Buttonholing Corner Shelf Reviews – Is It Scam or Not?

Buttonholing Corner Shelf Reviews – Is It Scam or Not?

Buttonholing Corner Shelf Reviews – Is It Scam or Not? -> In this article, we would be taking you through an online brand that is trying to beautify and spacing your places by selling surprising corners.

Are you looking for some attractive surprising corners from your home/office? Do check out the collection at Buttonholing Corner Shelf Review.

There are several designer pieces out there to make your home look like none other.

One such thing is a corner. What a designer and beautiful corner can do is beyond comparison.

In today’s time, there is a whole lot of competition for every creative and decorative piece in the market for making your place look amazing. These pieces include some corners, planters, frames, other decorative pieces which make your home look like never before.

In this article, we would be talking about one such brand – “Buttonholing Corner Shelf”.

The brand is originated in The United State and is getting hyped there.

The question might come to your mind that what is it offering that it is so hyped?

So, let us tell you more about this brand in the article.

What is Buttonholing Corner Shelf?

Buttonholing Corner Shelf is a brand that is offering amazing and beautifully designed corners for your place, be it your office or home.

The pieces offered by the brand are beautifully designed corners which help your place look unbelievable and also give you space for setting up your stuff. This means, while giving you space to keep your things, it also makes your corner look beautiful and also provides pop and lively look to your place. 

So, the question that pops by this is how reliable the website is? What basically, readers want to know is If Buttonholing Corner Shelf fake? Or Is Buttonholing Corner Shelf legit?

Specification of Buttonholing Corner Shelf

  • Company type – Home decor
  • Host website – Amazon.com
  • Shipping time – As per amazon standard delivery
  • Contact number – Amazon customer service 
  • Email Address – Amazon customer email address
  • Payment mode – All online payment modes available

Is Buttonholing Corner Shelf legit?

The brand offers a massive collection of corners for decorating your place. The product variety and reviews which we got are just beyond expectation. The most prominent thing to judge something is by its reviews only. So we can rely on reviews for choosing a particular product.

Also, as Amazon.com sells the product, it can be trusted in terms of monetary security and delivery.

What the reviews suggest is that the e-store, i.e. Buttonholing Corner Shelf is legit and you must try it for some fantastic corners.

Pros of buying from Buttonholing Corner Shelf 

  • Managed by Amazon (no risk of money faults)
  • Beautiful corners
  • Beautifies your place while giving you some more space
  • Easy to assemble and fix
  • Self-installation 
  • Available in different sizes as per customer needs
  • Customer experience/feedback, along with pictures of the product, are available below the product.
  • Versatile, i.e. can be installed in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony
  • Makes your place lively

Cons of buying from Buttonholing Corner Shelf 

  • Does not have its website
  • No company background available

What are customers saying about Buttonholing Corner Shelf?

As the brand is available on Amazon.com, we got so many reviews about the products. 

We found that the customers have shared their valuable feedback about the product and original images of the product received as well.

Some customers seemed to be pretty satisfied with the product, i.e. the quality, size, color contrast, etc.

Some were pretty impressed due to the un-complexity of the product suggests that the product is easy to install. The product is made of supreme quality raw material which is durable and versatile.

But we can say that all the customers did not have the same experience. Some found it under quality and non-durable and falling apart.

For this, we would say that the brand could not meet the level of their expectations.

Final Verdict

The brand is getting recognized due to the positive response it is receiving on Amazon.com.

Hence, we would say that readers must try the products.

Also, there is complete security of customer data as the brand is selling the products on Amazon.com, which is already an established website and is trustworthy.

The brand is getting a sore thumb up from our site, and we would recommend our readers to must try it and also let us know your views on this.

0 thoughts on “Buttonholing Corner Shelf Reviews – Is It Scam or Not?

  1. They don’t work. I tried to reach out to them to return them and they never get back to you. There is no phone number to call. It’s a complete scam! Don’t buy from this company!

  2. It is a scam. Two months to arrive and do not work. Initially responsive to email for return but once I provided all info required they have not given details on how to return after several follow up attempts.

    I’m trying to contact them to get a refund and my replies to my email are undeliverable! DO NOT order from Buttonwholing from Instagram. I saw an ad on Instagram and ordered direct. They took 3 months to receive and they were junk. I sent them back and now trying to get refund. Do you have any suggestions on how to contact them? I replied to my Order Confirmation and the reply came back Undeliverable.

  4. I’ve had the same problem. I received a substitute replacement set of two shelves and they are not what was advertised on Facebook. When I tried to return them they said they would give me 40% of what I paid and I could just keep the shelves they sent! I wanted to return them but they said it would cost me $20 for shipping! Completely unacceptable. When I tried to reply to Customer Service google says their inbox is full and my email is undeliverable. Do not buy from buttonholing!

  5. Do not buy it. Is a rip off. If you need to return it, they send you an address in Vietnam, which cost you more to return this.
    It is a scam.

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