Caramia Bras Reviews [Jan 2021] Read It Before Order!

Caramia Bras Reviews [Jan 2021] Read It Before Order!

Do you wish to remain in shape? Fed up of uncomfortable bras? If you want a designable bra and also yet comfortable, head over to

Most of the time, unfitted sizes and the bras’ suffocating cloth can be the biggest reason for the women’s frustration. The hassle of wearing uncomfortable bras has always been an enormous pain in the neck.

Caramia Bras Reviews reveals that the women are content with the luxurious, comfortable, best-fit cost-effective prices of the bras. The customers are delighted with the positive response from the buyers.

Looking at the high demand for this product, it has become highly popular in the United States.

However, you might be wondering that this could be the best website to buy comfy bras. But hold on for a while! 

Before being in haste to buy these bras, it is essential to understand the website’s specifications, pros, cons, and customer reviews. It will help you know whether this website is a legit or a scam.

In our unbiased review, we will also give you insight into the other top-quality top bra brands in the world – Warner’s Women’s Easy, Xuvozta Women Multiway Padded Push Up Bra, and Fruit of the Loom Women’s. 

Due to the increasing fraudulent online shopping stores, the buyers need to be very much cautious. Therefore, to become an aware buyer, we would want you to read this article and go through the brief details about this online store.

What is Caramia Bras?

The online shopping store, named, has the most lavish bras and is comfortable too. They are also offering free shipping. The bra is incredibly soft, also has excellent support, and is exceptionally smooth. 

All the bras don’t have any underwire. The underwire of the bra often makes it extremely uncomfortable and, in worse cases, is a pain The best part is that it has no cutting straps or irritating underwire. It is incredibly comfortable. Also, it has great offers and deals.

It has the facility of the caramia bra coupon code. The code will help you to avail of many offers at the best prices. It also has a size chart that allows you to get a fitted and comfortable bra.

Why are Caramia Bras unique?

The Caramia bra is unique in many ways. It has various characteristics. It has incredibly comfortable straps that are adjustable. Also, the bras have an additional property of cooling ventilation in the front as well as the back.

Free shipping is one of the best features of the website from where this fantastic product can be bought. It also has the additional feature of availing the best prices of the bras, for instance, purchasing a set and getting 50% off on the set. Isn’t it beautiful? The products are machine washable and are created to fit women of all shapes and sizes. There are many positive cara mia bra reviews highlighted on the website.

We will now understand the specifications, advantages, and disadvantages of buying this product. Additionally, we will also take a look at the customer’s feedback, and then finally, you can make up your mind whether to buy the caramia bra from here or not. So let’s proceed further.

Specifications of Caramia Bras 

  • Product: Caramia Bras
  • Website Link:
  • Email Id
  • Contact Number:(800) 431-8995
  • Shipping Fee: Free Shipping
  • Return/Exchange Policy:100% guaranteed within 30 days of receipt
  • Mode of Payment: Online mode

Advantages of buying Caramia Bras
  • The product is extremely comfortable.

  • It has many offers and deals which are at cost-effective prices.

  • It offers free shipping.

  • The 30-day recipient, with a guaranteed return.

  • The product is specially designed for women of all shapes and sizes.

Disadvantages of buying Caramia Bras
  • The payment method is online, which can be a bit hazardous for some people.

  • As it is woman lingerie, there is nothing for kids or men, which can leave this section bit disappointed.

  • The colors of the bras are limited.

Customer Reviews for Caramia Bras

This product has hugely positive responses from its customers. Every buyer who has bought this comfortable bra has all the praises to shower. The buyers’ positive and high ranking ratings indicate that the customers are incredibly content with the products.

One of the women has expressed her delight regarding the comfortable nature of the bra. She says she feels exceptionally pleased while she has worn it.

All in all, the quality, cost, and feedback make this product quite appealing.

We have gone through a couple of bras and identified the top three bras amongst them. Now, lets read about these authentic bras available on Amazon and find out what’s the reason for their popularity.  

1)  Fruit of the Loom Women’s: The Company promised to deliver premium quality of comfortable undergarments at a reasonable price. 


  • It is imported
  • Height –0.7” high
  • Width- 14” wide
  • Color- Black, white
  • It has an adjustable closure

  • 160+ years of trust

  • Built-in Bottom bump padding

  • Adjustable Front strap

  • Wire-free

  • Fabric- Smooth and soft

  • Affordable price

  • Ranked #22 in Everyday Bras on Amazon

  • Many happy customers across Americas -4.2- star ratings on Amazon

  • Ranked #390 in Women’s Shops on Amazon

  • Ranked as #705 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry on Amazon

  • No information about international shipping outside America

  • Much cheaper options are available

2)  Xuvozta Women Multiway Padded Push Up Bra: It is a flawless underwire bra with deep U.


