Bunny Mate Bra Reviews (Oct 2020) Read And Then Buy!

Bunny Mate Bra Reviews (Oct 2020) Read And Then Buy!

Bunny Mate Bra Reviews (Oct 2020) Read And Then Buy! >> Please check this full review to know whether to go with the product or not and we will let you know about its legitimacy.

Bunny Mate Bra Reviews: So, ladies! Are you looking for a perfect soft fitted brassiere for you? Bunny Mate Bra can solve your problem. 

We understand that women have to manage the office as well as home simultaneously. In that case, you need comfortable outfits. And choosing the right bra is one of the most critical decisions. Otherwise, it will cause skin rashes, body itching, and irritation. 

Bunny Mate Bra assures better breast skin and trending in the United States. But that information not enough! So, we have brought this review on bunny mate bra. It will give every answer to your queries, such as price factor, quality material, benefits, customer reviews, etc. So, please stay tuned with us!

What is Bunny Mate Bra?

Bunny Mate Bra is designed for all aged women suitable to handle10kg or 22 pounds of weight. Made From 100% Medical Grade Silicone, it increases blood circulation and gives you a smooth touch. 

It helps to remove the telltale ridges and bumps. It is always a headache for some women to wear bra throughout the day. Due to hectic work schedules or office hours, women can’t survive a second without a bra, so France based Dr. Juliette Olivier took the initiative and created an innovative alternative to traditional bras in the form of Bunny Mate. 

As per Bunny Mate Bra Reviews, it provides freedom, comfort, and easiness except constricting underwire.


  • Size available- S(6.5cm)- A/B Cup, M(10cm)- C/D/E Cup, L(13cm) E/F/G Cup. 
  • Weight handling capacity-10 Kgs or 22 pounds
  • It is made from a hundred percent medical grade silicones. 
  • This bra is gentle for all types of skin. 
  • Designs: Round & Petal. 
  • Washable with general soap. 

Advantages of Bunny Mate Bra

  • It provides new cutting-edge, super flimsy invisible feel silicone nipple spread that is delicate with a superior skin-like surface to merge into your skin for an exposed inclination fit.
  • The manufacturer assures that it blends perfectly with the skin and removes telltale ridges and bumps.
  • It is reusable and washable with gentle soap and water.
  • Its matte completion won’t cause light through the dress. Therefore, it can be your perfect partner for every occasion.
  • The fabric of this bra is soft, which gives you a light feeling. 
  • It helps to eliminate several issues such as clogged pores, skin rashes, lousy posture, and moisture issues. 
  • The manufacturer claims that it is specifically designed for nursing mothers. There will be no milk marks on your clothes. 
  • You can buy the product at a 50 percent discount offer. 
  • If you order more than one quantity, then the company is offering more group offers. Which are as follows:
  • Buy 2 Items- Extra 10% Off
  • Buy 3 Items- Extra 15% Off
  • Buy 4 Items- Extra 20% Off
  • Buy 5 Items-Extra 25% Ofz

Disadvantages of Bunny Mate Bra

As per the findings states by Bunny Mate Bra Reviews, we got some negatives associated with the product and services that you must know:

  • The official website of this product is only 12 days old (Date of registration-14-09-2020). In such a short period, we can’t trust the product reliability. 
  • The website contains some product reviews. All those reviews are positive, so it can be a marketing trick to grab buyers’ attention. Thus, it emerges doubts in our mind also. 
  • The price is very economical for the product. The huge rebate rates and group discount offer also appear unethical. 
  • The product is not listed on the other e-commerce platform, whereas a genuine company always lists its products at reputed professional e-commerce platforms. 

What about customer opinions?

When we identified the Bunny Mate Bra Reviews, the website shows only three reviews associated with the product. And, all-three categorized based on size –small-sized, medium-sized, and large-sized. It has been demonstrated that it is just a marketing trick to get the attention of online shoppers. 

On the other hand, social platforms and web search has no mark of Bunny Mate Bra. Also, we have not found any record of United States citizens regarding this product.

Final Verdict

To conclude, Bunny Mate Bra Reviews, we would like to suggest you take some time or please do your research before buying this product. Bunny Mate Bra introduced in the market a few days ago. Also, it has no proper reviews and social media presence.

Price is also cheap as compared to a traditional bra. From our side, we will not recommend to our readers. It is entirely your own choice. 

If you have anything in your mind to share with us, please tell us in the comment section. 

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