Chiefs Coach Mask (Feb 2021) – Some News About It!

Chiefs Coach Mask (Feb 2021) – Some News About It!

Chiefs Coach Mask (Feb 2021) – Some News About It! >> In this article, we will discuss a funny incident that took place at the National Football League.

Are you an NFL fan? If yes, you must be aware of all the chit-chat that has been going on about Chiefs Coach Mask online.

NFL enthusiasts from all around the United States and Canada discuss the evolution of NFL Chief’s mask all over the social media.

Sports enthusiasts enjoy the adventurous sports updates; they also get thrilled by every peculiar and funny fact they can bring about the people related to that sports.

Who is Andy Reid? 

The NFL Coach is in rumors for his masks is Andy Reid; he is the head of football team, Kansas City since 2013. He has previously coached Philadelphia Eagles from 1999 to 2012.

Chiefs Coach Mask came into notice on the night of NFL Seasons 2020 when the coach was supposed to wear face shield due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Andy Reid came with a transparent face shield that kept on fogging up and caused discomfort to the coach. This story was one of the highlighted issues in the chief’s season-opening. 

Evolution of Andy Reid’s Masks

Fighting for Super Bowl Kansas City Chief played on September 10 2020, when Andy Reid with different stages of face mask changes. 

At first, he decided to cover his face with a simple plastic shield, but the plastic shield kept on creating fog due to the cold. Please stay connected to know more about the Chiefs Coach Mask. 

The fans took the incident to Twitter, and the sports enthusiast made fun of the mask. 

For the next match, Reid decided to wear a clothing mask that goes to great lengths in the front, i.e. the mask had a long clothing material in the front and looked peculiar. The mask had Chief logo printed all over it and was in red overall. 

That’s when the fans took it on Twitter and made it a trend to make fun of his mask. 

What do fans have to say about the Chiefs Coach Mask?

Fans from all over the United States and Canada have taken the evolution of Andy Reid’s mask on Twitter and have shared their funny and uncanny comment online. 

Many have shared their wondering about what is Chief’s Mask all about. Other have tried to recreate Andy Reid’s mask via household material. Many said that he could fit a mini-meal in the mask. 

You may find many funny images made by people on various social media profiles making fun of Andy Reid’s mask. 

Final Word

We all know how little factors or incident happening in the National Football League can be a trendsetter or a new hashtags as per new social media terms. 

Even though Chiefs Coach Mask has provided a great reason to make fun of his fact, we still believe that jokes should never hurt anyone’s sentiment and should to a healthy extent. 

Do you have something fun to say about this new NFL trend? Please comment below and share it with other readers. 

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