  • Multi-way Convertible bra
  • Hook and Eye closure
  • Transparent straps
  • Elastic belt
  • 3D molded cup
  • Soft padding
  • Removable straps
  • Convertible straps

  • Designer bra

  • Has been ranked as #515 in Everyday Bras on Amazon

  • Has received 4.1-star ratings on Amazon

  • Free Gifts- one transparent shoulder strap and one elastic extension belt

  • Many happy customers across the United States

  • Many cheap varieties of Bras are available

  • No information about other countries where it ships

3) Warner’s Women’s Easy– It is one of the most popular wire-free bras having premium quality. The features are as follows:

  • Imported bra
  • Easy Chart available- to find the perfect fit
  • No Closure 
  • Premium quality
  • Contains 94% Nylon and 6% Spandex
  • Can be washed in a machine
  • Extra-side coverage panels
  • The stretched fabric gives every women perfect shape

  • Wire-free

  • Highly comfortable

  • Ranked as #1 in Everyday Bras

  • Received 4.5-star ratings on Amazon

  • Ranked as #20 in Women’s Shops

  • Ranked as #43 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

  • Little padding

  • Not available in sizes of 46+

  • No information about international shipping

Final Verdict

Therefore, to avoid the fraudulence of a particular website, it is necessary to go through the specifications, properties, characteristics, pros, and cons. After going through the details of this specific product, it can be indicated that this product is quite beneficial, and the website is genuine. 

The customers are pleased with the service, and they are satisfied with the prices as well. All in all, the site is highly recommendable among the buyers.

0 thoughts on “Caramia Bras Reviews [Jan 2021] Read It Before Order!

  1. I just got my 6 bras. This 42 DD bra must be made for Chinese women, where this bra is made. The shoulder straps are not adequate either. I looked for a larger cup size so I could return these, however only the circumference size got larger which would not work. Please let me know by phone 606-847-4420 if there is a solution. My email does not work.

      1. Do not buy!!!!!
        …i was changed twice and can not get a hold of a person. its been almost 4 weeks and i have no clue when my order is.

    1. I ordered these bras and they are way too small. I have emailed twice to get return instructions and the third time I tried to email them their email address wasn’t a valid email address any longer. I tried to call them but was on hold for a very long time. I spent over $100 ordering 6 of these bras and they are totally worthless. Don’t waste your money unless you have money to burn. I’m going to call the Attorney General to see if their scam can be shut down.

      1. I called and finally got through on the main Customer Service Line. I spoke with a man named Chris. He advised me that the Order No. is the return authorization number. Send it back to the address on the label that was enclosed if you are in the US. These are horrible bras. You have to put them on over your head!

  2. I got my order and they simply do not fit. Tried calling to get a return code. Am on hold – again – on my 11th attempt to reach this company. I have spent more than 4 hours and 22 minutes on hold trying to return it. Absolutely DO NOT BUY!!!

  3. I purchased 6 bras and found them to be very uncomfortable to put on . tried over the head and stepping into. I need to return them but
    there is no papper work in either bag and no one answers the phone on hold for 15 min. listning to crazy piano music. please get in touch with me.
    I have enclosed my email address.
    Susan Salvi
    24 Travis Rd
    Natick, MA 01760

    1. The Order No is the return authorization number. The address to return them for US residents is 300
      Returns Rd., Wallingford, CT 06493


  5. I just received my 3 bras. I tried one on yesterday and today. You have to be a contortionist to put the bra on. I had to unclip the lacy part to put it on. I then struggled with clipping the lacy part back on. This is the worst bra I have ever owned. I will be donating the other 2 bras to Goodwill.

    1. I also ordered these bras. They are very pretty, but they are way to small. I even ordered a larger size to begin with. Please send me your return address so I can exchange these bras
      I do like the bras, I just need the next largest size.

  6. This company is really cheap. I received my order and the bras didn’t fit so I wanted to return them. The advertisement says Guaranteed returns…what they leave out is that the customer has to pay for the return shipping and handling. I have never had to pay for a return item with other organizations/companies. I will never order from this company again. Too bad, you lost a customer…and gained some negative response. Word of mouth and the internet are great marketing devices but negative responses hurt your efforts.

