Btoplife Masks Reviews [Oct] Is It a Legit Online Store?

Btoplife Masks Reviews [Oct] Is It a Legit Online Store?

Btoplife Masks Reviews [Oct] Is It a Legit Online Store? -> The website is created for different fun things like Halloween masks, Christmas related items, home and garden things, electronic accessories, etc.

Are you looking for some fun and exciting things for the upcoming Halloween party? Is Btoplife Masks Reviews fetching your curiosity? Please read this article to know in detail about this new portal.

Everyone looks forward to Halloween and Christmas, and shopping for such festivals makes everyone in the United States on their toes. So looking for more websites and creative ones with new collection might be everyone’s task these days.

But not every tempting website is a real one, so knowing a bit more is best before investing.

What is Btoplife Masks? 

It is a portal created mainly for Halloween Masks. It offers a good collection of Halloween, Christmas, and home or garden related things. It even has silicon baby dolls referred to as reborn babies. Besides that, it has certain pet supplies.

It even has sorts, outdoors, and electronic accessories, etc. It is a new portal created on 30SEP2020. Hence it appears to have less recognition as well. Btoplife Masks Reviews are not much on the internet, and hence any judgement based on that is tricky.

This portal appears to be based in the United States, although it doesn’t seem to have many visitors. But it might change with its popularity and after knowing the fact whether the site is a real one or not.

Please read below for further details about it.

Specifications in-detail about Btoplife Masks:

  •  Website Type: The website is a web place for different masks and home or garden things and even electronic accessories.
  • URL:
  • Email:
  • Address and phone: Not shared
  • Shipping: Its shipping and delivery vary from country to country. It offers free delivery over orders of $ 49 and above.
  • Refund: It accepts returns within 14 days and provides refunds.
  • Payment: It all sorts of wallets and cards online like Mastercard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, etc.

Pros of shopping Btoplife Masks:

  • The website is running some offers currently over the products, which is a good thing.
  • The portal offers a petite collection at a reasonable price range for the up reaching festivals.
  • It does provide refunds for the returned products within 14 days.

Cons of shopping Btoplife Masks:

  • There appear some unclear things about its shipping charges. Besides having chargeable shipping on under $ 49 orders, it even claims to charge heavily for remote location shipping.
  • It does not clarify which locations, as per the portal, are considered remote soon a way they might abruptly charge anyone more by calling them up.
  • The portal’s collection does not appear to be well categorized, especially in the electronics section, even though it does not have many things to display.
  • Not many Btoplife Masks Reviews are viable; hence, it becomes hard to judge the delivered quality by just seeing pictures. 

Is Btoplife Masks a Legit must buy or wastage of money? 

Btoplife Masks Reviews are not sufficient to let us judge whether it is a real or a fake portal.

It does have some loopholes that significantly indicate some suspicious things about it like it shares not contact us section or even any details about the company who owns it.

Besides that, the email id created is not on the portals domain name; instead, it is built on Gmail. So this portal has no reliability as of now and looks no less than a scam thing.

What do the experiences of the customers reveal about Btoplife Masks? 

The website does not possess any real Btoplife Masks Reviews directly from the consumers or buyers. Even no review portal or any social media handle shares any real-time experiences, positive or negative about it.

So it has no reliability from anywhere as of now. It might be the portal is just a few days old things and lacks recognition. But besides that, it further appears risky to invest in with no real ownership and unclear policies.

Final verdict

The website looks like a risky one to invest in with limited Btoplife Masks Reviews online. It has a petite collection to offer that might be capable enough to lure people but still lacks a hardcore reliability factor.

No surety is there that it will provide refunds for any returns. So it is risky to invest in the portal knowing that it charges $ 6.99 for all orders under a cap value of being eligible for free shipping.

0 thoughts on “Btoplife Masks Reviews [Oct] Is It a Legit Online Store?

    1. It’s DEFINITELY a scam. All of these masks are made by a YouTuber called cryemasks. I fell for the scam and now I’m trying to get my money back. Mother F*CKERS

        1. Get your money back. the masks are a complete rip off and are completely untrue to the advertising and the price they charge. You get a $12 mask for $54!! Lets combine our efforts to take them like they took us!!

      Very misleading adverts ordered a robot for £56 , what arrived was nothing like the one advertised I could of got it off eBay for less than £20 it’s a con they rip you off be warned do not buy they are con artists

  1. This site is a SCAM! Do Not Order anything from the site. They will charge your card immediately and they will not ship your order until they get a complaint from you. You will be lucky to get your order even after you contact them. If I had known that it was made and sent from China, I would never ever had ordered the item. The site pretends that it is American made and will be shipped within 5 to 7 business days. I got ripped off andI hope you don’t too.

  2. It arrived today and I’m very disappointed!!For a demon it isn’t red,more like salmon pink…and the long arms are actually only short glove length….and the material is not stretchable,it arrived flat as a pancake totally creased and deformed…it looks NOTHING like the Pictures,made to fit a small Chinese kid,not an adult!! And the back is cut open and the chest only covers your neck, not your shoulders and chest as pictured..A total ripoff!!

  3. I ordered the wolf mask ($43.99) on Oct 9, 2020 I knew I got scammed as soon as I purchased and second email and phone number came up, with some Chinese writing: or if you have any questions These are Chinese scammers from China, the is not a American company. It sucks but I’m lucky I can afford to take a $43.99 hit plus $6.99 shipping. So please read all the reviews and DO NOT DEAL WITH COMPANY

  4. Fuck BTOPLIFE as a website and as a crew. I ordered 3 mask and they sent 2! And like the others have stated, the mask look NOTHING like how they are on the site.

  5. I thought I was getting a nice looking wolf mask as well, G, with the fake fur or hair but got some silicon rubber mask instead, plus it came way after when I needed it.
    This company sucks, Also, did not get a tracking number but only to find out it was coming fri=om China with Chinese writing on the tracking page that requested to translate to english.

  6. This site rip’s off people plain and simple. I ordered the Grinch mask asked for tracking # got no response of any kind. It looks like I got took for $70.00 . And from what other people are saying you are not going to get what you paid for. IF you get it at all. This is the first scam that got me. (never again) (BEWARE!!!!!!! )…

  7. I ordered the robot from this site that they had advertised with the amazing video. Now that I’ve received the junk that I paid $95 for I have asked for a refund as the item shipped did not resemble the one on their website or in their video in the least! The one they sent is nothing more than a remote controlled kid’s toy that might retail for $25. They have removed the original video and product information from their site, now that people have started complaining then ask you to send them pics to back up your claims of fraudulent advertising! I also know for a fact that they manage the sites and cayobuy as well. I suspect companies like this sell a bunch of crap then disappear under another name when the complaints start coming in.

    Buyer bewareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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