Charlie Wig Com Reviews (Sep) Are You Losing Money Here?

Charlie Wig Com Reviews (Sep) Are You Losing Money Here?

Charlie Wig Com Reviews (Sep) Are You Losing Money Here? >> This article mentions a site that deals with wigs for men and women, claiming to have the best reasonable prices.

These days’ people have the problem of baldness, and nobody likes it. That’s why, in this modern era, the thing that we see is the prevalence of wigs all over the world. In this situation, we need to know that is it really that all the people like to wear wigs on their heads, then the answer will come a sharp ‘no’ because all the people don’t like to wear a wig but instead want to stay natural with their head. 

But as far as those who want to wear are concerned, they don’t want to wear anything terrible. In this Charlie Wig com Reviews, we will see that nothing goes unnoticed about a website that happens to from the United States.

There are many reasons for people to avoid the usual kind of wigs. One of them is the quality of the wigs. The other reasons may be the sticking things in the wigs and their side effects. 

Hence In this Charlie Wig com Reviews, we will make sure that we get the best information from the given site.

What is Charlie Wig?

The website is a site that deals with the products of wigs for both men and women. The site mentions different wigs in different categories such as 2020 hot sale wigs, new arrival, and hot summer sale, Men’s Wigs, Black women’s wigs, LOCS, and braided wigs.

The wigs also come in different qualities and various designs. Some of the designs are curly wigs, pixie cut wigs, bob wigs, color wigs, braided wigs, etc. Charlie Wig com Reviews also learned that though the site is mainly about the wigs of different kinds, the site also mentions other accessories. 

These accessories are hairband, hair straightening iron, hair straightening brush, etc. On the purchase of three wigs, there is a discount of ten percent, and if the customers buy six wigs, they will get a discount of fifteen percent.

Specifications of Charlie Wig:

  • /u/44Website products: Wigs for men and women.
  • Email:
  • Contact Number: It cannot be found anywhere on the site.
  • Hours of operation: It can also not be found.
  • Payment: through online modes such as PayPal, VISA, Master, and Maestro cards.
  • Return: It can be applied within 14 days from the date of delivery.
  • Refund: It is also applicable after the approval from the seller.

Pros of Charlie Wig:

  • There are excellent products on the site.
  • Special discount is going on depending on the purchase of the number of items. 
  • The wigs’ shipping has been made available worldwide, such as Asia, America, Europe, Africa, etc.
  •  There is a section of FAQs.
  • The reviews by the customers make the site very trustworthy. 

Cons of Charlie Wig:

  • The contact number has not been given.
  •  There is a missing section of frequently asked questions.

Is Charlie Wig Legit?

Looking at all the things that we saw in this Charlie Wig com Reviews, it can well be said that the site is legit, and the customers can feel that they have concluded where they will not have to feel gloomy about their orders. The site has all those things that an authentic site should have.

Customer reviews on Charlie Wig:

The website has reviews of the customers, which is a good thing for the site to grow as soon as possible. This also instills a feeling of confidence in the minds of the customers. The customers are showing their satisfaction because they have got the wigs of their preference. 

They are expressing their happiness through their positive comments about the product. Charlie Wig com Reviews also found that the way the customers are showing their satisfaction level is outstanding.

Final Verdict

As far as the final verdict on the site is concerned, it can be said that the site is authentic, and the reviews by the customers give the site a plus point for the customers to believe as the site claims that 99.3 percent of the reviews recommend the products offered on the site. 

There is 24-hour customer support for the buyers. Looking at the buyers’ overall satisfactionCharlie Wig com Reviews recommends the products for the customers.

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0 thoughts on “Charlie Wig Com Reviews (Sep) Are You Losing Money Here?

  1. I purchased a wig from Charlie wig and was very disgusting. They sent me a wig that I didn’t order, I email them and they told me they upgraded my wig. If I can down load pics you will see the wig is not even close to what it supposed to be. Don’t order nothing from them, you will be disappointed and they will not give u a refund or returned. They need to be out of business asap.

    1. I know what u mean. I waited along time to get that ugly ass wig n when I did. I was upset. I emailed them. I never heard anything back. Low down dirty soab..

      1. Please do not waste u money to buy wigs on this Charlie wigs i purchase two wigs and they send me what they want and not what i order am trying to get my money back the wigs are terrible

    2. Hello Janet, I had a similar experience with them. The products advertised are not the products you will receive. Paypal at first wouldn’t refund me and stated it was similar to what I ordered. The wigs are hideous. They use other people’s pictures to advertise their products and then send you what was not advertised. I had to reach out to BBB for assistance to get it resolved as my next step would have me going public. I think it is a shame they are allowed to falsely advertise, use other pictures that dont even provide you with the product you would receive. They know exactly what they are doing and have gotten away with it for a while. I hope Paypal doesnt fail another consumer has they had done me without looking into the case. I provided evidence of the items advertised and the items that i received. One of the wigs should have human hair and I was told to use wig spray to turn the synthetic hair into human hair. I work too hard to be conned out of my money like that.

  2. Don’t order from here” this company can’t be be found! No way to contact them” the wigs o received are not what I ordered, and it took two months to get! I cant stand this company taking advantage of consumers, I repeat don’t buy..

  3. I Ordered A Wig From Charlie Wigs. A Waste Of My F’N Money. SOAB. Plzs Dont Order From Them. I Wish U Could C The Wig They Advertised N The One They Sent 2 Me. IWPTFO. Still Am.

  4. Hi I’m afraid I’ve been scammed too.
    Ordered three wigs and none of them was what I ordered. The quality of the hair is beyond poor and their customer services is a disgrace. No communication whatsoever. Delivery took over a month. Very disappointing that companies like these exist and are only here to rip you off.

  5. I ordered four wugs from them and not happy with them. I have sent them pictures and still no return address. One look like it was pieces from different styles added to it, and the rest are not the right color. I have asked for a return address so that I can return and so far I keep getting suggestions and not given the address. I spent over $100 and want a refund. I will be taking this further.

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