Corpse Playing Among Us (Nov 2020) Reviews for Clarity.

Corpse Playing Among Us (Nov 2020) Reviews for Clarity.

Corpse Playing Among Us (Nov 2020) Reviews for Clarity. >> Wanted to know about the occasion when Corpse Husband played a game of Among Us? Then this is the article you were searching for.

The game “Among Us” recently came into the news because of its live stream game played by Youtube sensation Corpse Husband alongside Ticktok stars Dixie D’Amelio and James Charles. People wanted to see Corpse playing Among Us. The game gave their followers and Among Us players a gush. This stream was conducted in the United States.

Who is Corpse Husband?

Corpse husband is one of the most followed Youtube sensation globally, and he is known for his mysterious personality and deep enigmatic voice. Very little is known about this faceless Youtube star. He saw unprecedented growth in his millions of fan following within a year. 

He is said to be 23 years old boy who hails from San Diego, California. But the reliability of this claim is known to only his near and dear ones. And people are looking out for the news of Corpse playing Among Us.

What all did he do to make it big?

Corpse Husband launched his Youtube career with Horror as a genre narrating horror stories in his rich voice. He belongs to the Horror Narration Channels, where he recites scary stories and incidents. For this, he took inspiration from channels like – Be. Buster, Lazy Masquerade, Mr. Nightmare.

Before trying a hand on Among Us, he also played games like – Silent Hill, Rocket league, and Final fantasy. He received a very positive response from his youtube community. He is said to be suffering from social anxiety. That is the reason he doesn’t reveal his identity and rarely leaves his home. He is also regarded for his memorable songs like – Agoraphobia, White Tee, and E-girls ruined my life. 

Corpse playing Among Us is yet another feather to his cap.

How he trolled Dixie D’Amelio?

He recently played Among Us with Ticktock sensation Dixie D’Amelio and shared some funny moments with her. While playing, Dixie burped. To which, Corpse replied, calling her “Charlie’s sister” (apparently, she is the sister of ticktock star Charlie D’Amelio).

Hearing this, Dixie got annoyed and told him that she would be killing him first if she were the imposter. Ticktock star James Charles entered the banter supporting Dixie by saying, “Bust him up, Dixie.”

Viewers’ Reaction

Viewers were loving the banter going on between Dixie and Corpse Husband. He has over a million subscribers who just come to see him do all this stuff online. His viewership graph went up like a trace of a bullet in a few months this year, showing that people love the content he is offering. Mostly, people loved Corpse playing Among Us.

Above all, his mysterious and enigmatic personality, deep voice, and charismatic presence attract the viewers the most over anything else.

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Final Verdict  

People love what this young Youtube sensation (Corpse Husband) has to offer them. He is becoming increasingly popular day by day. And if he continues to share the same stage alongside ticktock stars, his viewership will only increase further. 

People have been loving Corpse playing Among Us.

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