Reviews [July 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit? Reviews [July 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit? Reviews [July 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit? -> This article provides a brief about the website designed for selling off all sorts of mesh covers for food to pet protectors.

Are you looking for some good covers or mosquito mesh protectors? You are still looking for the best ones online and curious about the Coronam. Website Reviews. Then you are in the right place, and we will provide you with every possible information.

The website appears to be new and claims big things in there about us section. However, there is no specific clarity except its another e-commerce website for a few things.

The website is based in the United State and offers free shipping as well.

Nothing much gets clarified about shipping charges in other countries.

What is 

This website looks like any other e-commerce website that offers only a few limited covers. From baby mosquito mesh protectors to umbrella covers for the pets and food its there.

The covers are more like of umbrella shape and serve a purpose of food table cover for the picnics or outdoor things. It also helps in keeping mosquitoes and flies away from the kids and pets. It also has mesh incubator breeding cages.

The variety is limited in terms of prints and material in visual, but it does offer multiple usable covers.

It claims to offer free shipping everywhere, including the United StateBut that appears a little risky, unreliable thing for providing free delivery even on simple small covers without any specific details about the region.

Specifications about

  • Type of Website: It offers a range of different umbrella covers for items like pets, foods, etc. 
  • URL:
  • Address: Jake Elmore, 6099 Schofield Dr, Pensacola, FL 32506 United States
  • Phone line: (320) 980-3618
  • Email ID: 
  • Shipping cost: It provides free shipping.
  • Payment mode: It accepts payments via an online wallet PayPal.
  • Refund and return: It accepts returns with a 30-day span.

Pros of shopping at

  • The website provides a selective rage of mesh protectors and covers.
  • It accepts returns offering 30 days buffer.
  • It has shared all contact details, but assurance can only be received after trying reaching the Portal.

Cons of shopping at

  • The Portal does not seem to be safe and only offers via PayPal.
  • It does not provide very vast options and is confined to a limited selection of choice.
  • The site has very few reviews, and most of the points some suspicions about the site.
  • The Portal has limited designed structure of the site and also appears new.

Is Coronam website Legit or not? 

Well, to us, the website does appear a little fishy because of some negative reviews and only PayPal payments. Above all, it seems a newly structured website.

So with such doubts, we cannot provide clarity for being legit in any way even if we do not consider only Coronam.Website Reviews it is hard to believe in such a new site.

What do the customers say about the 

Everyone does have a different experience, though. But its reviews in itself are hard to find and mostly with negative suspicious things. 

So even considering Coronam. Website Reviews it becomes hard beside the fact it rarely also includes some other heavy items like freezers on its Portal with free delivery. However, we did not come across any as of now.

So nothing can be found regarding the quality or maybe people doubt to try the site.

Final verdict

Today, countless e-commerce websites do exist online offering different products. Most of them might not be a scam, but at least half or more than half run on scamming concept.

It is a complete money-making procedure from the people for those online websites, by providing tempting products and non-contactable details and accepting payment via online wallets.

Coronam.Website Reviews states that one also appears to be falling under the same suspicious category of scam sites. Because without any social media presence, a newly formed website lacks reliability without reviews.

By offering a complete free delivery and 30 days return as well, the doubts also intensify to another level.

So it is suggested to refrain from investing in such an unreliable website that appear newly formed.

Further, without much valid, authentic details about reviews and the portal existence, it does not appear a good site to shop for any product.

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  1. I ordered a mattress topper from that website on July 8th, got an email on the 10th stating it had shipped but I when I pulled up the tracking info for it a week later it said it was delivered to my address on July 9th.
    I sent an email to the email address provided with my paypal receipt to figure out what happened and asked for a refund. No response back and obviously never received what I paid for.

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