Country 1st Website (Feb 2021) Scroll Down for Its Reviews

Country 1st Website (Feb 2021) Scroll Down for Its Reviews

Country 1st Website (Feb 2021) Scroll Down for Its Reviews   >> See how for a Republican party member, his Country holds more importance than the party. Read to learn more about the initiative he is forced to take.

What is a party or Country without its foundational principles? Nothing, as also indicated by Country 1st Website.

Principles are the fundamental truths or propositions that serve as the foundation of a system. And after the recent events in the United States, Americans are once again reminded of their origin, their power, their beliefs and how they must come forward to protect these.

The US representative from Illinois, Adam Kinzinger, launched the Country First movement after signing Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Read to know what he is trying to convey to the Americans through the Website and how you can join him.

Who is Adam Kinzinger?

The founder of Country 1st Website and its movement, Adam Kinzinger, is the current US Republican party representative from Illinois. He is currently serving the Country as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force and has been a part of the Air Force since 2003.

He has been in the news to state his views on various social issues and has now been targeted again because of the Country First movement.

He had voted for Donald Trump’s first impeachment in December 2019 and his second impeachment on 13 January 2021.

What is Country 1st Website?

Owned by Adam Kinzinger, the Website serves an online platform to make people aware how the Republican party, also referred to as GOP (Grand Old Party), has been going off track for the last few years can be improved for a better future of America.

It was registered on 13 January 2021, but the video on the Website was posted on 31 January 2021.

In the 6-minute video, Adam states his aims of eliminating the “poisonous conspiracies and lies”. He said that if the party was going to lead the Country again, they must muster the courage to recall who they are. Also, that the party he joined is not the one, it is today.

On Country 1st Website, you can join the movement and know more by entering your details on the homepage and donating to support them.

People Reactions:

Since the video went viral, people have been praising the Congressman for his initiative. Many mentioned that people like Adam are what we are missing in the party and the Country.

One person said that the party is indeed lost and lacks direction and is in a tremendous need for credible leadership. Another said that Adam should be commended for his strength of character and allegiance to Country above party.

Final Verdict:

Congressman Adam Kinzinger has launched a new Country First movement to show that the principles defining his Country are of utmost importance. In a video first posted on Country 1st Website, he clearly explains his aims. He emphasized that it is not the time to keep silent and tell the truth which history wants to hear. 

Do you also support his movement? Is this the right step that Adam has taken to bring people together? Tell us in the comments.

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