Cloutearn com (Nov) Earn Money Online – Is It Scam?

Cloutearn com (Nov) Earn Money Online – Is It Scam?

Cloutearn com (Nov) Earn Money Online – Is It Scam? >> This article tells you about a website that claims to help you earn money online quickly.

Users spend several unproductive hours each day on social media. The platform Cloutearn com allows you to use this time to make some quick money by performing some easy tasks. By completing a variety of simple tasks, you can quickly earn some cash using its services.

The website has gained a reasonable amount of popularity in the United States and has attracted many users. If you want to know more about this website, its services, and features, please keep reading this article as we’ll mention all the relevant information about it.

What is Cloutearn?

Cloutearn, better known by its website address, Cloutearn com, is a platform that offers users the opportunity to make money quickly using social media platforms and performing straightforward tasks. The website seeks out brands that need engagement and earns money by providing them the required attention.

It has gained some popularity in the United States. The platform is free to use, and everyone can use its services.

How does Cloutearn work? 

This website offers several methods by which users can earn money. All the relevant information about its services is given below:

  • The website offers users multiple methods to earn money.
  • Users can complete some listed offers to earn quick money.
  • Users can watch videos, advertisements, etc. to gain money.
  • They can also take part in surveys to earn money.
  • You can also download apps as part of their offers to make money.
  • For inviting a friend to the platform, you receive a gift or a bonus in the form of money.
  • The payment and withdrawal by this website are quick, according to its claims.
  • They also claim their customer service to be excellent.

Customer Reviews

We looked at many reviews of Cloutearn com to determine if the website and its offers are legitimate. After extensive research, we found that the website is a scam. Reviews on the website are positive, but that is a part of their scam. 

On other platforms, the response is overwhelmingly negative. Users have stated that this website is a scam, and others shouldn’t use it. Some users said that it kept changing its name frequently and robs users of their personal information. 

Users have claimed that they’ve never received or earned money by its services and comment that this website sells its users’ data.

Final Verdict

With the continual technological advancements and the reliance on the internet for our everyday activities, scammers have become more active and lure users into their trap to steal their money or information. Cloutearn com is one of such scams. 

They claim to help you earn money by using social media platforms and performing simple tasks, but it’s a scam, as evident from the countless customer reviews. They likely sell your personal information. Hence, this website isn’t safe to use. 

Let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.

0 thoughts on “Cloutearn com (Nov) Earn Money Online – Is It Scam?

  1. First off I wanna say YES THEY ARE A SCAM! The support team is a few abnormal s working across SKYE to help u with further problems which is SO unprofessional and they rarely respond.

    What makes them scammers though is that my money was suppose to deposit on Oct.20th and I have yet to get paid. I was told I would receive my payment on the 30th and after so my support team manager disappeared as in stopped responding to my cried for help.

    Do not give these people the light of day. As you can see I hit a brick wall! After the support stop responding there’s NOTHING ELSE u can do.

    A waste of my time and energy. I wanna sue

  2. I have not received my payment that was suppose to be sent 11/02/2020. I completed all of my tasks and cahed out and screen shot everything even my payment info. Come on now we all need our money. My kids and I need this money to have our power turned back on. We have been without power for 3 days now and it’s cold!!!!!!!

  3. Dam scam fam. I was supposed to get paid on the 3rd. They owe me like $15,000. I shoulda known this site was too good to be true. F**k CloutEarn!!!

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