Website Reviews Reviews [June] This Is A Good Website Or Not! Reviews Reviews [June] This Is A Good Website Or Not! -> In this article we will review an online platform to buy superior quality, quirky gifts.

Do you love collecting fascinating items? Then you must surf the internet, and search for the products that suit your expectation level and fulfil your sort of needs. This place has everything to meet your day to day needs. 

The company has put up its first office in the United States, where it is gradually and steadily expanding its business in other countries as well. Here, you will get such kinds of products that are hard to find at any other platform. Just sit in front of the PC, look for the product you want, and carry forward with your shopping process. 

Here we are trying to put up most of the Reviews so that you will get to know everything about the company. 

In what category does sell? has picked up the unique category to attract its customers. The company has opened up an e-store for solitaire toys, piggy banks, adult hat, socket shell, light and so on.

The shopping of these products are not limited for your personal use, but you can also use them for gifting to your loved ones. 

Online gift shopping is convenient, fun, easy and lacks the stress of trying to shop in the local mall or find your way through a busy downtown in a metropolitan area. The online shopping has made it easy for every buyer. These gifts are given to folks on days when they least expect it will show them that you genuinely care and do not need a special occasion to express your love and affection for them. It seems that sometimes our relationships are dictated by social norms, and gift-giving is no exception. 

List down all the specifications of

The specifications of are:

  • Mailing Address:
  • Contact Number: +12513204716
  • Address: 14551 beechnut St 9102, Houston, Texas,77083
  • Return Policy: You will get 14 days to return the product 
  • Refund Policy: We will initiate 14 days to refund your amount
  • Shipping Policy: The company will ship your product within 10-12 days.
  • Order Tracking Facility: Available
  • Payment Gateways: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, Stripe

What are the pros of purchasing from

The pros of doing shopping from are:

  • All the products are reasonably priced, and it won’t cost you much. 
  • The company accepts the payment from all payment gateways.
  • The company has picked up a new category for selling its products.
  • The online user interface is user friendly. All you have to do is to click on specific options, and your order will be placed. 
  • The company provides its free shipping services in all the United States region. 

What are all the cons of buying the products from this website?

The cons of purchasing the products from this website include:

  • The company has not given any information regarding the owner of the company.
  • There are not any specific discounts and offers to attract new customers.

Do you find a legit place to buy the products?

We are unsure about this website as if it is a legit place to do online shopping or not. The company has created its domain very recently. Also, the  WOT trustworthiness of the company is not available yet. Furthermore, this company does not attract much of a customer base on its platform as it is newly formed nature.

What is the customer’s reaction after receiving the product?

The website has not got any ratings till now, as few people used these products and posted their reviews on the site. They have opted to do shopping from this platform after the recommendation of their friends and relatives. 

But they still suggest new buyers read all the terms and conditions of the company carefully before putting your hard-earned money into it. Else you will land up in a lot of trouble. 


Here, we have reviewed the online company named, where I have shared all the pros and cons of the company. We tried to produce all the pros and cons in front of you so that you will get to know all the company in a better way. Well, we recommend you to go shopping for such products on other shopping platforms. And compare the prices there. 

You can also share your reviews here if you have ever bought anything from here as it will make the task for new buyers much simpler. 


  1. I purchased an inflatable water park for $63.00 and received 6 masks. This product I purchased is usually 600 to 1000 dollars. During this time of COVID19 and finances being tight and having to stay home not to mention the product being shipped out of China, I figured this was a very thoughtful purchase. I tried calling the customer service number (an Alabama area code) and its not in service. Ive emailed asking for a legit number and have not received one. I asked for a refund and they apologized and requested to resend my correct purchase. Before this I had them confirm by email the item I purchased and I have it on email and I asked again before they reset my order a second time. I have it all documented for legal reasons. I have an attorney prepared to take them down if they fail to send my correct order and they know this, policy or not. Times are very hard and people like this should be ashamed of themselves and if they are not then they will be once im through with them. I don’t cheat people, im in the medical field and take care of people and i expect the same from companies.

  2. This company is a scam they sent me two bags of face mask when it was suppose to be a blow up slide.PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE.All they do is came more sites like this one.If it is to good to be true don’t buy it.

  3. I also ordered the banzaei hydroblast inflatable water park for my daughter who is 7 and i also received a bag of masks !! I sent masks back and an still waiting on the waterpark, its been a 2 month ordeal, i too have all emails printed and pictures and screenshots of communications,

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