Cadbury Scam (Dec 2020) A Fact Check!

Cadbury Scam (Dec 2020) A Fact Check!

Cadbury Scam (Dec 2020) A Fact Check! >> Want to be aware of scams? Read this article to enlighten yourself!

Cadbury Scam; A chocolate can make any sad person happy in a blink of an eye. There are different types of chocolates available in the market, but one of the oldest chocolate brands, i.e., Cadbury, is a classic and is loved by everyone.

But have you’ll hear about the scam regarding Cadbury, which took place recently? If not, you’re on the correct article. Here we will discuss this scam that left the people of Australia, the United Kingdom, and Ireland in shock after finding the scam.

Let’s know more about the Cadbury hamper scam

About Cadbury

Cadbury is a chocolate brand that reminds us of our teenage years, the world’s most famous and oldest brands. Cadbury is a multinational company founded and based in England.

Cadbury was founded way back in 1824, making it 196 years old to this date; the brand is also the world’s second-largest brand.

 But what is this scam about? The scam is defiantly not associated with Cadbury, but surely the scammers have dragged the brand along with it.

  Let us now in more dept.

What is the scam all about?

The scam cadbury australia took place recently during Covid times, and the scam became so trending that the official Cadbury social media handle had to post to clarify about it.

The scam spread like wildfire due to a Facebook post by a fake page known as Cadbury Rewards, and the post is what gathered all the users’ attention. The post had mentioned a person called Anna Burton, who claimed to be the regional manager of Cadbury. 

The post clearly stated that all the users who will like, share, and comment on this post by 11:59 by tonight would be rewarded a Cadbury hamper to celebrate the company’s 126 birth year.   

This Cadbury Scam post was posted along with a few pictures of people holding some chocolates.

Is the scam still going on?

No, the scam and other frauds related to this viral Facebook post have all been deleted since the matter went out of hand and the post went viral. The post gathered 1,700 likes and a few hundreds of comments.

Many people got trapped in this scam to win the hamper; the post shared a link that contained fields where the user will have to fill in details. The details were name, home address, and shockingly bank account details.  

Cadbury Scam finally put to rest after the investigation done by Parliament Street, a research team. 


Scams like these take place very often with the increasing number of users of social media. Its on the users and the consumer not to fall into such traps and identify them quickly and make others aware.

Basic grammatical errors and general facts can identify scams. So do proper research before getting into any rewards or items that sound too good to be true.

Please mention your views on this Cadbury hamper scam that dragged such a top brand—also some tips to identify scams in the comment section below.

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