Coaches Fined for No Mask {Sep 2020} Useful Information!

Coaches Fined for No Mask {Sep 2020} Useful Information!

Coaches Fined for No Mask {Sep 2020} Useful Information! >> Read here to know the NFL teams are paying a hefty fine for the rule of not wearing face mask.

Coronavirus is spreading like fire, and till now, the cases in the United States are at the highest. It is clear as people are not taking it very seriously, and many people are not wearing masks and other face masks. 

Even after seeing the rising cases, people are not ready to accept reality and wear masks. And what will happen when the teams and coaches of the NFL will only not wear masks. The NFL has a huge fan following, and when influencers do not wear masks, then what do we expect from the familiar public.

As per the sources, the NFL ‘Coaches Fined for No Mask’ and the penalty is huge. The decision is the right to teach them a lesson. Read ahead about which coaches are going to pay fine and what amount. 

What is the NFL?

NFL stands for the National Football League of the United States that comprises 32 teams in total, where 16 units are under NFC and the other 16 teams under AFC. The NFC is between the groups of the National Football League and the American Football League. Usually, it happens in February, but due to covid 19, it is happening in September this year. 

Who is going to pay the fine for not wearing masks?

According to legit sources, ‘Coaches Fined for No Mask’ are Sean Payton of the Saints team, and Jon Gruden of the Raiders team was violating the rules of not wearing a face-covering during the match. Sean is the first person from the NFL who officially accepted that he is positive corona back in march, and he said that I am aware of the presence of the virus, and if the court asks to pay fine, I will pay it.

Gruden also said that he was also corona positive and knows what is right for him, and even then, if the court asks him to pay a fine, he will pay the full amount. On Monday, there were three more teams of NFL charged as their coaches were not wearing masks during the game. 

The three teams are the San Francisco 49ers, the Denver Broncos, and Seattle Seahawks. Their Coaches Fined for No Mask’ and now will have to face heavy penalties.

What is the amount of penalty?

Sean Payton of the Saints team and Jon Gruden of the Raiders team captain need to pay a penalty worth of 100000$ each, and each group requires to pay 250000$ each. At the same time, the San Francisco 49ers, the Denver Broncos, and Seattle Seahawks captains need to pay 100000$ each as acceptable. 

The first two teams also need to pay the fine, whereas the other three team captains only need to pay the fine.

The final line:

Troy Vincent, vice-president of the NFL, sent a memo to all the teams that they need to follow all the club’s protocols and the league along with the government direction to help prevent the spread of deadly coronavirus.

Thus, Coaches Fined for No Mask’ is an excellent decision as now all the teams will take care of wearing face coverings. Also, it is a warning for other groups and the public as well. 

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