Bumble Boost Settlement [Sep 2020] Get Your Claim!

Bumble Boost Settlement [Sep 2020] Get Your Claim!

Bumble Boost Settlement [Sep 2020] Get Your Claim! >> The article is having information related to the case settlement between the consumer and the company.

Sometimes it becomes awkward to apply for the service and didn’t get any of those, for that you have to file a complaint about the company. There are many cases where people applied to file a complaint. In this article, we will cover all the information about the Bumble Boost Settlement.

A case has been registered against the company for reimbursement in the United States. Complete information regarding it is mentioned, and the consumer who never files a refund process can point it because the company is legit and is going to refund the full amount.

What is the settlement?

The case is all about the bumble boost where a consumer registered a chance that they never notified about the subscription’s cancellation. Those who were unaware can submit their claim, because those who will ask a request from November 13, 2014, to July 15, 2020, will only get the money back.

The whole matter came up when one of the customers took a look and found flaws in the agreement that the website does not mention the refund and claim. Those who are the person of the United States can request the settlement. 

It is the fundamental rights of each subscriber to know all the information about application usage and agreements. Most of the time, a buyer never read the whole deal and moves on, which is where the company misuses the unawareness. So it is essential nowadays to take an in-depth look, although you can file a consumer complaint if you are not getting any response.


  • Contact Address – Bumble Boost Settlement, c/o JND Legal Administration, P.O. Box 91166, Seattle, WA 98111, United States
  • Telephone – 1-888-383-0346
  • Email – info@BumbleBoostSettlement.com

For more information, you can visit the website about the details; you can also visit the FAQ page to get all the answers to your questions. The lawsuit details are also mentioned.

What is the deadline for the claim?

Those who forget to file a complaint can file it before November 23, you can also visit the court settlement via zoom. Those who want to exclude or opt-out can get no payment by the Bumble Boost Settlement process. But you will get a right to sue the company, and for that, the deadline is November 13.

The website also mentioned the settlement details and related information for the consumers. 

If you fail to submit a claim form, you will not be entertained and get the payment. For more information regarding this, you can call them for the Bumble Boost Settlement process.


The article is about the overall settlement processThe court is allowing you to get your claim that you have to take the advantage. To get all the benefits, you have to file a complaint about the payment before the deadlines. For further information on Bumble Boost Settlement, you should check the website about any other modifications.

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