  7. So very glad I read this article and the reviews because I was just about to go to their website and buy them. Thanks so much everyone.

    1. Thank you! Also glad I read the article before planning on ordering. As the saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!”

  8. Like others on this thread, the bras DO NOT fit properly.
    Hold on the customer service line disconnects after twenty minutes.

    They won’t accept returns without an authorization code and they don’t answer email requests either!

    This company is a rip off!!!!

  9. I was ready to purchase these bras and I want to thank you all for your reviews. Everyone claims that the bras are too tight or too small, as well as not being able to return them without hassle. I have very large breasts and nature/gravity has set in, if you know what I mean. I won’t mess with a bra that gets all bad reviews, especially because they make you buy 3 and the colors are so limited. I really wanted to choose different combinations of colors and they only offer nude, black, and white OR all nude. What about Black women who really do not want to wear a nude bra made for white skin? Pretty inconsiderate and culturally exclusive. I noticed that they DO have plus sizes. I’m curious to know if anyone bought the plus sizes (2X, 3X) and was still unsatisfied. Again, thank you for reviewing this and giving potential customers the chance to know the truth.

    1. Thanks everyone for all the honesty. I too was ready to go on and order the bras. I have been ripped off before, so now I checked out every web site before I purchased. The people who own these browsers should pay more attention to who they are selling space to INSTEAD OF JUST GETTING RICH. THEY ARE CAUSING GOOD HONEST HARD WORKING PEOPLE TO LOSE A LOT OF MONEY.

  10. DO NOT BUY CARAMIA BRAS! CaraMia provides bras that don’t fit for a hefty price. I paid $75 for 3 bras that are overall too small. I called the CaraMia help line 3 times. Each time I was on hold for more than 15 minutes and then someone intentionally hung up on me. I’ve sent them 30 emails asking for a return authorization and no response. These bras don’t fit and are worthless. DONT BUY FROM CARAMIA!

  11. I wish I had read these reviews before I ordered. I ordered somewhere around June 25, and the website confirmed my order with a size medium. I am a 2X. I called back the next day and they supposedly corrected it and the new bras were on their way. The lady told me because of my problems to simply give away the first set of mediums which I did. I have been trying to get my correct bras ever since. Every time I call I am on hold for at least a half an hour With the most hideous music playing in the background. Finally I spoke to someone on Thursday who told me the holdup was they were out of stock in size 2X and that now that they were in stock it would be sent out within a couple of days. Here we are about five days later and when I call in, the computer response is constantly that my order went out June 30. The first order went out June 30. I am out of bras and out of the money and during this covert crisis I could not afford it. I am still waiting. Now I am reading that they probably won’t fit. What can I do?

  12. I’m glad I read the reviews before ordering. What a way to Scam someone. Women want and need comfort why false advertise

  13. Thanks for this info. Me and a friend were looking to purchase. No thanks! I thought the offer was too good to be true!!

  14. Thank you all for all the comments I was just about to buy some I’m very glad to read this save me a lot of headaches it sounds like ladies!

  15. I wish I had read these reviews. The bras stink. And I am trying to contact them to get return shipping instructions and I cannot get through. They put me on hold for over 20 minutes and I finally hung up. I am writing this because I cannot get to talk to anyone to help me. I waited over 2 weeks for delivery and I am so disappointed. But to be put on hold for so long, AND I TRIED 3 TIMES. It is unacceptable.

  16. Just received these bras. Extremely disappointed. Sizing as described by others very small. I even remeasured myself thinking I had made a mistake in ordering. I added 4 inches to my band measurement and still came up with same size. Pads that come with bra float around inside cup. One of the pads was crushed. Took me 1 hour on hold with customer service before I got a rep. She offered me 20% off next order. When I said no she offered 25%. This even after I voiced my complaint. Now on top of damaged bra in order I still have to pay to return. Wish I had read these reviews first.

  17. Im so Very Happy to all who wrote reviews on this bra…I was about to purchase and decided to check the reviews because i typiclly do it after i recieve items and get no responses.
    Thank u Thank u!!!

  18. OMG!!! Thx ladies for leaving honest reviews & feedback. I am so glad I read these horrible reviews & I’m shocked too, the commercial had me fooled,but I ALWAYS read reviews, cuz I write them as well!
    Ladies, you saved me money today!

  19. I WISH I would’ve read the review’s FIRST before I ordered these “bras” I haven’t gotten mine yet and it’s been over a month. I can’t get an answer from ANYBODY over the phone they put you on hold FOREVER, nobody answers. It seem’s like I’m out of $70 smh . I NEVER had a problem ordering ANYTHING from tv until now.

