Reviews [June] Read Truth About This Site Reviews [June] Read Truth About This Site Reviews [June] Read Truth About This Site -> In this article, you read about the website dealing in women’s casual and funky jewellery.  

You can rock any outfit if paired with the right accessories. Jewellery has nowadays become a fashion statement, be it traditional or casual.

This is the only reason that new jewellery brands are emerging with the unique and trendy designs. One such brand dealing in jewellery is In this article, you will read about Reviews.

Also, earlier it was believed to purchase jewellery from the store only, after checking it out thoroughly in terms of quality and weight. But with the growing online market, the jewellery industry is also booming digitally.

Chakros is an online website dealing with all kinds of jewellery. Be it casual or funky, and this website allows you to select from a wide range of pieces. Buyers in the United State are appreciating the site as well as its jewellery pieces.

But, the authenticity of the website is all that matters first. Below in this article, you’ll be reading more about this website, to get clarity on whether the same is legit or just a scam to earn money.

What is Chakros?

Jewellery has emerged as a new fashion statement, along with growing fashion needs. Chakros is one such online website that offers you a vast range of jewellery pieces. 

Be it any occasion, any outfit, and you can still have your impact on the others just by pairing the right jewellery pieces.

The website sells necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, rings, anklets, and earrings. Further, in these categories, there are hundreds of options available to select from, according to every outfit and mood. 

But again, stuck on the same question: Is it safe to place an order from this website? Is Chakros legit?

Read more to find out if you can blindly trust the website or there are some loopholes in it need to be worked on.

Specifications of Chakros:

  • Website: Online Jewellery website
  • Email:
  • Address: 7927, Michener Ave, PA 19150, United States
  • Contact Person: David Hannah
  • Contact Number: (937) 844-7231
  • Shipping Time: 4-6 Business Days after order placement.
  • Delivery Time: 5-8 Business Days 
  • Return Policy: Within 30 Days of order placement.
  • Exchange: Within 30 Days of order placement.
  • Refund: Initiated within three days.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, Debit Card, and Credit Card.

Benefits of Purchasing form Chakros:

  • Option to select from a vast range of pieces.
  • All kinds of jewellery items available.
  • Jewellery items reasonably priced.
  • Order is delivered only within a few days of placement.
  • Refund is initiated only within 3 Days.

Cons of Chakros:

  • COD not available.
  • Extra charges to be paid at the time of returns or exchange.
  • Duplicate images for the jewellery pieces available on the website.
  • Quality of the product is not the same as shown in the pictures.

What are customers saying about

Customer Reviews neither about the website nor about the products offered are available on the site. The brand is also not available on the other social media platforms. Hence it was quite challenging to collect the reviews by the customers.

But somehow, we managed to collect some reviews to help you solve your queries regarding the website and the products delivered to its buyers.

Some are satisfied with the website and the products, while others aren’t. 

Talking about the positive ones, buyers appreciate the products delivered to them. They’ve mentioned that the quality of the products is worth the money they’ve paid. They’re also welcoming the returns and refund policies offered by the website. Products claimed for returns or exchange are collected within a short period, and the same request is also initiated within a few days only. 

But along with the positive ones, some are still there who either isn’t happy or faced some issues on the website. Some customers claimed that the images used by the website to showcase its products are copied from the other sources. And also, the products available on this website are expensive as compared to the other ones. 

Final Verdict:

After going through the website thoroughly and after studying all its points, policies, and available information, it can be concluded that the site is legit. There is no information hidden by the website that might arouse any question in the mind of its customers. 

The website is appreciated by many of its buyers, and also, they are satisfied with the products. But along with them, some customers faced some issues in the same.

We still recommend you to go through the website thoroughly without placing any order, to get clarity about the same. 

Make comment below your views about the same.

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  1. I firmly believe I am a victim of a “bait and switch” online retail scam. May 28, 2020, I was searching for a product on Google, Keter (brand) Denali (model) 150-gallon Deck Storage Box (Item). came up in the search results, and the price was ridiculously low, ~$100.00 less, so I did a search for reviews and landed at this website. I read what was written, top to bottom, and learned that chakros is for jewelry. I went back to the site, did a search for my item, and it popped up (at that moment), read the details and it matched the details of the Keter website — almost too closely. Still, I proceeded as the payment would go through PayPal and all the details would be shown. What happened next, I did not expect. I processed the payment, and when the confirmation came in (Transaction ID: 5VJ05556L9054001F) it revealed a vendor only using Chinese caricatures, (佳腾 韩) I don’t read Chinese, and this was the item description: IEALEM 83sh7gqdxf
    At this point, I pretty much knew I had been had, so I started a PayPal (PP) Resolution Center complaint explaining all the details. Now, when starting a PP Resolution Center complaint, you are given two choices: Fraudulent or Item Not Received. I selected Fraudulent Charge. Within less than 48 hours PP sent an email stating the claim was authorized, not fraudulent, and the case was closed. I did authorize the payment to Chakros, not the vendor to whom the payment was sent, and clearly identified the bogus item description in my PP complaint. On June 3rd I received a PP email stating the item shipped!!! There was a tracking number, so I clicked on it and reviewed all the details. What immediately jumped out at me was that the package weight listed was 2.10 pounds. The Keter product weighs 45 pounds. The astounding thing about the tracking info was that it was to be delivered that day, June 3rd. So I thought, what the hell, let’s see what is delivered. Nothing, and two other packages arrived that day but were delivered to my neighbor’s house — the regular driver, who knows me well, would not have dropped them there. Also, my neighbor, whom I trust, said those were the only two packages. Clearly, if a 45 pound box had been delivered, she would have told me to come get it!!!
    So, I go back to PP’s Resolution Center, I am not allowed to open another claim on this item because the previous claim/case had been closed. There is NO OPPORTUNITY within this process to select “item not delivered”. Essentially, PP shuts the consumer down. I immediately deleted the credit card info I stored with PP, and posted on FB about this incident and recommended to all that they not use PP anymore. I advocate that with any reading this missive.
    I currently have a claim with UPS and I contacted my credit card lender with a claim against PP as well.
    I also contacted Chakros ( and addressed it to the person’s name on the website (David Hannah) and requested prompt attention and reply back, going so far to suggest that the Chakros site might have been hacked for a “bait and switch”. I received no reply from Chakros or Mr. Hannah, and subsequently informed them/him, via email, that I would pillory this retail website on Social Media.
    Therefore, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT SHOPPING OR PURCHASING ANYTHING from There is no telling what you will receive or what your online experience will be. I can tell you over the past 2 days I have spent about 8 hours of my time trying to resolve this.


  2. Please tell me where my package is I ordered it on the 28th of may and it’s still not here I got a email that it was shipped but it’s not here yet why

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