Civvl Reviews (Sep 2020) Reviews For Better Clarity.

Civvl Reviews (Sep 2020) Reviews For Better Clarity.

Civvl Reviews (Sep 2020) Reviews For Better Clarity. >> This article speaks of an app/website that signs up people for contractual jobs of eviction agents.

Several new kinds of jobs have cropped up with the gig economy coming into force in the United States. Becoming a Civvl Agent is one such new-age job that is simple and readily available no matter where you are.

So, if you are wondering whether or not to sign up to be a Civvl Agent, we request you to read till the end of the article as here at Civvl Reviews, we would be answering all your queries.

What is Civvl?

Civvl is a Process Services and Property Preservation Company in the United States. Its clients include mainly Realtors, Bankers, Landlords, Property Plaintiffs, and even Estate Courts. Civvl Reviews discovered that Civvl is a company that helps these clients evict illegal squatters or non-paying tenants from their property.

It is common knowledge that nowadays, there are too many people taking on loans and new property and then discontinuing payments. By becoming a Civvl Agent, you can help by tracking such people and aiding their eviction procedure, making money in the process.

How does Civvl Work?

One of the easiest things is to sign up to be a Civvl Agent. Civvl Reviews found the website to be easily navigable and user-friendly. If you are a United States resident, you have to log in and fill out a form stating your details, address, social security number, and the rest. 

After the form, you pay a $35 signup fee, and you can start working. Work is guaranteed, and Civvl enables you to work for them in all 50 states; it is that easy! There is also an app you can download and follow the same procedure.

What are people saying?

There is a lot of mixed opinion among the people who worked as Civvl Agents. Civvl Reviews found very few users having positive reviews. Google Playstore has 52 studies, of which only four have given it a 5 star. The average rating of the app is less than two stars.

Among the negative reviews, most seem to have the grievance of not having allotted jobs even after paying the $35. Few have stated Civvl deducts 30% of your income as there own share for every assigned job. Some have written they were charged cancellation fees upon refusing jobs.

The major negative reviews, however, come on humanitarian grounds. Most people have accused Civvl of using poor people to evict other people from their homes. The expelled are mainly poor and staying on public housing services. Civvl seems to be an ally to the wealthy contractors demolishing public housing and rendering more people homeless.


Civvl Reviews believes that if you are looking to make a quick buck, Civvl will help you in the process. The people you would be evicting would be defaulters in the first place, so the job is not illegal. 

But due to the negative public opinion on the nature of the work, you may have to be careful.

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