  20. I’m grateful for these honest reviews. Sad to say, but there are a lot of Asian companies disguised as USA businesses. After you purchase, you find out later after your scammed out of your money. Fraud

  21. I’m so sorry that I did not see these posts BEFORE I purchased 6 Bras. They did not fit, couldn’t get them on. Waited on hold for at least an hour and 15 minutes to get an authorization code. Returned them by 2 day delivery with the post office on 7/17/2020 that cost me $13.25. Package arrived there 7/20/2020 at their post office and has not been retrieved by Cara Mia. Therefore, the tracking shows In Transit. Again I called and waited on hold for over an hour and was told because of Covid 19, they have changed their post office pick up procedures. Parcels are picked up about once a week, packages are sanitized and then the refunds are processed. Also that it usually takes 7-10 days to get a refund. Everyday I check and tracking still shows IN TRANSIT. I had a friend check the tracking and the package is there in Wallingford but has not been picked up. DO NOT BUY THESE BRAS!!!! IF YOU NEED TO RETURN, YOU WON’T GET YOUR GUARANTEED REFUND! THIS IS A HUGE SCAM!!! THEY ARE FLOATING YOUR MONEY, PLEASE DO NOT BUY!!! I will file a claim with the Connecticut Attorney General.

  22. So glad I read these. I orderes a similar bra from China and these look exactly like them. Worst waste of money. Thanks to all who took the hit and saved us from these scammafied loser bras.

  23. Thank you ladies, for your reviews. I was just about to buy this and called them but decided to check reviews first. I am glad I did!

  24. Glad I read the reviews because I had real trouble ordering from the USA, only Canada would come up . Now I am glad I could not get thru to them !

  25. I too wanted to order these bras but glad I read the reviews. I can’t believe they said there were nothing but good reviews. I’m glad I decided to read the reviews. Thanks for keeping me from making a big mistake and wasting my money.

  26. Sorry ladies that this happened to you. But without your honest reviews more women would be scaled also. I was going to website to get me some bras a d checked on the reviews. So very glad I did. Once again Thanks to all my sister’s for your reviews.

  27. Thanks for the reviews. I was going to order them for a friend. I am glad that I read these reviews before doing so. I have remove d this company from my list. Especially when it appears that each person had a problem in returning the items, plus there appears to be a fee to return them. Although there isn’t a mention of what the cost is. No Thank You.

  28. After reading the reviews, I will NOT be purchasing. Thanks to everyone that sent a review. I’m sorry this company treated you so poorly by not responding.

  29. Saw the advertisement on TV so I thought I would do some research bc the last two items I bought from Instagram was crap and came from China with no directions. After reading here I will NOT be buying these!

  30. Wish I had read this before. After 2 weeks, I finally reached customer service. I, too, attempted email to find it went to caramiaswim.

    Spent 20 minutes every day for past week. I called earlier t I day at 930 am.

    I was told that I will be refunded the entire amount and I could either send bras back or keep them. I asked for transaction number which they didn’t have! I will be checking my credit card. Let’s just say, not very hopeful.

  31. I want an immediate return of the bras that were ordered and do not fit. Please send information for return and full credit to my card. I will not be paying for the bras and have been on hold with customer service for about I hour on speaker so that I can go about my business. I you cannot answer the phone calls do not list the number as available. I have also sent in a request by email therefore if I don’t get a response I will not only not pay the bill but will contact BBS and let them decide what the nest step will be and, according to other,s we all have the same complaint. So many dissatisfied customers is hard to imagine until I became one or them

  32. I too believe this company is a scam. I ordered 2X and was sent size small. I have tried calling numerous times to get the required “return authorization” and have been on hold for over 15 minutes each time. No address on their website. DO NOT ORDER

  33. Call 800-431-8995 and stay on hold until someone answers you. (I was on hold for 15 minutes) They will give you a return authorization number and address to return the bras. The big hitch is that YOU have to pay for shipping the bras back. It’s cost me a little over $12.00 to return via UPS, but it’s better than not getting my $106.19 back. I thought the bras were awful! Wish I read the reviews before ordering. They’re hard to put on and it’s tough finding the hooks on both sides. Just not comfortable at all!

  34. Goodness, the ad on tv sounded very good and I wanted to order these bras, however, after reading the reviews, no way will I order now. I am sorry those other women were taken advantage of, but wish to thank them for the advice and helped me to save my hard-earned money.

