Cecil Hotel La Booking (Feb) Get the Reviews Below

Cecil Hotel La Booking (Feb) Get the Reviews Below

Cecil Hotel La Booking (Feb) Get the Reviews Below >> Were you looking for an exciting holiday place? Well, we got it sorted for you.

The pandemic is about to come to an end, and finally, life is returning to normalcy. 2020 would be remembered as the year of pandemic. We all have a been warrior in some form or the other. We had to stay home for almost an entire year to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and the whole human race. 

After all, this suffering and sacrifice, don’t you think we all deserve a good holiday far away from our home? If you’re worried about the destination then don’t worry, Cecil Hotel la Booking and various other location like the United Kingdom has got it sorted for you.

Read this article to know more about the hotel; its legacy, and how you can spend your holiday at the hotel.

Legacy of the Hotel

The central Cecil hotel is a budget hotel located in downtown Los Angeles at 640 S. Main Street. The hotel was constructed in 1924 by the three hoteliers Charles L. Dix ,William Banks Hanner, and Robert H. Schops as a destination for tourists and business travellers.

It is designed in beaux art style by Loy Lester Smith and built by W.W. PadenCecil Hotel la Booking boasts opulent marble lobby with stained glass-windows, alabaster statuary and potted palms.

It has been considered one of the Los Angeles’ Historical-Cultural Monument and many other monuments of the world boasts of the same design and legacy.

As of now, the hotel has 19 floors and 700 guest rooms.

About the ownership

As the Cecil Hotel is almost a century old and it has gone through several transfers in the ownership and significant changes. So, we believe it is vital to inform you to make a wise choice.

In 2007, some portion of the hotel was reconstructed after new owners took over.

In 2011, the Cecil Hotel was renamed as “Stay on Main”; however, you can make your Cecil Hotel la Booking on thececilhotel.com.

In 2014, the hotel was off sold to Richard Born for the amount of 30 million U.S dollar, after which a New York firm, Simron Baron Development took a 99-year lease on the property.

 In 2016 Matt Baron, the president of the Simron Baron, said that they are committed to preserving the building’s historical and architectural significance. Still, his company plans to redevelop the interiors completely. Apart from redeveloping rooms, they also plan to develop a gym, lounge and a rooftop swimming pool. The project is expected to be completed by 2021. 

Cecil Hotel la Booking

 The hotel offers three kind rooms with an occupancy of 2 people:

  1. Twin rooms with twin beds and private bathroom for 45$
  2. Standard double room with shared bathroom for 36$
  3. Queen room with private bathroom for 45$  

Customer Review

The hotel has been commended for its excellent view but has got some negative reviews due to many homeless people living around. 

Customers were happy with the services and did not mind staying again.

Final Verdict

The hotel might be closed for a while due to the refurbishing but is expected to open in early 2021.

Cecil Hotel la Booking can be made easily by visiting the website, and we’d recommend checking the history before booking.

Do share your views if you too enjoyed a stay here or planning for the same.

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