safety equipment and products on the website.
  • Multiple payment methods are available for secured transactions.
  • 24*7 customer support is available.

Cons of Covcare:

  • The company has not provided Shipping and delivery details on the website.
  • Return and exchange policies do not apply to the products ordered by the customers.

Is Covcare Legit?

If we consider the Covcare Reviews, we will find that the brand is new to the market. Despite this fact, the brand has made its name among the people.

The brand has a certified HTTPS Connection, which makes the browsing of the website by the customers safe. This connection stops alien parties to intrude and take the personal data of the customers.

The company also has well-elaborated about its plans and past works, giving a better understanding of the company’s mission and vision. The website is also maintained well by the managing team of the company.

What are the people saying about the Covcare?

As per the Covcare Reviews displayed on the website, the customers are delighted that the company came into existence.

After going through the reviews posted on other social media platforms, it can be concluded that the website has mixed reviews. This means that customers some customers are satisfied with the website, and some aren’t.

The products that the company offers are of good quality and offers extended durability. People can use their mobile phones with the gloves on. These features ensure safety as well as no stopping of work.

Whereas, the buyers have also mentioned that the products offered by the site are not up to the expectations. They have also written that products can be grabbed from the other sites as well, even at lower prices. Also, they have mentioned that there are many better alternate websites available for the same.

Customers have also written that the masks provided by this website are not as per the doctor’s advice. Doctors are advising to use triple layered masks to be safe form coronavirus, whereas these masks are only double layered.

But, there is no information available about the company on the internet, which is a suspicious sign about the brand.

The final word for the Covcare:

The Covcare Reviews tell that the brand is new to the market, and there is no information available about the company on the internet.

The company has maintained its website in a way that it has all the necessary information that the customers would know before they shop any product from the website. 

The company is also not available on any social media platform, which is another suspicious point about the brand.

Thus, we can conclude that there are chances of this website being a scam. The customers should go through the article and note all the important points mentioned.

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12 thoughts on “Covcare Reviews (Feb 2021) Is This The Legit Business?

  1. I ordered 3 N95 masks from CovCare. I was never told that they did not have the masks in stock and ready to ship. They processed my payment immediately and it took 2 weeks before they even started a shipment. After numerous call and e mails, they sent me a USPS tracking number. 10 additional day and I still did not have the masks. Once they gave me a tracking number, they will not answer their phone, return calls or emails. I have had to file a dispute with my credit card company to get a refund.

  2. I have used CovCare few times. first time it took a while for come, but every time after it has been fast. i think the site is legit and would recommend.

  3. I too have had a bad experience with CovCare. They do advertised CDC approved N95 mask and I was sent FDA approved mask. They know there is a difference. They took so long after I ordered that I emailed to cancel the the order and after a few back and forward communications, they offered to refund my money. Two days later they send a email that my order had shipped. Now they are saying that there are no returns once the order ships. They are scam artist at there best. Don’t try calling them, after a brief hold they say to leave a number and they will call back….they don’t!

  4. I ordered 3 ply disposable surgical masks from them. The masks were flimsy, made in China. After watching a report from Today’s Jeff Rosson we checked the efficacy by donning the mask and trying to blow out a flame. The flame was easily blown out through the mask. This indicates this mask will not protect people near you and I consider defective.
    We are currently playing tag over a refund. I do not want to ship these masks back because I am concerned they will simply repackage and resell. The mask cost about $18 per 50 which is a going rate. I have tested several other brands at around the same price that will not allow air to pass and blow out the flame.
    DO NOT BUY this product.

  5. I just bought a 10-pack of NIOSH-certified N95 masks made by 3M. They certainly look like the real thing to me, and were delivered at the promised price within a reasonable amount of time.

  6. I ordered 10 1860 niosh certified n95 masks and paid 80$ for them. What I got was some cheap knock off mask that is not niosh certified and not an n95 mask..This company is a SCAM!!!!! You won’t get what you pay for!!!!

  7. The 3M 8511 masks I ordered and received are the same as the ones I received from the hospital I work at. The hospital was being stingy in providing the good masks so I brought my own. Now my coworkers want to know how I got them and they didn’t. I just tell them it’s my good looks

  8. I ordered the 3M NIOSH N95 1860S masks from CovCare. They are the same mask I had been fit-tested in at the hospital I retired from. I worked in Nursing Education for 16 years in that hospital and performed mask fit-testing annually. I received the identical mask from CovCare that I had been given on the job.

  9. The bands on the mask will break within ten seconds which is good so they won’t fall off when you leave your house. They don’t replace or refund so you won’t waste time trying to get a refund.

  10. COV CARE Fake 3M 1860 N95 Face Masks.
    I contacted the 3M company today who informed me that and its parent company, Wooter Apparel Inc. are not authorized to sell 3M Masks. To further authentic the masks, they verified that the LOT numbers printed on the Masks that I received from were counterfeit. Beware Consumer!

  11. I have come to the sad conclusion that this company is a scam, or at best fly by night. I recently ordered a box of 50 kn95 masks for $80 on 2-7-21, but never received a receipt email. The next day, 2-8-21, I duplicated the same order, (thinking that somehow the order did not go through). Again, I received no order confirming email, but my visa was charged for both orders on 2-10-21. Since then it has been a series of “delayed shipping due to covid”, “we’ll look into it”, “I will call you back by tomorrow morning” (and never calling) excuses from Bryan, “the covcare support team”, Sara, and Nancy , both by phone and by email. Now they say both orders were delivered on 3-8-21. Let the buyer beware.

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