  35. I had the same problems for bras ordered under a different company name but who also couldn’t be found again. Do a chargeback on your credit card. You shouldn’t have to pay fiord a product that is NOT what they claim, or if you never received.

  36. Yes, thank you for all of the reviews! Obviously not the bra that is made out to be which is very disappointing. Good to know before wasting money.

  37. Had I known Caramia outsourced to China, I would never have ordered from them . I am WELL aware bras from China don’t fit me because I’ve been burned before. Can’t get a hold of customer care to do my GUARANTEED RETURN… I WILL be contacting the Better Business Bureau! Scam!!!! Do NOT BUY!!!

  38. Horrible product with worse customer service. Buyer beware and order at your own risk. Too bad if you want to return the product; they will do everything to avoid you being able to do so easily. Much better bras elsewhere.

  39. I too have had the same problems that so many have experienced. I received the bras and they are way too small. Apparently I was extremely fortunate… the first time I called to find out how to return or exchange the bras for a different size, the representative was helpful. She instructed me to keep the bras or donate them. Due to the COVID pandemic Caramia is not accepting returns/exchanges. She reviewed my order and assured me I would receive three new bras in the different size within 10 working days. That was over a month and a half ago. I have made several phone calls to Caramia. No one ever answers! I have waited 20 minutes, 30 minutes and believe me even longer just to see if at some point someone would answer. I have sent emails. No one has ever responded. Thankfully I only ordered the three pack of bras. However, money is money. I was willing to return the bras in exchange for a different size or receive a refund.

    After reviewing other comments from dissatisfied customers, apparently Caramia is not a reputable corporation. Their guarantee is worthless. However what is even more unbelievable is that Caramia continues to have infomercials running daily. Caramia is advertising on National television! It is unacceptable. Irrelevant of how much they pay for their time slot, they are allowed to continue to advertise. It is quite obvious this corporation has not been honest with the consumer. I don’t believe what I have experienced is an isolated incident.

  40. Wow! Just saw their ad on TV & was interested in ordering. I always read the reviews first & from what I’ve seen NOT one good review for the product OR customer service! I won’t be ordering & thank you to all who posted reviews!

  41. BUYER BEWARE: ALWAYS check the reviews before buying…particularly when dealing with Chinese vendors. They are unscrupulous and very crafty ; often using U.S. laws (particularly credit card transactions) to leave the consumer without recourse.

  42. I thought about purchasing 3 bras,but after reading the reviews, I don’t think so!
    These poor women that sent their money I’m sure went to paying for their commercials!! So sorry you ladies got scamed!

  43. Tried to call customer service. Waited 20 minutes the first time no response. 1 hour the next. There is no way to get to talk to this customer.
    ‘Very poor. I am returning. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE NO CUSTOMER !!! Worst I have ever I will never order again from this company.

  44. I Love my 3 bras. I listened to the instructions on the OFFICIAL CaraMia site that said to get a larger size. I also measured my size several times before I ordered and have no problem with the fit! Easy to put on and I feel supported finally! Wow what a difference now when I wear a blouse.

  45. The 2x is too small. I have tried calling you. On hold for an unreasonably long time and no one ever answered. Tried to email you and unsuccessful with that too.
    Not sure what is going on with CaraMia. The bras are supposed to be guaranteed. You said you could work with customers. How can we contact your help desk by phone, email or letter? please response.

  46. This company is a joke. The bras are terrible – no support at all and not even close to true to size. It’s almost impossible to hook this bra on the side without help. So I returned them. When my credit card bill came, there was no refund on it. When I tried to call, after holding on for 30 minutes, I heard activity on the line but no response. Infuriating! I finally hung up and will call back another day when I have a little more patience to deal with this horrible company. Do not buy these bras. I really wish I had read the reviews so I hope this helps other people to avoid these problems.

  47. I am so glad I read this as EVERY response is UNBELIEVABLE. I just watched the commercial and was going to buy it for my wife. I’m glad I didn’t THANKS! A LOT OF HELP! Companies don’t care….it’s a shame. Where you like TRUMP or not, we should stop companies like this from ASIA to screw people. I just got scammed on a Thermometer for COV-19 from a Chinese company. NO SUPPORT JUST SCREWED.

  48. Brought this bra with the 3 colors. Not true to size at all. It’s a tourniquet around your chest. No support. those lacey straps may support a size 32.

  49. Wow, thank goodness for the internet, I just saw a commercial for these bras and was going to order but I always read reviews first, thanks to all the negative comments I will not be ordering.

