Chasingakite Com Reviews [June] Trustworthy or a Scam?

Chasingakite Com Reviews [June] Trustworthy or a Scam?

Chasingakite Com Reviews [June] Trustworthy or a Scam? -> In the above-given article, you will come to know about an online shopping store providing custom products for every profession.

Are you browsing for a reliable shopping experience? Do you want to buy the custom collection for any hobby, profession, or sport? Online websites these days are a prominent source to buy every kind of product.

To assist you in knowing the right platform and alleviate your shopping experience, we will review a website named Chasingakite com for you.

In Chasingakite Com Reviews, we will tell you whether it is a legit website or a possible scam. 

The website Chasingakite com is based in the United States. This website deals with various kinds of products such as tools, furniture, digital watches, mobile phones, blankets, cycles, etc.

What is the Chasingakite Com website? 

Chasingakite Com is an e-commerce website that provides you with a custom collection for every profession, sport, hobby, passion, or more such things you might be looking for.

This website provides you with various products in the latest styles. Moreover, substantial discounts are available on almost all the products displayed on this website.

The Specifications of the Chasingakite Com website: 

  • Website: Chasingakite Com website is an e-commerce website dealing with a diversity of products.
  • This website’s products include blankets, tents, chairs, mobile phones, tools, furniture, laptops, etc.
  • The email address for the website is
  • The office address for the website is not given.
  • Most of the information provided on the Chasingakite website is misleading.
  • The phone number given on this website is (321) 701-4119.
  • The processing time for the order is 24hours.
  • This website provides free shipping over $9.9.  
  •  This website is not present on any social media platform.  
  • The website has a 14 days return period for its products. 
  • The product takes 7-15 business days for an order to get shipped.  
  • To visit this website, click on

Is the website Chasingakite Com worth your money?

Chasingakite Com Reviews asserts this website to be accessible for different kinds of people as it displays a wide variety in the products, including furniture, electronic gadgets, kitchen tools, expedition tools, etc. Moreover, all the products are priced very low, which is attractive but suspicious too.

However, we could find a lot of information on the website to be copied and pasted from other suspicious websites, which seems like a scam sign. Further, no customer reviews could be seen on the site as it shows a new domain name.

Also, this website was built only a month ago and is too new to be trusted. Therefore this website doesn’t seem worth your money. 

The positive remarks of the Chasingakite Com website:

  • All the products are available for a considerable discount.
  • The website comprises of variation in products.
  • All the products are in the latest designs. 
  • The adequate product description is available on this website.
  • The Chasingakite website is operating smoothly. 
  • This website exhibits a legal SSL certificate. 
  • The Chasingakite website was not recognized under any blacklist engine.

The negative remarks of the Chasingakite Com website:

  • The website is poorly designed and proves sloppy work
  • This website indicates a poor trust index.
  • Most of the information given on the website is copied from other scam websites. 
  • The product’s price is too reasonable to be true.
  • No customer reviews could be seen on the website. 
  • The Chasingakite website does not provide offline payment options.
  • Several grammatical errors were detected on this website. 
  • The website provides irrelevant information on it. 
  • The website carries low traffic. 
  • The website has a new domain name. 

What is the public opinion on the Chasingakite Com website?

People could easily detect grammatical mistakes and irrelevant information on the website due to which they found this website to stand as a suspicious one. The website was not reviewed by the customers and accordingly shows a low trust index. 

The pricing for the product of well-known brands on the website was too reasonable to be true. Hence it can be said that people didn’t find this website to be trustworthy and useful.


From Chasingakite Com Reviews, we got to know that the Chasingakite website showed untrue and irrelevant information on it. Most of the site showed a copy-paste work with a new domain name. Thus, all this information is reasonable enough to acknowledge this website to be a possible scam. 

Consequently, we won’t recommend buying any products from this website as it doesn’t seem to be a valid source. We suggest you make sure about the authenticity of the site before making any payment.

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  1. I have paid for tools never got them wtf assholesreall pssed of i got scamed now if i ever get them then i sorry but for now this is bullshit

  2. This is a scam !!!!! I ordered chairs on 6.23.20 and never got them and have tried to contact them via email address that is listed no response.

  3. Scam all the way around. I went to there site and two different emails are listed. Couldn’t find a phone number or address. Ordered something over a month ago and nothing has came. Also found 3 fraudulent charges on my credit card after purchasing from them.

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