Costco Food Box Scam (Nov) Check The Details Inside!

Costco Food Box Scam (Nov) Check The Details Inside!

Costco Food Box Scam (Nov) Check The Details Inside! >> This article tells you about a food-related scam that’s gaining some popularity and is creating a buzz amongst the masses.

Costco Food Box Scam is an advertisement related to Costco gaining some popularity and starting to attain some credibility. More and more users are interacting with it. It includes a scheme where users will get free food boxes delivered to their homes.

If you’re wondering whether this ad is real and if you should interact with it, then please read this article first before doing anything. We’ll tell you everything that you need to know about this scam. 

We’ll reveal crucial information like details of this scam and also comment on its authenticity. It’s gaining some popularity in the United States.

What is Costco Food Box Scam?

This food scam circulates on social media platforms, most popularly on Facebook, where it has already received a significant interaction. This ad’s primary purpose is to increase the likes and following of the social media pages by increasing user interaction. Please take a look at the information below to know more about it.

A Few More Words

  • The advertisement is going viral as a competition.
  • The ad claims that the CEO of Costco, Craig Jelinek, is celebrating his birthday with users.
  • As part of it, he will gift enjoy everyone a food box for Christmas who comments or shares this post.
  • The advertisement promises home delivery of these boxes.
  • According to the advertisement, every food box will have groceries along with vouchers.
  • Only one box will be available per person.

Is This Scheme Legit?

We have thoroughly researched this advertisement and the Costco Food Box Scam to determine if this scheme is legit. After a lot of investigation, we can assert with confidence that this scheme is fake. We are mentioning the reasons for our claim below:

  • The ad claims to offer free food boxes to anyone who engages with the post, which is impossible.
  • First, considering the post’s response, it’s impossible to deliver so many boxes without spending millions.
  • It will be challenging to obtain information about all the users and deliver the food boxes.
  • The advertisement itself is unreal and smart people can quickly tell that it’s fake.
  • The official pages of Costco have confirmed that they haven’t released any such advertisement.
  • Costco has made it clear that it’s not affiliated with this advertisement.
  • The name of the CEO on this page has a spelling error, which suggests that the page is not Costco’s official page.
  • Other content on the webpages also contains false information.
  • Upon checking page transparency, it’s clear that this page was created about a month ago.
  • It also says that the page of the name was changed.
  • All of this information makes it clear that this advertisement isn’t genuine.
  • This ad is likely a ploy to increase the page’s popularity.

User Reviews

We looked at many responses to confirm if this advertisement is legit. There are no reports of any users receiving the food boxes promised in the ad. Users, experts, and several other words have confirmed that the Costco Food Box Scam is real and unauthentic.

Final Verdict

The importance and impact of social media is undeniable. It’s no longer just a platform to connect with your friends and family. It’s becoming a virtual space that is serving as an ideal place for the growth of almost everything. 

One of the most popular uses of social media platforms is for business purposes. Brands and successful companies have pages on social media, which is useful in spreading the word about their new events, launches, and releases.

If your business is mediocre, but you manage to make your social media pages popular, then your business will bloom significantly, be it any country, including the United States. Hotels, restaurants, etc., know the importance of social media platforms as user reviews can point the users towards or away from them.

A similar incident took place with Costco. We’re talking about the viral advertising that’s circulating on social media platforms, like Facebook. According to the ad, as we have already mentioned earlier, this ad claims that users who engage with the specific post will receive a food box free of any cost or other charges. 

Upon further investigation, we found that it’s most likely a scam; we have mentioned it in detail earlier. The advertisement isn’t on the official page of Costco and is a scam. 

All other associated information is available above. Let us know what you think of this Costco Food Box Scam in the comments section below.

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