  50. If you need support these are not the bras for you. Comfortable yes, support, definitely not. I am returning mine and I will have to pay to ship them back . It was a mistake to buy them, I fell for the promo, don’t.

  51. Thanks to all who wrote reviews… so sorry that the product was not as advertised…I’ll pass the poor review on to my friends and will not purchase myself!

  52. Thank goodness I googled for reviews and found your site. Was going to order these bras…thank you for doing a wonderful customer service and informing us consumers of these rip-off companies. Please keep up your greatly appreciated service.

  53. Top three complaints are: 1) size shipped is too small, 2) poor telephone response, and 3) didn’t realize it was “step in” or “pull-over” type. I ordered for my wife and also suffered (1) and (3). Got lucky with (2)… immediate phone answer. Hope refund comes as promised. This is certainly no way to build a brand!

  54. I received my 3 bras yesterday after ordering them August 15th. I couldn’t get the bra on over my head without help from my friend. The pads were too small and moved around so I finally took them out and the lacey pieces were very hard to hook up when the bra was on. I am a larger breasted woman so I ordered a 3X size but once I was able to get the bra on properly it was very uncomfortable and kept rolling up when I sat down. In order to take it off I had to roll the bra down over my feet which sucks. Unfortunately I didn’t read the reviews before I purchased the bras and now I am having trouble returning them and I have lost $102.00. Please DO NOT BUY THESE BRAS. They are terrible. I will donate them.

  55. Thanks for letting others know about this scam. I almost bought some but they have it set up to buy six bras when I only wanted three. They also claimed the 50% off for ordering the additional three bras and it was optional. I didn’t see anyway to only order three without the “optional” three bras. That made me suspicious along with all the raves about how wonderful they are. So starting checking reviews. I so appreciate the warnings and will not be purchasing.

  56. Mine do fit but I wished I knew they went over your head and are hard to get on. Also the pads should be optional. The pads move around. I should know better to buy on- line as never as good as it sounds.

  57. Where to start? First, they are impossible to put on if you are at all damp from the shower. Don’t wear them if you plan to sweat; they irritate your skin under the breasts and cause a rash. When you wash them , the pads either travel into one cup or wad up in each cup. You have to manipulate the pads each time to get them back to where they were. The pads are too small for a large-busted woman. If they are positioned outside to keep the breasts from bulging out the sides, they bulge out the middle and vice versa. Bottom line – don’t waste your money; there are many bras on the market better than these.

  58. I ordered these bras and once they arrived, I did not like the fit. Sizing is definitely small. I called Customer Service, which turns out was in the US. The agent told me I had to email a third party since I ordered from Canada. There is no phone number to call for Canadian customers (red flag!) I emailed and got a response, asking for order information. I replied promptly, and have have emailed several times subsequently, with no response. There is supposed to be a 60-day return policy, but this is obviously a scam. I called my credit card company and registered a dispute in order to get my money back. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

  59. i don’t buy anything from china if i can help it and the 1st thing i wondered was if it was made in china. i was hyped to buy a pair and so glad i checked it out b4 i checked it in. dear ladies, i am so sadden that you all have lost your hard earned money but thankful for your graciousness in sharing this painful experience. may God bless you and take care of those scumbags in china!

  60. DO NOT BUY! It was impossible to get in touch with someone about the status of my return, all my alls would get dropped! My tracking said they received my return and I never got the refund so after 3 months I disputed the charge with my credit card company. Simply a scam!

  61. I’m really happy I read these reviews because I was about to make a “yuge” mistake!! The article before your reviews must be the sellers, because they make this bra sound like the best thing since the invention of the car!!!! Suggestion ladies…..quit messing with the company attempting to return poor quality merchandise to seller. Just call your credit card company/bank, they hate fraud!!! I’m sorry this happened to you, it’s horrible!!!

  62. Do not buy from this company! It is a scam and you will not get a response from customer service even after how many calls or emails. I have filed a Better Business Bureau complaint.

  63. After waiting for two months finally I received CaraMia 3 bras, good thing I did not order 6 of them. After paying for shipment and exchange and taxes it comes to $30 dollars each, you can get a better one in the same padding for $10-15 dol. It’s heavy staffed cups about three times bigger than my own, it looks if I put big volleyball balls inside. You have to pull them over your head, to where it is a challenge. The lacy pieces at the front do not do anything just hang there, I think it meant for decoration. If you are not tall and slim the part below the bra is bunching and rising up, it not comfortable.

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