Costo Store Reviews 2020 【Read This Before Buying】

Costo Store Reviews 2020 【Read This Before Buying】

Costo Store Reviews 2020 【Read This Before Buying】 >> Here you read about the scam and other details of an online shopping website.

Are you searching for the authenticity of Costo Store? Then you surely have landed at the right website. Here you will get to know if costo store is a scam or is it legit.

As per the research, it has gained a lot of customers from the United State.

There are several costo store reviews available online, but here you will get to every minute detail of this online store.

The online market is filled with so many e-commerce websites who claim to be original but end up being fake. It has become a new way of fetching money from people. But there are specific ways through which you can identify the authenticity of an online store. Through some of these ways, we will check how original and honest the Costo store is.

What is costo store?

First of all, let us begin with knowing what costo store is. So, Costo Store also known as is just another online shopping site that sells various items including home décor, furniture, tools, beauty products, and many other fundamental tools that one might need for a particular activity.

They also have baby and toddler items, kitchen appliances, gardening tools, pet supplies, and even to combat Coronavirus they have started selling M3 N95 medical masks and sanitizers.

The company is based in Southfield, Michigan (USA). But it says that customer care is available from 9 am to 3 pm only, which is strange.

The website is simple, but it has so many different products like fertilizers and even a CCTV camera. The first doubt goes on the products and their pricing. As compared to the market, they are priced at very cheap rates, and the pictures do not look original.

There are a few more suspicious things that we would like to clear out to you. Keep reading.

Is costo store worth the buy?

By now, you might be thinking if you should purchase what you want without overthinking. WAIT! Stop right here. Several online scams take place in a single day. If you don’t want to lose your money, then make a habit of cross-checking the website or the store you are about to pay.

Just like this review, there are various methods including watching a YouTube video, asking a few friends about it and even checking the social media pages. If everything of these gives even 75% of a positive response, then you should go ahead. But with costo store, we are still doubtful.

The payment has to be made online. They do not allow COD as of now. If the company is authentic, then there are chances that they give you an allowance to pay COD.

How does the costo store work?

Costo works like any other online stores. Once you register or login yourself on the website, you can select the products you want to buy and then place the order. Remember that you need to pay online, and no COD is available yet.

The official costo website mentions that it takes around 2-10 to deliver the product at your place and if you do not receive it in 14 days, then you must contact the customer care. Fourteen days is a long time in this tech-advanced world, and this makes us think about the delivery service through which they send your parcel. Most of the reviews available on the internet have mentioned this point as well.

In so many such aspects of seeing if any website is a scam or legit, we check its delivery period. Some companies that deliver their products internationally might take time but not always, especially in this fast-paced world.

Pros of costo store:

There are a few things that we would like to appreciate about Costo store-

  • The order confirmation email is sufficient if you want to return the order
  • It has huge discounts on its products
  • It claims to give you the refund if you return the product in a good condition
  • It has some information on its privacy policy, terms and conditions, and return policy
  • It has the address and customer care number on the website

Cons of costo store:

Along with the pros come the cons-

  • The delivery time seems too long
  • The refund process is prolonged, and even after returning, the refund is not guaranteed
  • The only payment method is via an online payment portal
  • There are no customer reviews available on the website
  • The data about the founder and the company is missing
  • The images of the items added on the site seem copied

What are people’s thoughts on the costo store?

Out of all, the people who had placed their respective orders on this website had mixed reviews.

Some said they received the product while some said they did not receive their package at all even after paying the money.

For some customers, the product came out to be damaged, and a few of them had a good experience with this website. Some also have complaints that they do not answer the calls and do not reply to your emails.

As per the research, costo store had a more negative response than the positive one. But we cannot wholly rely on the customers’ data. There can be some misunderstandings and confusions as well. But we can surely judge a website by what we see on it or rather what they show us.

Final verdict

We never want our readers to face any issues, especially when it comes to the money matters. We try our best to bring the harsh realities of scams and fake websites. In the case of costo, we would like you all first to cross-check and then place your orders.

Online frauds have become a new trend, and it has become a massive risk for online buyers to trust such sites.

Our recommendation is first to observe, verify, and then take actions like placing orders or making payments. For costo, we suggest you do full-fledged research.

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